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PKMN.NET or formerly PUK is a Pokémon fan site. It is a standard website, offering content based around the Nintendo games, anime, and TCG. The website was founded by Psythor. The faces of the site consist of the actual site, the forums and an IRC chatroom.

The site also prides itself on being, outside of Bulbapedia, the most "user interactive" of all Pokémon sites. Once registered, users are free to post their comments on any news page or content page, and features such as Ask Sentret and The Name Rater can be used.


PKMN.NET has attracted a few bits of controversy over the years, namely through its April Fool's pranks. The site prides itself over trying to trick people on April Fools' Day, with past jokes including the first screenshot of a Generation II remake, the shadow of a new Pokémon and the discovery of Celebi in Pokémon Emerald. A favorite joke at present is the editing of the forum filters, to ensure nobody types any sense. Another joke, which was previously held on the forums, is the 'establishment' of the site as a communist stronghold after attacks by another site.

PKMN.NET is also notorious for the way of which its moderators fiercely apply the rules of the forums, with major arguments having previously broken out between rogue members and administrators over the rules. The common argument being "our server, our rules".

Lastly, the aforementioned Name Rater feature has raised a few eyebrows. The feature consists of an anonymous member who rates Pokémon nicknames submitted to him, in an often abusive way, with various members complaining about how they were treated. The question "Who is the Name Rater?" remains a popular but unanswered question on the forums.

Reality Shows

PKMN.NET also prides itself on hosting a number of "Pokémon reality shows" which although have been dubbed "pointless" by rival sites, have a lot of fans on the forums. The first, Pokémon Big Brother, took place before the site became as well known as it is now, thus not many existing members remember it, and no trace of it can be found on the site at present. The other show, PokéMole, taking the form of the famous TV show "The Mole", has found much more success, having had six successful seasons.

Current Administrators

  • Joeno, real name Jeroen te Strake, is a walkthrough author and operates a parallel Dutch-language version of PKMN.NET. As the one who writes the forum rules, he is often subject to hatred and criticism by those found to have chronically broken the rules, but is also honored by many other forum members due in part to a jokey rule number 20 in the forum rules: 'Joeno is the best admin; he rules, is cool and smart, and superior to all the other admins even when James claims otherwise'.
  • Typhlosion, real name Michael Harper, is responsible for most in-depth walkthroughs on the site. He also is the creator of the PokéMole series.
  • Mulholland real name Peter Searle, real life boyfriend of Joeno. Despite early comments about nepotism related to his promotion has quickly been able to gain the respect from the majority of board members.
  • Ledyba real name Terry Evans, known on the forums as the most popular of the admins.
  • Paradigm real name Rob Gore, and the only admin who is known to regularly change his username.

Former Administrators

  • Psythor, real name James O'Malley, is the webmaster of PKMN.NET and is responsible for the majority of political quips and references on the site.
  • Iceduck, real name Steffan Alun, is responsible for a forum project called Pokémon Live Connection. He also has authored walkthrough pages on the main site.
  • Pokédude, real name Matthew Ward. He is responsible for a large amount of forum and site coding and is the first to announce SMF updates.
  • irrevilent, real name Phil McCauley, also writes a variety of walkthroughs, among other content.
  • Dragonpika, real name Kay Dyson, recently returned to a position of global moderator after a brief absence on the staff list. One of the brains behind the Metasprites project.
  • CK10, real name Alex Cree, for a long time was the third active admin alongside Joeno and Typhlosion.

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