Pokémon Center Taipei

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Pokémon Center Taipei
Pokémon Center Taipei Gen IX logo.png
Location Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A11 3F
No. 11, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
Opened December 8, 2023[1]
Mascot(s) Dragonite & Pikachu
Type Permanent

Pokémon Center Taipei, officially known as Pokémon Center TAIPEI (Chinese: Pokémon Center TAIPEI(寶可夢中心台北) Pokémon Center TAIPEI), is a Pokémon Center store that opened in Taipei, Taiwan on December 8, 2023.[1] The store was the second permanent Pokémon Center to open in Asia outside of Japan, after Pokémon Center Singapore. The store features a wide selection of Pokémon merchandise, and includes a dedicated area for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


On September 1, 2023, it was announced that a Pokémon Center would be opening in Taipei, Taiwan in December 2023.[2] On September 26, 2023, it was announced it would be located at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A11 department store.[3] The opening day was later announced to be December 8, 2023, and a series of commemorative merchandise was announced.[1][4][5] Due to large numbers of visitors being expected, an entry ticket system was put in place to help prevent overcrowding.[6]

Beginning on opening day, customers making purchases at the store received a Taipei's Pikachu promo card, while stocks lasted. Customers with the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi app were also able to receive the card at other counters within the department store.[7] In a colaboration with the EasyCard Corporation, Pokémon Center Taipei branded EasyCards, contactless smartcards used on the Taipei Metro and other public transpartation, were available to purchase from opening day.[8]


  • September 1, 2023 - Pokémon Center Taipei first announced
  • December 8, 2023 - Pokémon Center Taipei opens in Xinyi District, Taipei

Exclusive merchandise

Opening day merchandise

The following merchandise was available on opening day in commemoration of the event.

Product list  
Product Chinese
Solid gold logo 純金徽標
Plush toy (Pikachu) 毛絨玩具 (皮卡丘)
Plush toy (Dragonite) 毛絨玩具 (快龍)
Plush toy (Jigglypuff) 毛絨玩具 (胖丁)
Plush toy (Teddiursa) 毛絨玩具 (熊寶寶)
Rubber lanyard (Pikachu) 橡膠掛繩 (皮卡丘)
Rubber lanyard (Dragonite) 橡膠掛繩 (快龍)
Rubber lanyard (Jigglypuff) 橡膠掛繩 (胖丁)
Rubber lanyard (Teddiursa) 橡膠掛繩 (熊寶寶)
Eco-friendly straw with cap (Pikachu) 附蓋環保吸管 (皮卡丘)
Eco-friendly straw with cap (Teddiursa) 附蓋環保吸管 (熊寶寶)
Paper tape set 紙膠帶套組
Boxed sticky notes 箱型便利貼
Side-opening notebook 側開筆記本
A4 folder A4文件夾
Store logo pin 徽標胸針
Mats 墊子
Lunch bag 便當袋
Shupatto bag Shupatto 環保袋
Cup holder 杯套
Cup holder eco-bag 杯套 環保袋
Sticker set 貼紙套組
Placemat & cutlery set 餐墊餐具套組
Teapot 茶壺
Filtered tea cup with lid 附蓋濾茶杯
Towel 浴巾
Towel with zip 附拉鏈毛巾
Pokémon EasyCard 寶可夢悠遊卡

Promo cards


The store's mascots are Dragonite and Pikachu, as featured in the store's logo. The store design is "island-inspired" and is meant to invoke the sky and sea.[9] There is a large statue of a flying Dragonite at the store's entrance and there are also statues of Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Teddiursa in the center of the store.

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ポケモンセンタータイペイ Pokémon Center Taipei
Mandarin Chinese Pokémon Center TAIPEI(寶可夢中心台北) Pokémon Center TAIPEI
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬센터 타이베이 Pokémon Center Taipei

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