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"The official unofficial encyclopedia"
Pokemon Fanon Logo.png
Language English
Status Active
Run March 2007 - Present
Date opened May 2006
Creator Plateface
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 15,169+
Forum Wiki Forum
Mascot Shiny Steel-type Arceus
Website Main Page

The PokéFanon Encyclopedia is a Pokémon fanon-based wiki that was created by Plateface in May 2006. The Wikia-based wiki features fan-made Pokémon, regions, games and stories.


Founding of the website

The PokéFanon wiki was originally founded by Plateface as an "archive" of fan created Pokémon. He promoted multiple users up to bureaucrat immediately. However, these new bureaucrats did not make many edits and soon became inactive. The wiki soon got out of control and was flooded by new users wanting to post fanfiction. The founder was overwhelmed and stopped editing.



  • Universalguardian1003 (wiki manager)
  • Commander_Lightning


  • Hyper_Zergling (staff organizer)

Junior Admins (rollback)

  • HDMaster


  • Brady_Patrick
  • IceBite (senior)
  • Orange Lighspeed Ranger
  • HDMaster
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