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The UK Pokémon Community
Language English
Status Defunct
Run 2004 - 2012
Date opened March 13, 2004
Date closed August 28, 2012
Creator Pokérob
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum PokémonWorld
Mascot Chatot
Website Main Page

PokémonWorld is a UK-based Pokémon community. It offers an alternative to Pokémon players primarily from the United Kingdom as a place to discuss anything to do with the Pokémon series in its entirety. Competitive battling is very encouraged, with tournaments held on a regular basis. There is also plenty of discussion about casual play and all other aspects of Pokémon.


In March 2004, Pokérob started the first installment of PokémonWorld. The site in its original form closed around August 2012 where it changed hands. The site with all of its members and posts was wiped when it returned in September 2012, and again in 2013, where it did not regain traction.

Competitive battling

As this website mainly focuses on competitive battling, it has many forums and threads which discuss these things.

Dragon's Den

This forum is named after the Dragon's Den from Johto-based games. This forum specializes in the discussion of teams, and the rating of teams. People may post their team in this forum, and other members will rate it; the best advice comes from people who have been given team rating badges that acknowledge their prowess at competitive battling. Users can also post their 'war stories' in this thread, describing their various wins or losses against other people in an entertaining and informative format.


This is the place Pokémon fans come for discussion to do with the Pokémon Video Game Championships. From the UK tournament to teams and ideas being used elsewhere. It becomes the hub of VGC discussion throughout the season.

UK Pokémon Tournaments

In recent years Pokémon World has started hosting real life tournaments in Gamebase stores in the UK, giving Pokémon fans a fun tournament and a chance to meet some of the friendly members from the site. All discussion for the tournaments go in this forum.

Wi-Fi Club

Anyone looking for a one-off battle and trade can come here to request them. It's also home to the subforum for discussion of the PWUKTube YouTube channel.

General Pokémon discussion

Like any other Pokémon fansite, PokémonWorld has forums for the general discussion of Pokémon.

Twisted Mountain

Named after Twist Mountain which can be found in Pokémon Black and White, fans can come here to discuss anything to do with the two games and speculate on what is coming, such as changes which could be made if a third game was made to go alongside Black and White.

Pokémon Center

This forum is for the discussion of Pokémon which does not relate to the main series of games. It's also home to the subforum for talk of the games before Black and White and a subforum for all chat to do with the anime and manga series.

Generation V speculation

This forum is where the users of PokémonWorld discuss the upcoming fifth generation of Pokémon. It is kept updated with the latest news and gossip, and allows users to speculate on what is coming, as well as to say what they are wanting and expecting out of the fifth generation.

Pokémon TCG

The Broken Time-Space is the place to come for all discussion to do with the Pokémon Trading Card Game. From sorting out trades or just chatting about the new decks and card sets.

Pokémon News HQ

All the latest Pokémon news can be found and discussed here. Everything to do with the Pokémon series is covered, from the anime to the games and to real life events.

Miscellaneous discussion

These forums give the users a chance to play games such as Mafia, or to contribute fanart and fanfiction to the website.

Lilycove Gallery

This forum is named after Lilycove Gallery due to the more artistic type of threads found here. This forum also gives the user to post fanart as well as fanfiction which they have come up with.

Contest Hall

This forum is where the users of PokémonWorld get to play forum games such as mafia which has proven to be an extremely popular part of PokémonWorld. It also gives people the opportunity to come up with other forum games to keep the members of the site entertained.

Official Tournaments

PokémonWorld hosts tournaments regularly and while allowing its members to put ideas forward as well as direct them, official tournaments are always hosted by staff members.

Official PokémonWorld Tournament

The Official PokémonWorld Tournament is hosted once a year on a Pokémon battle simulator, currently Shoddy Battle. It is a single elimination tournament usually featuring at least 32 combatants, using the Smogon standard rulings for the Overused tier.

Official PokémonWorld Wi-Fi Tournament

In order to cater for the masses of players that prefer Nintendo Wi-Fi Pokémon battles, PokémonWorld hosts a tournament over this feature on the Nintendo DS system. Entrants can use any version of the game from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver. It is a single elimination tournament usually featuring at least 32 combatants, using the Smogon standard rulings for the Overused tier.

Official PokémonWorld Tour

The Official PokémonWorld Tour has a very different tournament format when compared with the other official tournaments on PokémonWorld. Over a set course of time, usually nine weeks, a series of real-time tournaments varying in tiers will take place. It's usually between 9-18 different tournaments, with players earning more points dependent on how far they get in each one. The points will be tallied up each week and once the nine weeks of tournaments are over, the eight players with the highest points will be entered into a seeded, single elimination tournament to determine the overall winner. These seeded matches will be done in a best of three format, over three different tiers - Overused, Underused, and Uber.


PokémonWorld's IRC channel can be found at #pw on the Geekshed server and is run by Pokérob. It's also used as the place to go to if one wants to enter the PokémonWorld Tour, so the host of each tournament can speak with all entrants at once in real-time.


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