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The Plusle Switch (Japanese: プラスルスイッチ Prasle Switch) and Minun Switch (Japanese: マイナンスイッチ Minun Switch) are game mechanics in the Sapphire Field of Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire.

There is a passage between them that serves as both the Pokémon Mart Gate and Evo Gate. The Pokémon Mart Gate is the entrance to the Pokémon Mart; the Evo Gate starts the Evo Mode, to evolve a Pokémon.


From the start of the game, Plusle and Minun form an electric barrier blocking access to the Gate between them. That Gate is a Pokémon Mart Gate by default (which is used to enter the Pokémon Mart), but can be converted into an Evo Gate by the player (which is used to start the Evo Mode, for the purpose of evolving a Pokémon). The TV Screen above the Gate displays "Mart" or "Evo", depending on the current status of the Gate.

To enter the Pokémon Mart, the player is required to press both Switches, one to disable the electricity of each Pokémon. Plusle's electricity is red, while Minun's electricity is blue. If the player enters the Mart and leaves without buying anything, the Gate remains open; if the player buys something from the Mart, the Gate closes again.

The Pokémon Mart Gate may only be converted into an Evo Gate if the player has one or more Pokémon able to evolve. It is converted if the player lights up the three Evolution Arrows (the three triangles with "EVO" written on them) by throwing the ball through the Left Loop (the outer passage at the left) from bottom to top. The Gate opens automatically (if it was closed) when the Pokémon Mart Gate is converted into an Evo Gate. If the ball enters the Evo Gate, the Evo Mode starts and the player is able to evolve a Pokémon. The Evo Gate is converted back into the Pokémon Mart Gate once the player finishes the Evo Mode (for instance, by successfully evolving the Pokémon, or by failing to evolve the Pokémon before the timer runs up).

If the player converts this building into an Evo Gate, the Gate opens (if it was closed). However, the game remembers whether the Pokémon Mart Gate was open or closed when it became an Evo Gate. When it returns to being a Pokémon Mart Gate, it will be in the same state (open or closed) as before.

The Gate remains closed as long as the Catch 'em Mode, Egg Mode, Evolution Mode, or Travel Mode is active.


Pinball Sapphire Plusle Minun.png
The Gate, with the TV Screen,
Plusle, and Minun


Pinball Plusle.png Pinball Minun.png
Plusle Minun

In other languages

  • Plusle Switch
Language Title
England Flag.png English Plusle Switch
France Flag.png French Interrupteur Posipi
Germany Flag.png German Plusle-Schalter
Italy Flag.png Italian Interruttore di Plusle
Spain Flag.png Spanish Interruptor de Plusle

  • Minun Switch
Language Title
England Flag.png English Minun Switch
France Flag.png French Interrupteur Negapi
Germany Flag.png German Minun-Schalter
Italy Flag.png Italian Interruttore di Minun
Spain Flag.png Spanish Interruptor de Minun

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