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Front cover of a Pokémon Craft DX

Pokémon Craft is a series of paper-fold Pokémon craft books by Jupiter Corporation, itself part of the larger Magic Craft series.[1] These would usually come with a manga, and sometimes a bonus diorama. It is notable for an early depiction of the character who would become Green.

There is a sub-series of Pokémon Craft known as Pokémon Craft DX.

For the Satellaview, the December 21, 1997 issue of the downloadable magazine "Tora Maga Daisakusen" included a copy of Pokémon Craft, which included a miniature manga about how to make an origami Pikachu.[2]

Tora Maga Daisakusen had a feature about Satella de Picross from December 1997 and people who solved all of the puzzles in it had a chance to win a copy of Pokémon Craft Electric Set, which included papercrafts of Pikachu, Magnemite, and Zapdos.[3]

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