List of Battle Royal Dome Trainers

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This is a list of standard Pokémon Trainers that can be encountered for standard challenges at the Battle Royal Dome.

Each Trainer will use three Pokémon for a Battle Royal. Every Pokémon used will have randomly-determined genders and Abilities, but factors used to calculate base stats (EVs, IVs, and Nature) are fixed.

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Battle Royal Dome Trainers

# Trainer class Name Rank
Normal Super Hyper Master
01 Youngster Jayden
02 Lass Nicole
03 Preschooler Mason
04 Preschooler Ava
05 Backpacker Sierra
06 Hiker Isaiah
07 Office Worker Jordan
08 Office Worker Milena
09 Punk Guy Kogan
10 Punk Girl Rebecca
11 Youth Athlete Trev
12 Youth Athlete Natalie
13 Sightseer Jonathan
14 Sightseer Kelsey
15 Janitor Monte
16 Worker Bradley
17 Gentleman Peter
18 Madame Margaret
19 Rising Star Vic
20 Rising Star Jenna
21 Backpacker Alison
22 Hiker Daniel
23 Office Worker Timothy
24 Office Worker Kimberly
25 Punk Guy Gavin
26 Punk Girl Stephanie
27 Aether Foundation Yoshi
28 Aether Foundation Becky
29 Ace Trainer Tanner
30 Ace Trainer Monroe
31 Youth Athlete Sonny
32 Youth Athlete Shinobu
33 Sightseer Penn
34 Sightseer Jill
35 Janitor Nathan
36 Worker Conroy
37 Gentleman Nelson
38 Madame Cindy
39 Veteran Alfred
40 Veteran Pamela
41 Ace Trainer Brayan
42 Ace Trainer Aury
43 Firefighter Gonzalo
44 Police Officer Gomer
45 Scientist Richard
46 Black Belt Glen
47 Dancer Cleo
48 Pokémon Center Lady Mayu
49 Veteran Shannon
50 Veteran Virginia