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Pokémon Game Tip Cards were cards distributed in boxes of Kellogg's cereal in Canada in 1999. There were 20 cards in total, with packets of three random cards per cereal box. Each card features a Generation I Pokémon and a tip relating to that specific Pokémon. Most of the tips were related to the then-recently released Pokémon Snap, although other cards contained tips for capturing the Pokémon in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. As they were created for the Canadian market, the reverse of each card contained the same game tip in French, as French and English are Canada's two official languages.

List of cards

Image Pokémon Card text
Bulbasaur Bulbasaur If you keep your Pikachu happy in Pokémon Yellow, a trainer in the house next to the Pokémon Center in Cerulean City will give you a Bulbasaur.
Charmander Charmander In Pokémon Yellow, look for a trainer where Route 25 bends to the right to go to the Sea Cottage. He'll hand over a Charmander.
Squirtle Squirtle After you defeat Lt. Surge in Pokémon Yellow, a trainer in the center Vermilion City will make a gift of her Squirtle.
Pidgey Pidgey To earn high points in Pokémon Snap, try to take a picture of more than one Pidgey screeching or performing a Gust attack.
Pikachu Pikachu You can check Pikachu's mood in Pokémon Yellow by facing it and pressing A. Make it happy by letting it battle often and keeping it healthy.
Clefairy Clefairy In all of the Game Boy versions, you can only catch Clefairy in the wild in Mt. Moon and the Unknown Dungeon. Search hard!
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff In the Cave level of Pokémon Snap, rescue all three Jigglypuff by hitting the Koffing with Pester Balls and you'll hear a Jigglypuff concert!
Meowth Meowth While you can take pictures of Meowth doing all sorts of things in Pokémon Snap, the best pictures are close-ups of one trying to scare you.
Psyduck Psyduck If you can hit Psyduck with some Pokémon food in Pokémon Snap, it will sink below the water. Catch it jumping back out for a high score.
Growlithe Growlithe To track down a Growlithe in Pokémon Snap, hurl Pester Balls into the three craters near the end of the Volcano level.
Poliwag Poliwag On the River in Pokémon Snap, bombard the Poliwag in the bushes with Pester Balls and they'll dive into the water for a great photo op.
Geodude Geodude In Pokémon Snap, knock Geodude off the Valley wall by hitting it with a Pester Ball. Watch where it lands, because a Sandshrew will appear!
Slowpoke Slowpoke While coasting the River in Pokémon Snap, use Pokémon food to lead a Slowpoke to the Shellder sign on the bank. You'll get a big surprise!
Doduo Doduo For a high Pokémon Snap score, catch Doduo while it's jumping or just knock it out with a Pester Ball for an extreme close-up.
Grimer Grimer As you descend into the Cave in Pokémon Snap, take pictures of the distant Grimer. If you do, two more will appear in the next cavern.
Cubone Cubone You can find Cubone inside Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town in all Game Boy versions, but they also appear in the Safari Zone in Pokémon Yellow.
Horsea Horsea You'll find many Horsea in the water along routes 19, 20, and 21 in Pokémon Red and Blue. In Pokémon Yellow, you won't find any here.
Jynx Jynx In Pokémon Red and Blue, you can trade a Poliwhirl for a Jynx in Cerulean City. In Pokémon Yellow, you won't find a Jynx at all.
Eevee Eevee In Pokémon Yellow, your rival will choose an Eevee as his first Pokémon. Its evolution will depend on how you fare in your first battles with your rival.
Jynx Snorlax You can wake Snorlax up in Pokémon Snap by playing the Poké Flute. It'll do different dances for different songs, so mix it up!

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