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Pokémon Zone
"Where there's a Pokémon, there's a dream."
52Poké logo8.png
Language Chinese
Status Active
Run 2005 - Present
Date opened December 25, 2005
Creator Mudkip
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum Pokémon Zone Discussion Forum
Mascot Mudkip (Unofficial)
Website Pokémon Zone

Pokémon Zone (Simpified Chinese: 神奇宝贝部落格, Traditional Chinese: 神奇寶貝部落格, pinyin: Shénqí bǎobèi bùluògé, literally Pokémon Blog), otherwise known as 52Poké, is a Chinese language Pokémon community. The site consists of a blog focusing on Pokémon news, a Pokémon wiki, and a discussion forum. Its tagline is "Where there's a Pokémon, there's a dream", a phrase derived from the opening line of Pokémon movies.


Zone refers to an area created for a particular purpose, much like how the site is a specialized area where various Pokémon fans can gather. 52Poké is from a wordplay of 我爱 wǒ ài and Pokémon.

部落格 bùluògé is the transliterated name for blog. The word 部落 bùluò literally refers to "tribe", while also carrying the idea of "a new social group gathering together in various forms through sharing of individual lifestyles, personal values, consumption practices, and other experiences."


Main page

Pokémon Zone—formerly a personal blog of Mudkip's consisting of posts on the Chinese names of Hoenn locations, as well as information on Pokémon Emerald—begun its work to become a Pokémon website in the second half of 2005. After several months' construction, Pokémon Zone opened to public on December 25, 2005 and moved to its current domain on January 16, 2006. During the early months of 2010, the main page of Pokémon Zone was given an overhaul and moved to the WordPress platform.

After many years of development, Pokémon Zone gradually became one of the top Chinese Pokémon communities and was considered to be a reliable source of information for Pokémon fans. As of April 2013, the site had written a total of 924 news articles.

Discussion forum

In December 2005, Pokémon Zone initiated the use of the BMForum system in establishing its forum and made it public in the following month. The forum has discussion boards for various Pokémon topics, fan fiction and drawings, and general discussions. In addition, it also have several plugins in which can train Pokémon, deposit Poké, and send wishes.

In 2007 and 2008, Pokémon Zone created two quarterlies: Delibird's Gift Parcel and Himmel, respectively. The Pokémon Breeding system also received an update in the early 2008. Two radio dramas were also respectively made on December 2010 and February 2013.

In February 2013, Pokémon Zone forum was revived and updated with new functions, such as a check-in system.


Main article: 52Poké Wiki

The 52Poké Wiki was established in the summer of 2006, consisting a few articles on Hoenn locations and anime characters. In 2008, it moved into a homebrew wiki system and created over 1,000 articles about Pokémon, moves, Abilities, CDs, and more. On April 4, 2013, the wiki officially became an affiliate of Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis.

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