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The PokéCommunity
"We are still working on a better slogan!"
PokéCommunity Logo 2014.png
New logo introduced in May 2014.
Language English
Status Active
Run 2002 - Present
Date opened September 2002
Creator Master Kwesi Nkromah
Current owner Sheep
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Website Main page
The most recent front page of PokéCommunity, showcasing the newest user-created theme

The PokéCommunity, sometimes referred to as just PokéCommunity and often shortened to 'PC', is a discussion forum that aims to provide a wide-range of topics about Pokémon and the Pokémon fandom, ranging from the games (both core series and others) the anime, the manga, and much more, as well as other areas for Pokémon fans, including Pokémon related art and design, fanfiction, game and software development, fan clubs and trivia.

PokéCommunity's previous logo.
It also has many other sections for non-Pokémon discussions and creativity, as well as personal image galleries and customisable profiles for all users. It provides personal Blogs for Staff Members and higher-ranked Community Supporters, the latter having donated money towards the site's maintenance costs.

The website plays host to other services for its members, such as the Oekaki drawing system, Pokémon Battle Server, Minecraft server and IRC chat-room, as well as providing a mobile version for users to browse the forums on-the-go. It has a significant social media presence, sporting Facebook and Google+ pages, YouTube and Twitch channels, a DeviantArt group, Tumblr blog, and Twitter feed.

The forums were launched sometime in September 2002 by user Master Kwesi Nkromah, and aside from various outages, have been online ever since. It has 500,000 members and eight-and-a-half million posts as of August 2015. It is currently running the vBulletin forum software and is owned and administered by user Sheep. It has a large, staggered staff team, who coordinate to run every part of the site.

PokéCommunity is known for it's yearly forum-wide Get-Together mega-events, held once a year usually around summer time in which many members volunteer to run and participate in a wide range of events and competitions. In 2012, PokéCommunity celebrated its tenth anniversary online in a special Get-Together dubbed PCX.

PokéCommunity has gained particular notability for housing one of the largest and most active English Pokémon ROM hacking communities on the Internet, and has a wide range of available patch downloads and tutorials covering multiple areas of game development. Its members also actively research into the area and have pushed the ROM hacking medium forward considerably since its inception.


Community Square

The Official Forums section contains things such as the Community Announcements (where the Community Rules and Donations and information regarding Supporter Benefits can be found), Community Questions & Feedback (where members can discuss questions and concerns they may have about the forums), and The Welcome Lounge forum. As of 2014, two new forums were added. The Member Encyclopedia allows members to create question-answer threads about themselves, and the Celebrations forum, previously located as a sub-forum of the Chit-Chat Café, is used to celebrate users' birthdays, national holidays and anniversaries.


  • The Bulletin Board
  • Feedback & Support
  • Meet & Greet

Main Series Pokémon Gaming

From humble Red and Blue beginnings to the 3D adventures we have today, this is the place to discuss anything and everything related to the main series Pokémon games.


  • Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon
  • Sixth Generation
  • Fifth Generation
  • Fourth Generation
  • Third Generation
  • Second Generation
  • First Generation

Pokémon: Play Together

Trade, battle, and build your team. These sections are here to help you get more out of your Pokémon gaming from any generation.


  • Battling & Team Buliding
    • VGC
    • Events & Group Approval
    • The PokeCommunity League
  • Trade Corner
    • Trader Reviews
    • Trade Shops
  • Challenges
    • Challenge Logs

Pokémon: General Discussions

There's more to Pokémon than just the games! Check out other topics including anime, trading card game, and more.


  • Pokémon General
  • Pokémon Gaming Central
  • Pokémon Anime
    • Episode Discussion
  • Pokémon Go
    • Pokemon Field Journals
  • Pokémon Trading Card Game
    • TCG Deck Reviewing
    • Custom Cards
  • Pokémon Trivia

Fan Games

The ROM Hacking and Fan Games section, previously a sub-forum of Creative Discussions, is a section dedicated to ROM hacks.


  • Fan Games Hub
  • ROM Hacking
    • Launchpad
    • Research & Devlopement
    • Tools, Tutorials & Resources
  • ROM Hacks Studio
    • Progressing Hacks
    • Sideshow Showcase
  • PokéCommunity ROM Hack
    • Applications
    • Planning
  • Custom Game Devlopement
    • Resources
    • Scripts & Tutorials
    • Pokémon Essentials
  • Custom Game Development
    • Progressing Games

Creative Discussions

The Creative Discussions usually include things that aren't necessarily Pokémon related.


  • Art & Design
  • The World of PokéCommunity
  • Fan Fiction and Writing
    • Writer's Lounge
    • Fanfiction Archive
  • Roleplay Theatre
    • Roleplay Stage
    • Roleplay Casting
  • Game Development
    • Games Showcase
    • Progressing Games
    • Resources
    • Scripts & Tutorials
    • Pokémon Essentials

Entertainment & Hobbies

The Entertainment & Hobbies forums include things such as other video games, anime, manga, and etc. technology discussions.


  • Video Games
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Anime & Manga

Off-Topic Discussions

In the Off-Topic Discussions section, users are able to talk about most anything they feel they want to.


  • Off-Topic
  • Science & Technology
  • Discussion & Debates
  • Forum Games
  • The Underground
  • Zootopia


Staff members of PokéCommunity are constantly leaving and being promoted. To see a real-time list of the staff, visit this page.


  • Sheep


  • Ausadriel
  • Hiroshi Sotomura
  • Morkula
  • shenanigans

Super Moderators

  • Astinus
  • bobandbill
  • Klippy
  • Lance
  • Ludger
  • Nolafus
  • Sylphiel

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