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This is the script of the Legendary Adventures in Pokémon Masters EX. The script for the PML Arc can be found here and the script for the Villain Arc can be found here.

Lurking Shadow

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Brock Something must be going on at the beach.
Brock According to Trista, something suspicious is going on at the beach right now involving a powerful sync pair.
I've got a bad feeling about this... I think we should get down there and investigate. Are you with me, <player>?
Misty What's going on with that suspicious sync pair?
Misty You're going to investigate the area around the beach, right? I can be your guide if you want!
If we run into any crooks down there, Starmie and I will teach them a lesson!

  • A New Plot
Name Text
??? Mewtwo... I'm going to need you to sow some chaos for me.
(Pokémon Center)
Trista Ah! <player>! Are you on your way out to do some exploring?
If you were thinking of heading to the beach, please be careful. I just got a concerning report from the tournament staff.
It sounds like an incredibly powerful sync pair is stirring up trouble around there.
When the staff went to investigate, they were totally overwhelmed.
Be on the lookout for trouble, OK?

  • Uninvited Guests
Name Text
Brock I think this is the area Trista was telling us about.
Misty Yeah... She said there've been reports of weird sounds and suspicious-looking people lurking around.
Even if the bad guys are crazy powerful like she was saying, I don't think I can stand by and let them cause trouble.

I want to help!: Me, too! Pasio's been a lot of fun for us so far. We should try and give back a little!
Brock I've got a bad feeling about this.: You, too, <player>? I'm glad it’s not just me.
Something tells me this could get a little dangerous... We should keep our guard up.
??? Yo, that dude is crazy! Did you see what he did back there?!
??? I know, right? If we can get him to join our cause, things are gonna be lookin' up for us real soon. Just you watch!
Brock Hm? Wait a sec—these might be our guys...
Masked Man (1) Yo, why don't we just make him our boss? Dude, can you imagine?!
Masked Man (2) We already asked him, remember? Dude wasn't interested.
He said he's content just bein' the leader of Team Rocket. Er...Rainbow Rocket. Whatever.
Brock What?!
Hey, you! Is what you just said true?!
Masked Man (1) Huh? What's your deal? We're tryin' to have a private conversation here!
Misty Listen! Brock and I are both from the Kanto region. If what you guys were saying is true...
does that mean Giovanni is here on Pasio?!
Brock Who's Giovanni?: There used to be a group called Team Rocket in Kanto. They did all sorts of mean, evil things, and Giovanni was their leader.
Misty What's Team Rocket?: They were a group who used to do all sorts of mean, evil things back in Kanto. Giovanni was their leader.
Brock If Giovanni's really here, we're in for a world of trouble.
Masked Man (1) Heh! Spikey-hair here's got it right! The Pokémon he brought with him is no joke, man. They're chillin' like villains in this cave right now!
Bet him 'n' his Pokémon are plottin' an evil scheme... They've got some insane power, dude! I can't wait to see what they come up with!
Brock Well, there go any doubts I might have had! We can't let Giovanni follow through with whatever he's planning!
Come on, Misty! <player>! We've gotta stop him!
Masked Man (1) Whoa, whoa. Hold up, parachute-pants! You ain't goin' nowhere!
Masked Man (2) What? You thought we were just gonna let you stroll on by? Hah! Dream on!

  • Mysterious Stones and Hidden Power
Name Text
Misty That takes care of that! C'mon, let's head in!
Brock Somewhere in this cave, we're gonna run into Giovanni.
Keep an eye out for trouble, everyone.
(Inside the cave)
Misty We've been walking through this cave for a while now... I feel like we should have found him by now.
Brock Agreed. But who knows what a guy like Giovanni could be getting up to in a place like this.
??? Plotting. What else?
(Giovanni appears)
Giovanni I came to see what all the commotion was about. I didn't expect a welcoming committee.
Brock Giovanni!
Misty I see you finally decided to crawl out of the shadows!
Last I heard, Team Rocket had disbanded! What kind of new scheme are you up to now?!
Giovanni Hm? Disbanded...
So this is how it's gonna be, huh? I guess I'm doomed to be a criminal no matter which world I find myself in.
Brock Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Giovanni Never mind that. Funnily enough, you and your comrades showed up at the perfect time.
You all have sync stones, don't you—those little crystals embedded in your Poryphones?
Misty Um, yeah? Everyone does! What's it to you?
Giovanni I happen to be in possession of one as well... These mysterious stones can only be found in certain areas around Pasio.
They have...piqued my interest, to say the least. Sync stones are an immense source of power, driven by the bond between Trainer and Pokémon.
If I can learn to bend that power to my will, I'll be stronger than ever before.
And that's not all... If I discover how to unleash the hidden power within them, I can truly rule the world.
Misty What do you mean, “hidden power”?
Brock Care to elaborate on that?
Giovanni Heh, don't put too much thought into it. You kids wouldn't know how to use it that way anyway.
Well? Are you here to detain me, or would you prefer to stand around and chat? Personally, I'd rather battle.
(Giovanni sends out Mewtwo)
Giovanni I wonder what will happen if I use the sync stone I mined from this cave with Mewtwo...
Misty Mewtwo?!
Brock I feel like it's staring into my soul... That's a powerful Pokémon right there, no doubt about it.
Giovanni Huh. Most people cower in fear when they come face-to-face with Mewtwo... Maybe I underestimated you.
Or maybe not... Why don't you show me what you can do? I could use a laugh.

  • Unfathomable Strength
Name Text
Giovanni Hmph... That was a truly intense fight.
It really is possible for the bond of a sync pair to manifest great strength and power.
Misty Still not giving up on that, are you?
Brock I doubt it. I don’t even think he treated that last battle as a serious fight.
Giovanni Heh, what can I say? I'm new to battling with sync stones as you do on this island. Our last battle was a test run.
Why don't we try again? Prepare yourselves for our next battle, and follow me if you dare!
(Mewtwo and Giovanni teleport away)
Brock Ergh! He got away.
Misty Come on, let's go follow him! Just be careful, <player>.
This is Giovanni we're talking about—the guy who created Team Rocket! That battle was nowhere near what he's really capable of.
Don't let your guard down.

  • A Questionable Alliance
Name Text
Brock Looks like this is as deep as the cave goes.
You've got nowhere left to run, Giovanni!
Giovanni Cornered by a bunch of kids, once again...
But you know what? Despite the bitter aftertaste of being beaten by kids like you, I...
Hmph. Doesn't matter.
You demonstrated your full power to me without hesitation, and I'll admit that I'm impressed.
And if you agree to work with me... I'd like to continue to witness that power.
Misty Um, come again?!
Brock What are you getting at? Don't tell me you expect us to get involved in your evil schemes. That's never gonna happen!
Giovanni I don't blame you for being skeptical. I've always been up to no good—why should you trust me?
The thing is, I've been thinking about changing my ways...starting fresh here in this new part of the world called Pasio.
I could forget about the lying and plotting and just enjoy competing in the PML with Mewtwo, fair and square...
Hmph. Not a bad idea.
I guess it's up to you kids, though. What's your decision?
Misty Giovanni... THE Giovanni of Team Rocket, team up with US?
Brock ... ... ...
To be honest, I'd trust a Liepard before I trust Giovanni. But if he's on our team, we can keep an eye on him...
and maybe even prevent him from carrying out more of his no-good schemes. What do you think, <player>?
Giovanni If it'll keep him from stirring up trouble...: Heh, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh? Touché.
Fine with me, as long as it means I get front-row seats to witness what becomes of you kids here on Pasio.

If he promises to stop his evil schemes...: Listen, kid... I'm not a psychic. I can't make any promises about the future.
But you know what they say, right? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You want to keep me in line? Then keep me around.
Brock You're gonna have to stop getting involved with Team Break, too, all right? If you conspire with them to sabotage the PML, it's over.
Giovanni All right, I promise. After all, I want to enjoy the PML as much as you do. You can trust me on that, at least.
Brock I guess we have a deal, then. Don't forget your promise, Giovanni.
Misty And don't forget that we’ve got our eyes on you. If you even think about stirring up trouble, we'll be right there to stop you!
Giovanni Hmph. I'll be sure to keep that in mind.
(Transition to the beach)
Giovanni Hmph... It seems I was able to infiltrate their unit successfully.
Now I have to decide if I truly do wish to start fresh on Pasio as a sync pair...
or if I would rather...
Hmph... Either way, this should be fun.

Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Ethan Man, I can't wait to meet Ho-Oh!
Ethan You heard the story from Silver, right? We're looking for Ho-Oh!
Bet you wanna see a Legendary Pokémon, too, right? You should come with us to look for it!
Silver *sigh* How did I get dragged into this?
Silver Ethan, that dope... Does he really think it'll be that easy to find Ho-Oh?
I hope you've already realized what a waste of time this is... Anyway, c'mon. You can tag along with us for a bit.

  • Oh, Ho-Oh!
Name Text
Sawyer Where did it go? I could have sworn it was this way...
Man, this is annoying. Why couldn't I have stayed at the villa?
(Ho-Oh appears)
Sawyer Ooh! That's Ho-Oh! A Legendary Pokémon from the Johto region!
This is great! If the young master had that for a partner Pokémon, he'd get even stronger...
(Ho-Oh disappears)
Sawyer Ah! Hey! Wait! I said wait, dang it!
(Transition to Ethan and Silver battling)
Ethan Whoa! Is that what I think it is?
(Ho-Oh flies overhead)
Silver Ho-Oh...
(Pokémon Center)
Silver You must be that kid Ethan mentioned. <player>, or whatever.
Ethan and I were in the middle of a battle when the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh flew overhead.
He decided to cut our battle short so he could go off and look for it!
You're friends with Ethan, right? Then come with me.
That fool is definitely in over his head.

  • On the Lookout for Ho-Oh
Name Text
Ethan Hey there, <player>! I knew you'd come!
I mean, why wouldn't you? No Trainer would pass up the chance to encounter a Legendary Pokémon!

We're definitely going to find it!: That's the spirit! I'm looking forward to it!
I can't wait to see it in person!: Me too! We've got to find it!
Silver *sigh*
Ethan Huh? What's with the heavy sigh, Silver?
Oh, that's right! You two still haven't been introduced!
This is Silver.
He's a friend of mine from my adventure across the Johto region!
Silver Hey, don't go spouting nonsense! I'm not your friend. You and I are...
Hmph. Never mind.
Ethan Huh? What're you getting all quiet for?
Well, that's Silver for you. He has his moody moments, but he's not a bad guy! I'm sure you two will get along great!
Silver Nice to meet you!: Hmph... Sure.
Let's go find Ho-Oh together!: *sigh*
Ethan Nice to meet you!: So, Silver, what was that sigh about?
Let's go find Ho-Oh together!: Another heavy sigh? What's wrong, Silver?
Silver I'm just...dumbfounded. You're like a Psyduck with Cloud Nine, the way you always have your head in the clouds.
We're talking about a Legendary Pokémon that can soar through the sky to go wherever it wants. Do you understand what that means?
How exactly are we supposed to search for it when it could literally be anywhere?!
Ethan Oh!
Silver Not only that, but even though it's an artificial island, Pasio is still pretty enormous.
If you had stopped to think for even a second...you would've realized that we'll never find Ho-Oh if we just wander around aimlessly looking for it.
Ethan Hmm... Well, when you put it like that...
Silver Hmph. Finally you're starting to see reason.
<player>, I know Ethan forced you to come along. Let's just go our separate ways for now.

I won't give up that easily!: Even so, we can't do much searching if we don't have a plan, now can we?
Let's come up with a plan to find it!: How are we supposed to do that? If it were that easy to find a Legendary Pokémon, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Ethan Hmm...
I've got it! I know just who we can ask about this!
Silver What?
Ethan I just remembered! There are these girls who know a lot about Ho-Oh!
I've gotta find one of them right away! You two should come along, too!
(Ethan leaves)
Silver H-hey! Ethan!
Hmph. Does he really think this plan will work?
... ... ...
... ... ...
Fine... I guess I'll come along.
But if Ethan's wrong about this, I'm never gonna let him live it down!
(Transition to members of Team Break)
Masked Woman (1) I'm telling you, I know what I saw! It flew right over our heads!
Masked Woman (2) I saw it clear as day with my own eyes! It was Ho-Oh!
Masked Woman (3) I never would've thought that Legendary Pokémon could be on Pasio...
This is our lucky break! Chances like this don't just drop into your lap every day, y'know!
Listen up! I want every member of Team Break assembled and ready to catch Ho-Oh! That Legendary Pokémon is as good as ours!

  • Seek the Kimono Girl!
Name Text
Ethan Hmm. Should be around here somewhere...
Silver Ethan! Would you mind telling us just who you're looking for already?
Ethan Those girls from Johto who know all about Legendary Pokémon! Don't tell me you forgot about them, Silver.
They did a dance for Ho-Oh and everything, remember? All we gotta do is find one of the Kimono Girls!
Silver A Kimono Girl?!
What's the matter?: It's not important... Just something that happened in Johto a long time ago.
Ethan You really think one of the Kimono Girls would be on Pasio?: Maybe! Whoever I heard earlier sure talked like she was from Johto. She's gotta know something!
??? That cape is truly captivating.
Ethan Ah! There she is!
(Ethan, Silver, and the player walk up to Valerie and Lance)
Valerie And the quality of this fabric is beyond compare.
The way it furls about in the wind, I can't imagine a more fitting garment for you, Lance.
Lance Thanks. I'm glad to hear that you like it.
But really, what's not to like about capes?
Ethan Hey! Kimono Girl!
Valerie Kimono Girl?
Silver Huh?! The Kimono Girl isn't alone. What are you doing here, Lance?
Valerie Oh, if it isn't <player>. Are these friends of yours?
Ethan That's right! We have a question for you, Kimono Girl!
You see...
(Fade to black, then back)
Lance I see... You saw Ho-Oh on Pasio.
Valerie That's why you went looking for me.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not one of the Kimono Girls. I'm a fashion designer.
Ethan What?! Really?!
Valerie Hehe. No need to worry. I actually know quite a bit about Ho-Oh.
I was so captivated by its dazzling beauty that I simply had to learn all I could.
Ethan Really?! Then my hunch that you'd know all about Ho-Oh was right on the money!
Lance This sounds like it could be interesting. Count me in, too.
What about you?
Silver Don't worry about me. I can hear you talk just fine from here.
Valerie Lance, Silver, do you two have some sort of history together?
Ethan Oh, they're fine! There’s no hard feelings between them or anything like that.
More importantly, let's get to the part where you tell us about Ho-Oh!
Valerie Very well, then.
As I'm sure you've heard, Ho-Oh is a beautiful Pokémon that possesses magnificent, seven-colored wings.
It's said to leave a rainbow in its wake as it flies.
Lance It creates a rainbow just by flying... Now that's a fitting story for a Legendary Pokémon if I've ever heard one.
There are stories about Dragonair being able to change the weather, but transforming the sky? That seems even more incredible to me.
Valerie Ho-Oh is also said to live at the foot of a rainbow.
*sigh* Ho-Oh is such a captivating Pokémon, isn't it?
I'd like to design clothes that are as dazzling as its rainbow-colored wings someday.
... ... ...
Lance Hm? You OK?
Valerie Ah, do forgive me. I was so captivated, I lost myself in thought for a moment.
Lance I-I see...
Ethan Wow! There’s all kinds of legends about it! I feel like I learned a lot just now!
We really wanna meet Ho-Oh. Do you have any idea where it could show up?
Valerie Hmm...
As I recall, the legends say Ho-Oh has appeared in Ecruteak City at the Bell Tower and the burned remains of the Brass Tower.
Perhaps it prefers elevated locales? It does fly through the sky, after all.
Ethan Elevated locales... What's the closest thing to a tower here on Pasio? A mountain maybe?
Of course! We just have to climb a mountain and see what we can find!
Thanks, Valerie! You taught me a whole lot just now!
Valerie Ah, before you go, there is one more thing I just remembered. It's actually rather important.
Ethan Important?
Valerie Ho-Oh will not reveal itself to just anyone.
It's said to only appear before Trainers who are pure of heart.
Silver A Trainer who's pure of heart...
Valerie Ho-Oh will not appear before any Trainer whose intentions are wicked.
Ethan We're not the kind of Trainers who’d do anything bad. We just wanna meet Ho-Oh.
OK, then! <player>, Silver! We're going mountain climbing tomorrow!

We better wake up bright and early!: That's right! We've gotta search every nook and cranny of that mountain! We can't leave a single stone unturned!
We better start preparing, then!: Haha! Don't worry, I'm bringing my trusty camping gear. You could come empty-handed and we'd be totally covered!
Don't keep us waiting, either, Silver!
Silver ... ... ...
Actually...I think I'll sit this one out.
Ethan Huh?
Silver I don't really care about Ho-Oh. I've just been along for the ride this whole time.
You two can go without me.
Ethan H-hold on, Silver! What's gotten into you all of a sudden?
We'll be waiting for you tomorrow at the base of the mountain, Silver! Don’t forget!
Lance ... ... ...
(Transition to Silver and Sneasel at the beach at night)
Silver The Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh...
Hmph... What's the point? It's not like it's going to appear before me anyway.
Besides, I've got you.
(Sneasel cries)
Silver And even if I did go...what if my presence keeps Ho-Oh away from the area altogether? *sigh*
??? Got a minute?
(Lance appears)
Silver Lance...

  • Lance and Silver
Name Text
Silver What do you want? I'm not in the mood for a battle right now.
Lance That's not why I'm here. I just want to talk. That's all.
It's been a while since you and I have had a chance to talk like this.
When we first met, the only thing you cared about was obtaining strong Pokémon that could lead you to victory.
The thought of loving or trusting your Pokémon never once occurred to you.
That's why you lost to me.
Silver Tsk! If you only came here to rub salt in old wounds, I'm leaving.
Lance But you're different now.
I can tell by looking at your Sneasel.
That Pokémon has formed a deep bond with you.
Pokémon are happiest when they're with the person they care about the most.
For it to trust you this much...
It can only mean that your adventures in Johto and your time with Ethan have changed you, Silver.
Silver You keep talking like that, people might think you've retired the cape to become a Pokémon Professor.
Lance You're no longer the person you once were.
You've become a purehearted Trainer.
Silver ... ... ...
You think it’s that easy for people to change?
I'm a Trainer who's done some pretty terrible things. I stole someone's Pokémon, and I treated people like garbage if they got on my nerves.
And worst of all, my dad is...
Lance ... ... ...
Even so, I believe in you.
That's why you should believe in yourself, too.
Silver ... ... ...
Lance Don't be a no-show tomorrow.
Your friends <player> and Ethan will be waiting for you.
Silver They're not my friends.
They're rivals, not friends! And that goes for you, too!
I haven't forgotten what it felt like when you completely destroyed me in battle.
I'm going to get stronger here on Pasio! I'm going to become the greatest Trainer in the world!
And when I do, I'm coming for you! You'd better be ready!
(Transition to Valerie, Ethan, and the player on the mountain)
Valerie Silver is rather late. I wonder if he's actually going to come.
Ethan Don't say that! Silver's definitely gonna show up!
When we were traveling all over Johto, he'd show up wherever I was...
and more often than not, I'd show up wherever he was.
We're rivals! That's why I know he'll come today!

You really believe in him, huh?: Yup! We've had our ups and downs along the way, but he's a good guy!
I know he'll show up!: Thanks for believing in Silver, too, <player>!
Valerie Well said. When you put it like that, I suppose we should wait a little longer.
Ethan Yeah. Thanks. I'm glad you came along, too, Valerie.
But won't it be hard for you to climb in that outfit?
Valerie I appreciate your concern, but I'll be fine.
It just means I'll need to work even harder if I want to see Ho-Oh.
??? All right, party's over...
(Silver appears)
Ethan Silver!
I knew you'd show up!
Silver Hmph! What're you so happy about?
My goal is to be the greatest Trainer in the world.
If Ho-Oh does decide to show up...maybe I'll just make it my partner by force!
I'm not just gonna stand around and watch while one of you idiots gets to join up with Ho-Oh.
Ethan Hehe! You're gonna try to make Ho-Oh your partner now, Silver? Sounds like you're pretty fired up!
But if you think I'm gonna lose, think again! I'm gonna find it first—
(Ho-Oh cries)
Silver That's the same cry I heard yesterday...
Ethan That can only mean Ho-Oh really is somewhere on this mountain!
It's on! Time to see which of us finds Ho-Oh first!
(Ethan leaves)
Silver H-hey!
Valerie Hehe. I suppose I shall give it my all, too.
(Valerie leaves)
Silver Hmph! How can they be so casual about this? Don't they realize they're going up against a Legendary Pokémon?
If they find it first, I'll be pretty upset...
Let's go, <player>! We're going to be the first ones to find Ho-Oh, not them!
(Transition to members of Team Break)
Masked Woman Looks like they're after the same thing we are.
But that darling Ho-Oh will be mine! All mine! Surely it was fate that led me here to meet it!
Call for backup! I want those little pests gone! Then that lovely Ho-Oh will have no choice but to be mine!

  • The Choices We Make
Name Text
Silver We've been climbing for what feels like forever and haven't seen so much as Ho-Oh's shadow.
But I've heard its cry a few more times since we started, so we must be getting closer.

Let's keep looking. Don't give up!: Of course. I still have to prove that I'm the greater Trainer.
Maybe Ethan already found it.: Not a chance. I know Ethan. If he found it already, he would've told us by now.
That's the kind of guy he is. Believe me, I've spent more time with Ethan than I'd care to admit.
Speaking of which...
you kinda remind me of him.

Really?: Yeah. Not in terms of appearance or personality. It's more...your eyes.
How so?: I'd say it's your eyes.
They're always looking off to the distance, giving off this kinda...gleam. It used to really annoy me whenever I saw eyes like yours.
But...now I don't really get that way around you or Ethan.
The old me definitely would've just challenged you to a battle and not thought twice about it.
Maybe I'm...
(Ho-Oh cries)
Silver What was that? It sounded close!
(Ho-Oh appears)
Silver Ho-Oh... It's really here.
Does that mean I'm...? No, it's because you're here. Right, <player>?
Gah! It doesn't matter! That's not important now!
Ho-Oh! Now that you've finally revealed yourself, I'm going to make you my partner Pokémon!
You want to see how strong I am? Then let the battle begin!
Tsk! Who'd be calling me now? This better be important...
Huh? Ethan? Actually, this is perfect.
Hey, Ethan! Guess what we just fou—
Ethan Silver! You've gotta get over here!
A bunch of Team Break goons are attacking Trainers up here on the mountain!
Silver What?
Ethan I'm trying to find a safe place for us to hide right now, but those jerks are probably right on our tails!
Valerie and I can probably hold out for a little while, but...you gotta come help us! Hurry!
Silver Hey! Ethan?! Ethan!
Drat! We need to go help Ethan, <player>...
But Ho-Oh...
If I pass up this chance, I might never get a second one...
But Ethan...
(Transition to Ethan and Valerie battling members of Team Break)
Ethan You got this, Cyndaquil! Just a little more...
Masked Woman Hehe. Wasn't someone supposed to come to your rescue? Just give up already.
Face it, you're hopelessly outnumbered!
Ethan Ngh...
Masked Woman Tracking down Ho-Oh is our top priority, and if we happen to find some Pokémon to steal while we're at it, who are we to say no?
Now, time to finish this!
??? Go, Sneasel!
(Sneasel appears to save Ethan and Valerie)
Masked Woman Huh?!
Where did that Pokémon come from?!
Valerie Ethan, look...
Ethan It's about time you showed up! I knew you'd come, though...
(Silver appears)
Silver You're all pathetic.
I bet you thought you were so clever, ganging up on them to get the upper hand.
If there's one thing I hate more than anything...
it's people like you!

  • A Pure Heart Revealed
Name Text
Ethan Let's do this, Silver!
Silver Just don’t get in my way, Ethan!
(Ethan and Silver defeat Team Break)
Masked Woman Eeeek! O-our Pokémon!
Valerie Those two really are in perfect sync, aren't they?
Ethan Ethan and Silver sync up so well together!: Hehe! That's 'cause Silver would always show up outta nowhere to challenge me, so I've gotten real familiar with his battle style!
Silver Wow, Silver! You're a natural leader!: Of course I am! Who do you think you're talking to?
Ethan Looks like we just turned the tables on you, Team Break! What're you gonna do now?
Masked Woman I...I guess we have no choice... We surrender...
PSYCH! You think I'm gonna give up now?! As if!
Silver What?
Masked Woman Hehe... Looks like the gang's all here.
(Team Break reinforcements show up)
Ethan That's...
Silver Tch! Quite a crowd she's brought.
Masked Woman Ahahaha! And there's plenty more where that came from! I did come all this way to catch Ho-Oh, after all!
You can't possibly win against our superior numbers! Now, bow before our might!
Silver You think like a weakling.
Masked Woman What?!
Silver Relying on superior numbers to win a fight just reveals how weak and pathetic you really are.
But I'm different!
I believe in the power of the Pokémon I've trained! Even if I stand alone against a sea of opponents, I'll fight to the very end!
That's the way I battle! Because I'm going to be the greatest Trainer in the world!
Ethan Silver...
Hehe, you're not alone, though. We've got your back!
Valerie I've still got some fight in me.
Silver Let's battle them together!/We won't lose!: You guys...
Hmph! Just don't get in my way!
Masked Woman Grrrrr! Are you quite finished putting on the too-cool-for-school act?!
I'm done playing around with you! Get them!
(Ho-Oh cries)
Silver That cry!
(Ho-Oh appears)
Ethan Is that...Ho-Oh?!
Silver What's it doing here?
Masked Woman Omigosh, omigosh! It's here, it's here, IT'S HERE! My sweet little Ho-Oh!
Change of plans, everyone! Catch that adorable Ho-Oh for me!
(Ho-Oh attacks Team Break)
Masked Woman Yeow! Hot hot hot hot HOT!
N-now hold on a second! Just what do you think you're doing?!
(Ho-Oh attacks Team Break again)
Masked Woman Hot hot HOT! Stop! I'm gonna be cooked to well-done at this rate!
What is the matter with you?! Do you have any idea how much trouble I've gone through to make you my Pokémon?!
You may be beautiful, but you're a bit too savage for my taste! Retreat! Retreat!
(Team Break leaves)
Valerie It would seem Ho-Oh came to our rescue.
Ethan Yeah. And it doesn't seem like it's in a hurry to leave, either.
Do you think this means Ho-Oh wants to be a partner Pokémon?
Silver ... ... ...
(Lance appears overlooking the group)
Lance Heh. I was waiting to make my debut, but there's no way I can upstage a grand entrance like that.
It's said that Ho-Oh will reveal itself before a purehearted Trainer by shining its bright, rainbow-colored wings...
I wonder which of you this Pokémon will choose to be its partner...
(Lance leaves)
Valerie Ho-Oh is so beautiful, isn't it?
If it were my partner Pokémon, I'd spend every waking hour of every day captivated by it.
Ethan I'd fly all over Pasio on its back!
What about you, Silver?
(Silver walks away)
Ethan What's wrong, Silver? What're you doing over there?
Silver I'm fine right here.
I don't want to see Ho-Oh become your partner.
Ethan Huh?
Silver We both know Ho-Oh prefers Trainers who are pure of heart...
It'd be one thing if I could make it my partner by proving my strength. But as long as this is Ho-Oh's decision, I've got no chance.
I'm just...not that kind of Trainer.
Ethan Silver...
That's not true at all. Come here.
Silver I'm fine.
Ethan C'mon! Just do it!
Silver Shut up! I said I'm fine!
(Ho-Oh approaches Silver)
Silver Ho-Oh? Why?
Valerie Hmhm... It would seem Ho-Oh has made its choice...
and it has chosen you, Silver.
Ethan Silver, <player> told me what you did.
You turned down a chance to battle Ho-Oh to come help us.
If you hadn't done that, we would've been done for.
That's why I know you're a purehearted Trainer, Silver.
Silver Ethan...
Ethan And that's also why you should be Ho-Oh's partner... You're suited for each other.
Isn't that right, <player>?
Silver Of course!/C'mon! Ho-Oh is waiting for you!: <player>...
Hmph. You're all too sentimental for your own good. We're talking about a Legendary Pokémon, after all.
But, if you insist...
Listen up, Ho-Oh! My goal is to become the greatest Trainer in the entire world!
I don't care if you’re a Legendary Pokémon! If you get in my way, I'll leave you behind! Got it?!
Heh. Looks like you're just as determined as I am. Good. I like that.
Together, we'll be the strongest sync pair in the world!

The Dragon That Rules the Sky

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Kukui An unidentified dragon Pokémon, huh...
Kukui Hey there, cousin! Did you hear about the dragon Pokémon that appeared near the glaciers?
I heard it's pretty on edge... Been lashing out at people, yeah. We've gotta do something before we have a serious injury on our hands.
As a Pokémon Professor, I'm super pumped to be able to encounter a rare Pokémon any way I can! Come on! We should head out to the glaciers!

  • Starry Nights, Dragon Flights
Name Text
??? Rayquaza... I never thought I'd get the chance to see you again.
You must have had a reason for coming to this island.
Well then, I guess I should take a stab at it.
Time to put my imagination to work! Haha!
(Pokémon Center)
Trista Oh! Pardon me, <player>! Do you have a moment?
So sorry to bother you! I just wanted to pass on a warning.
An unidentified dragon Pokémon seems to have appeared near the glaciers recently.
No one has been able to spot its Trainer yet, and it seems to be quite on edge.
It's been attacking anyone that comes near it, injuring one sync pair after another.
If you were planning on visiting the glaciers anytime soon, please be extra careful! All right, <player>?

  • Off to the Glaciers!
Name Text
Kukui Hey, <player>! I'm guessing that report about the mysterious dragon Pokémon caught your interest, too.
According to Trista's sources, it doesn't have a Trainer with it.
The thing is, there shouldn't be any wild Pokémon on Pasio... Maybe it got lost and wandered here by accident? I dunno.
Apparently, this isn't the first time a lone Pokémon has suddenly shown up here. Maybe there's some kind of connection.
Either way, it sounds like everyone who's tried to calm its rage so far has been no match for it.
I wonder what species it is... As a Pokémon Professor, I can't let a rare opportunity like this pass me by.
But research aside, I really hope I can help. It might only be lashing out because it's feeling alone and afraid in an unfamiliar place.

Let's help that poor Pokémon!: Yeah! I knew I could count on you, cousin. With your help, this should go way more smoothly.
I can help, too, Professor!: Thanks, cousin! With your help, this should go way more smoothly. Oh, and call me Kukui!
Come on! Time to hustle our way through these glaciers like we're using Quick Attack.
(Zinnia watches Professor Kukui and the player walk into the glaciers)
Kukui Hang on a sec, cousin... I think I hear somebody.
??? Hold it! This area's off-limits!
(Salamence appears and attacks Professor Kukui and Lycanroc)
??? Oho! Full points for that quick dodge!
(Zinnia appears)
Kukui Hey! You shouldn't catch people off guard like that. It's not nice.
??? Tell that to the masked weirdos who just attacked me outta nowhere. You know what they say... Get them before they get you.
Kukui Wait, Team Break are here, too? Not good... Listen, we're not with those crooks.
My name's Kukui—I’m a Pokémon Professor. This is <player>.
And you are...?
Zinnia Me? I’m Zinnia.
And...I'm just a regular ol' tourist, I guess? I dunno.
Anyways... Enough talking. I'm gonna have to ask you fine people to leave now.
Can't let you get in the way of me making Rayquaza my partner!

  • Chasing a Lost Mission
Name Text
Zinnia Niiice! Real nice! That's a pretty sweet team you've got there.
You guys are leaps and bounds tougher than those masked weirdos I battled earlier.
Especially you, uh... <player>, was it?
Yeah... There's something special about you. You kinda remind me of someone I used to know.
Kukui Right. Well, if you're ready to talk to us now...
I've got a question for you. It's about the Pokémon you mentioned before—Rayquaza.
Is that the dragon Pokémon that appeared in this area recently?
Zinnia Haha! Smart professor! You must know a thing or two about Rayquaza already.
Yep... If you keep heading this way, you'll find the Sky High Pokémon, Rayquaza.
They say it's lived far above the clouds in the ozone layer for hundreds of millions of years... A true Legendary Pokémon.
To be honest, I really couldn't care less about the PML. I've been kinda bored ever since I arrived.
But from the moment I heard that Rayquaza had appeared, my mind's been buzzing. Which reminds me... <player>, you sparked my curiosity.
This time, I've got a question for you.
Why do YOU think Rayquaza, a Legendary Pokémon, came here to Pasio?

I think it got summoned through a ring.: A ring?! It'd have to be a pretty amazing ring to do that! Interesting...
I think it got lost.: Hmm... That'd be a pretty simple answer.
Whatever! I honestly have no idea why it came here, either.
Anyways, nice chat! I'm gonna go now. Guess I'll see you around, maybe!
Kukui Whoa, whoa—hang on, Zinnia! Why don't we all just go together?
If Team Break are still lurking around, it could be dangerous acting alone, yeah.
Zinnia Ahahaha! That's so cute! A couple of sync pairs fighting for justice.
Thanks for the concern, but I'm fine! Trust me! I may not look like much, but I can handle myself in a fight.
Just...stay out of my way if you don't wanna end up on the receiving end, 'kay?
(Zinnia leaves)
Kukui Zinnia... She's a mysterious one, yeah. Kind of evasive, too. I wonder what her deal is...
Rayquaza was already pretty worrying, but now I'm kind of concerned about her, too.
Let's follow her trail!
(Deeper into the glaciers)
Kukui We haven't seen any more of those Team Break thugs along the road... Think Zinnia cleared all of them out?
Zinnia Rayquaza! Behold my power!
(Rayquaza appears)
Kukui No matter how strong you are, there will always be things you can't conquer alone, cousin.
For her, this could be one of those—
(Rayquaza attacks and screen fades to white)
(Professor Kukui and the player protect Zinnia)
Kukui Zinnia!/She's in danger!: Phew... That was a close call!
So this is the infamous Rayquaza... Woo! That body's packing some power, yeah!
Zinnia Not gonna lie—you two've got pretty good timing.
Kukui All right, cool it with the bravado for now. First thing's first, we need to heal that Pokémon of yours.
(Professor Kukui heals Salamence)
Kukui Let's be honest here, cousin... There's no way you and Salamence could have taken down an opponent like Rayquaza alone.
Why are you so fixated on this, huh? I can tell this isn't just about catching a strong Pokémon for you.
Zinnia Hmph. That's...a bit of a long story.
In the past, I was given a mission... A mission to save the world with Rayquaza.
But in the end, I wasn't able to achieve that mission. Instead, my story came to a tragic halt, and I lost everything I had.
That's why I was so excited when I heard Rayquaza had appeared here. It felt like I was being given a second chance.
A chance to face Rayquaza once again...and to face myself.
To finally end this chapter so that I can start a new story...
with Rayquaza as my partner!
Kukui Er... I'm still a little unclear on the specifics, but I think I get where you're coming from, yeah!
But we're not just gonna let you jump back in there alone, OK?

We want to help you, Zinnia!/Let's do this together!: Yeah! C'mon, Lycanroc! Time to unleash some superpowerful moves!
Zinnia Ugh... I said I can handle myself alone.
Whatever. Just don't get in my way, all right?

  • Wish upon a Star...and a Dragon
Name Text
Zinnia I can take it from here
It's time for a little heart-to-heart between me and Rayquaza.
Kukui I think it might be too soon to give the all clear...*sigh*
People and Pokémon are connected by more than just Poké Balls.
If she can open up her heart and be honest with Rayquaza, then maybe, just maybe...
Zinnia Ever since I was a little girl, I've always turned my eyes up to the sky.
When I was so full of uncertainty that I felt my heart might be crushed by it...
and when I was so grief stricken and alone I thought my heart might break of it...
I turned and looked up there...so that my tears would never, ever fall.
If I filled my thoughts with lone dragons dancing across the sky, I felt like I could be noble and proud like that, too.
Even if I had to make a lot of sacrifices or if it meant I'd have to sacrifice myself...
I was prepared to fulfill my duty to protect this world... A world that my friend had tried to save.
Hey, Rayquaza... What does it feel like to live above the clouds? Is it lonely up there?
(Rayquaza roars)
Zinnia You're a tough one, aren't you.
Rayquaza... Can I ask you once more to grant my wish?
Please, lend me your strength...so that one day, I can fulfill the mission I've bestowed on myself.
Will you give me the strength to protect this beautiful, starry sky and all of the worlds that float beyond it?

Zinnia!/Rayquaza!: I'm baaack. And I've got a new partner!
Kukui That is awesome! Woo! Can you believe you just formed a sync pair with a Legendary Pokémon?
Zinnia Yeah, I guess I did...although I'm pretty sure it came with a condition.
I think Rayquaza wants to battle you two again.
Maybe it wants to measure my strength as a Trainer now that we're a sync pair.
Kukui You never know, yeah! It could be itching to battle because it's excited to fight alongside its new partner.
Zinnia I hadn't thought of that. I guess I can't really ask Rayquaza either way, though.
So, what'll it be, guys? This could be a sweet opportunity for a Pokémon Professor to study the Legendary Rayquaza.
Kukui Woo! It doesn't get any better than this! Hope you're ready for a seriously fun battle, <player>!
Zinnia All right! Let's battle!/Let's have some fun!: A fun Pokémon battle... I've kinda forgotten what that feels like.
I...I can feel my heart beating...faster and faster.
Yeah! I can feel it... My heart's pounding!

  • A New Beginning
Name Text
Zinnia Phew... I hope my feelings got through to you in the end.
Kukui That was a blast!: Oh yeah! You and Rayquaza make an amazing combo, Zinnia!
You and Rayquaza were great!: Oh yeah! And that battle was the most fun I've had in a long time, cousin!
Zinnia Good stuff. Anyway, I guess it's about time for us to hightail it outta here...
(Rayquaza stops Zinnia)
Zinnia ... ... ...
I know. When we fought together in that last battle, I think I understood what you were trying to say.
You aren't— I mean, WE aren’t alone anymore.
Well then... You two are competing in the PML, right?
I hope you're ready to win, 'cause Rayquaza and I are gonna lend you our strength!
Kukui Wait, are you saying you want to join <player>'s team and compete?!
Zinnia Yeah! That's exactly what I'm saying!
You guys did help me out in that fight against Rayquaza. I'm just repaying the favor, all right?
I mean, don't expect us to be all buddy-buddy with each other just because we're teammates or anything...

Glad to have you on the team!: Aww, you're cute!
Rayquaza's gonna be so cool!: Oh yeah! If you're thinking what I'm thinking, this is gonna be great!
Kukui Woo! This is gonna seriously strengthen your team, <player>! It's a good move—for you and for Zinnia and Rayquaza!
Zinnia I hope so. Guess we can't really know for sure, but at least this part of our story ended pretty well.
Kukui What are you saying, cousin? It's way too soon to be talking about endings already!
Your new story with Rayquaza is just beginning!
Zinnia A new story, huh... I'm not sure where the story's going or what my mission is yet...
but if Rayquaza and I are the stars of the story, it sounds like it's gonna be a fun one.
Hm? You wanna know what kind of story it's gonna be?
Heh. You could use some imagination.

New World Dilemma

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Cynthia I don't want to believe that he of all people has come to Pasio.
Cynthia We need to find the person responsible for what happened at the beach. Let's split up into two groups so we cover more ground.
But if you find the culprit before I do, be careful. If it's who I think it is, he's a very dangerous man.

  • The Man from Another Dimension
Name Text
Masked Man (1) Darn! All we managed to steal were weak Pokémon!
Masked Man (2) We need strong Pokémon for all our wicked schemes.
(Flash of light)
Masked Man (1) Wh-what was that?!
(Cyrus and Palkia appear)
Cyrus Where am I?
Masked Man (1) H-hey, you! Where'd you come from?!
Masked Man (2) Sir! Look at that!
Masked Man (1) Well, well! That's quite a strong-looking Pokémon you have there!
Masked Man (2) You there! Hand over your Pokémon!
Masked Man (1) Don't ignore us, you punk!
Cyrus Allow me to pass. Step aside.
Masked Man (1) Gah!
Masked Man (2) Th-that guy seems kinda dangerous, sir.
Masked Man (1) S-stop actin' all scared!
C'mon! We're gonna steal his Pokémon!
(Screen fades to black)
Masked Man Ahhh!
(Pokémon Center)
Cynthia Do you have a moment, <player>?
Cheryl We just heard about a group of Team Break members who have been injured.
Will you help us look for the person who attacked them?
Cynthia We know it's sudden—and this will be a dangerous task.
But if my intuition is correct about who did this, the whole world could be in danger.
Just this once, I hope my intuition is wrong.

  • Creating a New World
Name Text
Cyrus So, this is the artificial island of Pasio.
This doesn't appear to be the world I desire.
??? You're—!
(Cheryl and the player appear)
Cyrus You recognize me. Are you a Trainer from Sinnoh?
Cheryl You're Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic. I can't believe you're here on Pasio.
What are you doing here?
Cynthia told me that your plans were foiled in the place called the Distortion World.
Cyrus The Distortion World? What are you talking about?
I attempted to create a world without spirit using the powers of Dialga and Palkia—the Legendary Pokémon that control time and space.
However, I was interrupted when a mysterious ring appeared. It swallowed me up and brought me here.
If not for that, my new world would already be realized...
No matter. My dream will not end here due to some minor setback.
I will destroy this world and create a new one in its place!
Cheryl Destroy the world?!
We have to stop him, <player>!
(Cheryl sends out Blissey)
Cyrus Do you really think you can?
(Cyrus sends out Palkia)
(The player and Cheryl battle Cyrus)
Cyrus This is a waste of time.
Palkia, deal with that annoying one first.
Cheryl Look out, Blissey!
Cyrus Pikachu, stop Palkia!/Protect Blissey!: See how powerless you are?
(Pikachu faints)
Cheryl Pikachu! All this for Blissey's sake...
Cyrus Do you know why you lost?
Because your judgment was clouded by the vague, incomplete thing known as spirit.
As long as you are burdened with incomplete spirit, you have no hope of defeating me.
??? Stop right there, Cyrus!
(Cynthia appears)
Cynthia You've gone far enough! This ends here!
Don't involve any of us in your foolish plans!
Cyrus Your words mean nothing to me.
I will create a new world! No matter what!
(Cyrus and Palkia disappear)
Cheryl He's gone!
Cynthia He got away. We need to stop Cyrus—and fast.
Before it's too late!
News of Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, quickly spread across all of Pasio.
In response to the threat he posed, the PML staff entered a heightened state of alert.
(Transition to the forest)
Cyrus Perhaps my battle on the beach was a mistake.
I need more information, but circumstances as they are make that difficult.
I need more information, but circumstances as they are make that difficult.
Who's there?
(Rotom appears)
Cyrus You're...
??? Hey, Rotom! Where are you?
(Sophocles appears)
Sophocles Stop messing aroun— Ah!

  • Kindred Spirits
Name Text
Sophocles Hey! Rotom! Wh-what are you doing?!
I-I'm sorry. Is Rotom causing you trouble?
Come on, Rotom. Get over here.
Huh? What is it, Rotom?
Cyrus Is this your Pokémon?
Sophocles What? N-no, it belongs to another Trainer I know. We're just playing together.
I like to tinker with machines and come up with inventions. Rotom was helping me out.
Cyrus Tinkering with machines with Rotom, huh?
Sophocles U-um, my name's Sophocles.
What's your name, mister? I've never seen you on Pasio before.
Cyrus Oh, I'm no one special.
Sophocles Hehe. I think Rotom likes you.
Cyrus I don't mind this Rotom.
Or tinkering with machines, either.
Sophocles U-um, then do you mind if we talked for a bit?
I can tell you about Pasio if you're new here.
Cyrus Very well.
(Transition to the night)
Sophocles Gosh...I had no idea Rotom could do that!
That was really informative. Thank you!
Cyrus No thanks necessary. You gave me information as well.
Sophocles Hehe. I still want to thank you.
Now I can become even better friends with Rotom.
Cyrus What do you think of this world?
Sophocles Huh?
Cyrus This world of ours is a crude one. In a word, it is incomplete.
It has been, and always will be, a struggle to survive in this world.
We humans and Pokémon are likewise incomplete.
Because we are all so lacking, we fight, we maim... It is ugly.
I hate the incompleteness.
That we are all incomplete, I hate it with my entire body and being.
The world should be complete. The world must change.
Sophocles Mister?
Cyrus The reason for this is the human spirit. As it is vague and incomplete, so too is the world.
What about you?
Have you never felt pain or sadness due to your incomplete spirit?
Sophocles I...
... ... ...
(Cyrus walks away)
Sophocles I'm...
I'm shy...and I've certainly felt lonely before.
Sometimes I've felt really sad while I'm alone.
... ... ...
Big Mo and Pokémon were there to fill the lonely hole in my heart.
The stuff you're saying is hard for me to understand...
but I think my human spirit is why I'm able to feel all these warm, fuzzy emotions in the first place.
Cyrus I see...
Sophocles U-um, why did you say all that stuff to me?
Cyrus Because you remind me of a child I know very well.
But apparently I was mistaken.
Sophocles Mister...
(Cyrus leaves)
??? There you are, Sophocles.
(Elesa appears)
Sophocles Hi, Elesa.
Elesa I was looking for you.
By the way, that guy you were just talking to...

  • Sophocles the Brave
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Sophocles No way! That was Cyrus of Team Galactic?!
Cynthia Yes. He's a dangerous man wanted by the International Police.
Cheryl Would you mind telling us what you two talked about, Sophocles?
Sophocles U-uh, well...
Oh! He asked me lots of questions about how and why sync pairs are transported to Pasio.
But I didn't know, either, so I told him that the people who run the PML probably know, and that they might even be involved in the process, too.
Cheryl Maybe Cyrus wants to go back to where he came from.
Cynthia Or maybe he wants to use that power to bring Dialga to Pasio.
In any case, his goal is to complete his plan that was interrupted when he was brought here.
To destroy this world and create a new one...
Sophocles ... ... ...
Cheryl Cyrus is trying to obtain the power that brought him to Pasio.
If that's the case, he'll want to see Lear, the host of the PML. There's a good chance that we can ambush him while he's heading to Lear's villa.
Elesa Sophocles, did you two talk about anything else?
Sophocles W-well...
He asked a lot of questions about Rotom...and about me, too.
Elesa He did?
Sophocles He wanted to know about my inventions, and how I felt when I made them.
He also kept staring at Rotom.
Elesa Why would Cyrus do that?
Cheryl Come to think of it, I remember this story I heard when I was in Sinnoh visiting Sunyshore City.
A boy named Cyrus used to live there, and he would spend all his time doing nothing except playing with machines.
Assuming it's the same person...
Sophocles I...
I want to stop Cyrus.
I think the human spirit is important, even if it is vague and incomplete.
Cheryl Sophocles...
Sophocles Besides, I'm sure even Cyrus has things in this world that he likes and are important to him.
I don't want him to lose that part of himself.
Cynthia ... ... ...
Sophocles I think so, too.: <player>...
Yes! It has to be true! Right?
Let's stop Cyrus together!: <player>... Thank you!
Elesa Hehe. Didn't Cyrus completely wipe the floor with you? You've got guts—that's for sure.
It's because I like this world.: Yes. I do, too.
It's because spirit is important.: Yes. I agree.
Let's make Cyrus understand how we feel!
OK, Rotom.
If you want to stop Cyrus, then you should team up with Sophocles.
After our conversation just now, I think that would be best, so go with him.
Cheryl I'll go, too. Let's stop Cyrus together.
Sophocles Elesa, Cheryl...thank you!
(The player, Cheryl, and Sophocles leave)
Elesa I'm going to round up some other sync pairs and search for Cyrus.
What are you going to do, Cynthia?
Cynthia Those kids are something else...
Elesa Hm?
Cynthia I rejected Cyrus's warped justification for wanting to change the world.
I even thought, if he hates the world so much, he should go somewhere far away and leave the rest of us alone.
But those kids haven't rejected Cyrus. Why, they're trying to find a way to coexist with him.
Elesa Cynthia...
Cynthia If they're serious about trying to stop him, then I've got to get serious myself.
Both as an adult living in this world and as a Trainer!
(Transition to Cyrus in a field)
Cyrus The time is nigh to set my dream in motion once again.
Sophocles Cyrus!
(The player, Cheryl, and Sophocles appear)
Cyrus It seems you've realized why I'm here.
So be it...
(Cyrus sends out Palkia)
Cyrus I won't let anyone interfere with my plans!

  • Bonds of Spirit
Name Text
(The player, Cheryl, and Sophocles battle Cyrus)
Sophocles Cyrus, stop! You don't have to change the world!
Cyrus This world is a twisted place full of ugly humans. It will remain that way forever unless I change the world.
I will make the ultimate world. A world of complete perfection.
Nothing so vague and incomplete as spirit can remain.
Sophocles Cyrus!
Cyrus Enough!
(Blissey and Pikachu faint)
Cheryl So this is the power of a Legendary Pokémon...
Cyrus A mere Rotom can do nothing against me.
Allow me to pass. Step aside.
You'll understand one day. Then again, whether you understand or not is irrelevant.
One day, you will awaken to a world of my creation. A world without spirit.
If you refuse to get out of my way...
??? Go, Kommo-o!
(Kommo-o appears)
Cyrus Where did that Pokémon come from?!
Sophocles It's...
(Cynthia appears)
Cheryl Cynthia!
Cynthia Cyrus! I won't let you try to change this world!
If your strength lies in a steadfast will that rejects spirit...
then mine lies in the bonds that are born from spirit!
Face me, Cyrus!

  • A Perfect, Complete Answer
Name Text
(Palkia and Kommo-o battle)
Cynthia Palkia's power is incredible...
Cyrus Even in the hands of a Champion, your Pokémon is merely ordinary.
It stands no chance against a Legendary Pokémon like Palkia.
Especially if you believe in something as vague as spirit.
Cynthia You don't understand.
Spirit is what creates the bonds between people and Pokémon.
Those bonds are what created this world and made it what it is today.
And this world is all the more precious for it!
Cyrus You have your beliefs. I have mine.
The spirit and bonds of which you speak have warped this world beyond repair.
The only remedy now is to destroy it.
Cynthia Then you are truly lost...
Cyrus Silence! There is nothing more to say!
Sophocles Cyrus!
Cynthia Listen to me, Kommo-o...
I raised you from an Egg, watched you get stronger through training here on Pasio, and made you my partner Pokémon.
We built our bond from the ground up.
This world is full of people and Pokémon who will go on to create bonds with each other.
Someone who rejects this world of ours...
can never defeat us!
(Sync stone activates with a white flash)
Cynthia My sync stone...
Cheryl Cynthia's sync stone is shining!
Cynthia All right, Kommo-o!
Let's show them the power of our bond!
(Palkia faints)
Cyrus What?! Palkia, the Legendary Pokémon, lost?!
Cynthia Thank you, Kommo-o.
It's over, Cyrus. You're coming with me.
Cyrus I won't accept this! This can't be! Not after all the sacrifices we've made to get this far!
What of my new world?! Of my new galaxy?! Was this all a dream to be swept away by your reality?!
How could I lose to someone with an incomplete spirit?!
Cynthia Because...
you're a human being, too. Your spirit is just as incomplete as anyone else's.
Cyrus Hrgh!
Cynthia We're all born in different places.
We live different lives and speak different languages.
But the one thing we all share is that we have Pokémon by our sides to bring us joy.
Because of that, we can compete in Pokémon battles against people we don't even know.
That's the world we live in. Every single one of us—including you.
Cyrus Silence!
Enough of your blathering!
That's how you justify spirit as something worthwhile?!
That is merely humans hoping, deluding themselves that they are happy and safe!
The emotions roiling inside me... Rage, hatred, frustration...
These ugly emotions arise because of my own incomplete spirit!
Cynthia Cyrus...
Sophocles Even so, the human spirit is a precious thing!
The times we're feeling sad and lonely are what make us appreciate the happy moments even more.
That's why you can hate this world, Cyrus.
Because you've experienced those happy moments before!
Cyrus ...
Cynthia Sophocles...
Sophocles If you lose your human spirit, you won't be able to feel negative emotions...
but you also won't be able to experience joy or happiness, either.
I can't stand the thought of a world like that! Because...
if we all lose our human spirit, I can't become friends with you, Cyrus!
Cyrus So, you and this Rotom are different from me after all.
We can't understand each other.
Cynthia Get out of here, Cyrus.
Cheryl Cynthia?!
Cynthia If you ever try to do something like this again, I'll see to it personally that you face justice.
I won't let you change this world just because you've fallen into despair.
I hope you change your ways while you're in this world.
Cyrus Never. I am who I am.
(Cyrus leaves)
Sophocles Cyrus...
Cheryl Do you think he'll change?
I do.: I'd like to hope so, too.
I don't know.: I know how you feel. It's very difficult for people to change their way of thinking.
Cynthia This experience might have been the nudge in the right direction he needed.
The rest is up to him.
Sophocles I believe he can change.
He has a human spirit, too, after all!
Cynthia Yes. I think so, too. I'm sure he'll be fine.
My intuition is never wrong about this sort of thing.
(Transition to Cyrus at the Volcano)
Cyrus I won't change.
The new world I desire is far greater than this one. It has to be.
That's why I must stay the course.
Only then will I have a perfect, complete answer!

Father or Foe

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Nate We have to stop him before he brings chaos to Pasio.
Nate I'll never forget the terrible things he did back in Unova!
N Let's stop him before he brings chaos to Pasio... Help me find him!

  • A Visit from Ghetsis
Name Text
(Ghetsis and Kyurem appear on the beach)
Ghetsis Argh! What was that ring of light?
Where am I?
Team Plasma! Where are you?
Show yourselves, Shadow Triad!
What's going on here?!
??? Oh? I recognize that face...
(Transition to Norman and Brendan battling Silver and N)
N It's a tie... I didn't expect that to happen.
Silver Hmph! We had two Legendary Pokémon on our team, but we still tied?
Alder Hahaha! You both did well for a team that was put together on the spot!
And of course, it's not always pure strength that wins the battle.
Brendan Thanks for teaming up with me, Dad! It was super easy to battle with you supporting me!
Norman With all these opportunities for us to team up, I'm getting used to your style of battling!
I can tell you've come a long way and gotten a lot stronger, Brendan!
N Yes, I see what you mean.
Silver ... ... ...
??? N! You have to hear this!
(Nate appears)
N Nate? What's wrong?
Nate Earlier, someone at the Pokémon Center...
They said they saw Ghetsis! He might be here on Pasio!
(Pokémon Center)
N <player>. We've been waiting for you.
I need your help to find someone.
Nate But we need to be careful. The guy we're looking for is very dangerous.
N We can head out once you're ready. Let's find him together!

  • The End of an Ambition
Name Text
Nate The person who saw Ghetsis said he was around here...
Alder's also helping us out by searching other areas. We have to find Ghetsis quickly!
??? Well, well. Aren't you working hard today.
(Silver appears)
Nate Silver! You came?
Silver I was a little curious, that's all.
Ghetsis is the man who was actually pulling the strings behind Team Plasma, right? I'd like to see what he's like.
Silver Who's Ghetsis?: You seriously tagged along without any idea as to who we're dealing with here?
Nate So he's the leader of Team Plasma?: Oh, yeah. I guess we never explained all that to you, <player>.
N Allow me to shed some light on the situation.
In the past, I was known as the king of Team Plasma, an organization that called for the liberation of all Pokémon.
But my title was just for show. The executives of the organization were its true puppeteers—and Ghetsis was one of them.
He claimed everything he did was for Pokémon liberation, but his real goal was to use Pokémon to control people!
Hilbert and Alder convinced me to leave Team Plasma...but Ghetsis never gave up his ambitions.
He tried to sow chaos and confusion in Unova a second time.
Nate A lot of people got hurt because of him!
I'll never forgive him for what he did!
N It's true... The things he's done aren't easily forgiven.
??? My word... Do my eyes deceive me?
(Ghetsis appears)
Ghetsis N! Is it really you?
Nate Ghetsis!
N So the rumors were true. You did come to Pasio.
Ghetsis To think that I'd finally see you again here of all places...
N I wasn't expecting to see you here, either.
But now that I know you're here, I won't let you carry out whatever you're plotting on Pasio!
Ghetsis ... ... ...
Silver (You gotta be kidding me. This guy was the leader of Team Plasma?)
Ghetsis I...I understand that you may not trust me, but I have no intention of causing harm.
I simply wish to be a normal Trainer.
N What?!
Nate I don't believe you!
Ghetsis I assure you, it's the truth. I lost so much. Only then did I realize the error of my foolish ways.
I no longer have Team Plasma or the Shadow Triad to do my bidding...
And gone are my former ambitions... All I have now are regrets. So many regrets...
I was such a fool...
Nate Do you...really regret the things you've done?
Ghetsis All I have left...
(Ghetsis sends out Kyurem)
Ghetsis is this Kyurem.
Now, all I want is to live the quiet life of a sync pair with this Pokémon.
N ... ... ...
Nate You honestly think we're just gonna believe whatever you say?
Ghetsis I understand...but that is all I can offer you.
Please, believe me...my son...
N ... ... ...!
Silver Son?! N is your son?
Ghetsis We're not bound by blood...and I have no right whatsoever to be called a father...
But if I could have the chance to make amends on this island...
N... Won't you let me be a true father to you?
N I...I don't think I can give you an answer right now.
But if you're not doing anything wrong, I don't see a need to apprehend you. Please leave.
Nate N?!
Ghetsis ...I suppose you're right. It was too much of me to ask.
So be it... Farewell.
(Ghetsis leaves)
Silver You sure about this?
N Yeah...
(Can I really trust you, Ghetsis?)

  • A Human Heart
Name Text
Nate N! Why didn't you capture him right then and there?
N He hasn't done anything wrong yet.
Nate But you remember everything he did back in Unova, don't you?
How could you even think of believing him?!
N ... ... ...
<player>, what do you think of what Ghetsis said?

I believe him.: I see...
I don't believe him.: I see... That makes sense, I suppose.
Nate What's wrong with you, N?
Silver For the former king of Team Plasma, you're pretty indecisive.
N Huh?
Silver You asked everyone for their opinion because you can't make sense of this situation...and even after all that, you still don't have an answer.
At least decide for yourself what you want to do!
N Silver...
Nate Hold on a second, Silver! Are you saying we should trust Ghetsis?
Silver Who knows? But let me tell you something...
Don't assume for one second, Nate, that others have had the same upbringing as you.
Nate Huh?
Silver Having a guy like that for a father can be rough...
(Silver leaves)
Nate Silver...
N He sounds like he's speaking from experience...
Nate ... ... ...
I'm sorry, N. I was too caught up thinking about all the people that he's hurt...
I didn't think about what you must be feeling right now...
N It's OK. I know you meant well.
Nate Where are you going?
N I need to think things over and find the answer myself...
Nate N...
(Transition to N on the beach)
N We're not blood related...and our ways of thinking are so different...
What a complicated equation... Even so, I'd like to find a proper solution to it.
I wonder if there even is an answer to this...
N What do you think, Alder?
Alder I see... So Ghetsis said all that.
N Perhaps he's not the Ghetsis that I knew in the past.
But when he asked to be my father again, I remembered that team we battled earlier today. A father and his son, fighting side by side...
It made me wonder if I'd ever have the chance to battle alongside Ghetsis like that.
Alder ... ... ...
I know this may not be what you want to hear, but I'm going to be completely honest with you.
Given how nefarious Ghetsis is, I think what he said was a trap.
N ... ... ...
Alder However, that's easy for me to say as an outsider.
I myself have a naughty little grandson. His name is Benga.
If he ever went down the wrong path...
I don't think I could say no if he asked me to trust him afterward.
That's what a family is. An emotional connection that defies all logic and reason.
N Family...
Alder I must say, you've changed a lot.
I think if this had happened to you in the past, you wouldn't have spent any time on this decision.
You were stubbornly black and white about your beliefs back then, after all.
N That's true. I never thought I'd spend so much time second-guessing myself over one person.
I wonder if that means I've become weak.
Alder No. Not at all.
You've just become more human, is all.
N Human...
Alder Suffering, worrying, and feeling lost are all part of being human... Overcoming those struggles is how we grow.
Personally, I prefer the person you've become to the person you were before.
N Me, a human? Even though I used to be called a freak without a human heart?
Thank you, Alder. I'm glad we were able to have this talk.
I know what to do now.
(Transition to Silver looking from afar)
Silver Looks like he's made up his mind.
Wait a second. Are you...crying?
Nate Silver...what you said about N and I having different upbringings was true.
But I'm still on his side! And I want to help him find a way to be happy!
Silver I see...
(Transition to Ghetsis and Giovanni)
??? So, how are things progressing?
Ghetsis The rift between us is deep. Mending it is no easy task.
However, I'd like to believe that I'll be successful in the end.
??? Is that so? Then, let's proceed with the next phase of our plan.
Ghetsis Yes. I'm counting on you...
??? ... ... ...

  • True Intentions
Name Text
Nate You're sure about this, N?
N Yes. It's the solution I've arrived at. I'm sure this is what I want to do.
Also...thank you—both of you—for coming here with me.

It'd be hard to do this alone!: You're right. Even though I've made up my mind, I'm still a little worried.
We can't let our guard down yet!: Yes... We should be careful when dealing with a man like him.
Nate No matter what happens, we're on your side!
N Thank you...
Ghetsis N! You've come to see me!
N I've come to let you know my answer.
First, let's send out our Pokémon.
(N sends out Zekrom, Ghetsis sends out Kyurem)
Ghetsis Well? What's your answer?
N I don't think it's possible for the two of us to become a true father and son so easily...
But if you've really had a change of heart, and you're willing to sincerely face people and Pokémon...then maybe, one day, it will be.
That's why I need you to show me that you have love in your heart—through battle!
Ghetsis I am grateful you've given me this opportunity...
Thank you for this chance...
to capture Zekrom for myself!
N What?!
Ghetsis Now! Restrain Zekrom!
(Team Break appears and restrains Zekrom)
N Zekrom!
Ghetsis *chuckle* It can't move. I've taken special measures to use Pokémon that can hold it in place!
Nate What do you think you're doing, Ghetsis?!
N I can't believe you'd actually do such a thing...
Ghetsis Myah-ha-ha! Of course I would!
I only put on that ridiculous act so I could get my hands on Zekrom!
As if we could be a true family! Me? With a freak like you?
N ... ... ...
Nate What an awful thing to say! How dare you play with N's feelings like that!
<player>, help N protect Zekrom!
(Team Break's Pokémon faint)
Ghetsis Oh? Not bad.
I can feel your anger!
Nate Next is that pair holding down Zekrom!
??? That's enough.
(Braviary and Pikachu faint)
Nate Braviary?!
N Wait, is that—?
Giovanni appears
Giovanni Stay out of my way.

  • Side by Side
Name Text
N Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket? What are you doing here?
Giovanni I happened to meet Ghetsis while I was recruiting some Team Break members. He told me all about his plans.
If he's able to get his hands on Zekrom, that works out perfectly for me.
Ghetsis Yes, I should thank you for gathering these pawns and sharing your information with me.
I'll be sure to return the favor.
Giovanni Heh.
Ghetsis Now, our preparations are complete!
I will soon possess a Legendary Pokémon that combines two powers!
Nate No...it can't be!
N The fusion of Kyurem and Zekrom...
Ghetsis Oh, so you knew about that. I was hoping you'd be more surprised.
Watch this moment closely!
(Kyurem and Ghetsis approach Zekrom)
N Zekrom!
Nate No! Don't do it, Ghetsis!
Ghetsis Kyurem! Absorb Zekrom! Use Absofusion!
Giovanni Now's my chance.
Do it.
(Mewtwo attacks Kyurem)
Nate What the—
N They stopped them from fusing?
Ghetsis What do you think you're doing?
Giovanni I, too, have a plan in place.
You see, I know how you operate, Ghetsis—a lot better than you think.
The way I see it, once you have both Legendary Pokémon in hand, your next move will be to secure more pawns to command.
Since I'm the one who controls these Team Break members, you'd come after me next!
So I intend to take Kyurem and Zekrom for myself before that can happen!
Ghetsis You have more foresight than I thought. What a cunning man you are.
But it's too little, too late!
(More Team Break show up)
Giovanni What?
Ghetsis I may not look like it, but you could say I have a talent for convincing others to join me.
A faction of Team Break is already under my control!
Giovanni I see... Perhaps I did underestimate you. Very well, then...
Get them, Mewtwo!
Ghetsis Rise! We must defeat Giovanni!
N They've broken off their alliance... Well, I suppose they were never actually allies to begin with.
Nate I want to save Zekrom, but there are too many Pokémon over there...
??? Go! Volcarona!
(Volcarona appears and defeats Team Break)
(Alder and Silver appear)
Nate Alder! Silver!
Alder I had a feeling something bad would happen... I'm glad we made it in time!
We took care of the Team Break members at the entrance, but reinforcements are on the way! We need to get out of here!
Giovanni Oh?
Silver I have more important things to worry about right now than him...
Come on! Hurry up!
N Zekrom... I'm so glad you're OK.
Nate Let's go, N! You too, <player>!
(Team Break leaves)
Ghetsis Tch... Worthless fools.
Giovanni Now that a former Champion has come, I suppose I have no choice but to give up on Zekrom.
But Kyurem will be mine.
Ghetsis I warned you before...
not to underestimate me!
(Kyurem and Mewtwo battle)
Alder What's the matter, N?
Nate Let's move! We have to go!
N ... ... ...
Nate Wait...
Ghetsis What?

  • And Yet
Name Text
Silver What are you doing? Just leave him!
Nate N...
Ghetsis What are you doing, N?
N I want to save Kyurem, regardless of whose Pokémon it is.
Even if it means I have to help you.
Ghetsis ... ... ...
N I won't call you my father, Ghetsis...
but if you cooperate, I'll help you get out of this!
Ghetsis I see.
Very well! That's convenient for me!
Let's take him down, N!
Nate N and Ghetsis, standing side by side...
Hang in there just a little longer, Braviary! We have to help N!
(Nate sends out Braviary)
Silver Hey!
Alder It's too late to stop them. Let's make sure they have a safe escape route!
N The plan is to hold off Mewtwo until he can't come after you anymore, all right?
Ghetsis Yes.
Giovanni Well, well. Why don't we put it to the test, then?
(Team Break appears)
Giovanni Let's see what your little father-son team-up can do!
(In-game battle happens)
Giovanni Hmph. This does surpass my expectations.
Ghetsis After him!
N No! Remember what I said earlier? We're getting out of here.
Ghetsis What?
Hmph. Fine.
(The group leaves)
Giovanni Too bad... This would've been much easier if you had just stayed here...
Go after them.
(Team Break appears)
Masked Man Yes, sir!
Silver Hey!
That's enough. Your plan failed.
Let them go, or else!
(Silver sends out Ho-Oh)
Giovanni Oh?
Change of plans. We're leaving.
Masked Man B-but sir...
Giovanni The more people you command, the harder it is to control them... Learning that much is enough for today.
Besides...I'm very pleased by what I've seen today.
(Giovanni and Team break leave)
(Silver leaves and joins the rest of the group)
Silver I think they've stopped coming after us.
Alder I see. Then...
Ghetsis You want to come after me now? I can't let that happen.
Perhaps we can agree to a truce for today. What do you think, N?
N I know that you haven't changed at all.
If you do anything to harm the people and Pokémon of Pasio, I'll be the first in line to stop you!
Ghetsis Hmph. I'll keep that in mind.
Nate Wait! Ghetsis!
I hate you. I'll never forget what you did in Unova.
But you're still N's father! You raised him and spent all those years together!
Are you really going to say you felt nothing when you two fought side by side earlier?
It's not too late to change your ways! Please! Think about it!
N Nate...
Ghetsis ... ... ...
Nate Ghetsis!
Ghetsis *chuckle*
MYAH-HA-HA-HA! You naive fools!
Our relationship is nothing more than that between a master and his tools! What happened today changes nothing!
As long as I can keep using you, I don't care what you call our relationship!
I do whatever I please! I'm not your ally or your friend—and I'm certainly NOT your father!
Silver How dare you—
Alder Despicable... You're the one without a heart, Ghetsis.
Ghetsis Myah-ha-ha! Farewell, my precious tools!
(Ghetsis and Kyurem disappear)
N ... ... ...
Nate ... ... ...
Alder I had a bad feeling this might happen.
My apologies, N. Perhaps I should have stopped you before you rushed to help him.
N Please, don't apologize. It was my decision.
Don't feel bad, N...: Thanks, <player>. That means a lot to me.
(What do I even say?): Don't look so down, <player>. Please don't be sad on my behalf.
Silver Nate...are you crying again?
N You truly have a kind heart...one that resonates with others.
You got angry for the people of Unova, you yelled at Ghetsis for me...
and now, you're even crying for me...
Nate I can't help it! It's just so messed up!
You're not asking for anything special! You just want a normal relationship with the man you call your father...
It's not asking for much! Why can't you have that, too?
N Nate... Really, it's OK.
I may not have a father, but I have people like you to call my friends.
Nate N...
Silver Yeah, you can survive without a father...
N Yeah...
(I'm blessed to be surrounded by such kind people and Pokémon...)
(It's fine... That's enough for me.)
(I suppose it's just not meant to be...)
(Even so...it felt nice to hope for it...)

Give and Take

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Professor Sycamore There've been rumors of sightings of the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas...
Professor Sycamore Would you help me look into them?

  • A Shadow Chasing Eternal Life
Name Text
Lass So you saw a Pokémon you've never seen before that had large antlers?
Camper Yeah! It looked super strong! I bet it was that Legendary Pokémon people have been talking about!
Lass You sure? Really?
Lysandre The Life Pokémon, Xerneas... It's said it's able to give eternal life.
It's a Legendary Pokémon that is the opposite of Yveltal, which takes life.
I must act quickly, before it falls into the hands of foolish humans!
(Pokemon Center)
Professor Sycamore Hey there! You're <player>, aren't you?
I'm Sycamore, the Pokémon Professor of the Kalos region.
Actually, I have a favor to ask of you...
Have you heard the rumors that the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas showed up on Pasio?
A Legendary Pokémon appeared out of the blue... I'm sure there's a reason why it came here.
I may just be mistaken, though.
That said, would you be willing to help us look into whether the rumors are true?
I'll send the location of where we're meeting up to your Poryphone. I hope to see you there!

  • Research Request: Xerneas
Name Text
<player> headed out to the spot where Professor Sycamore wanted to meet up.
Professor Sycamore There you are! I'm glad you came, <player>!
I've heard a lot about you from Serena and Calem.
You have a splendid spark in your eyes!
I think you'll be able to contribute a lot to this research I'm working on!
Serena Yeah! With <player>'s help, I think we'll definitely be able to meet Xerneas.
Calem Plus, he's/she's awesome at battling.
Professor Sycamore I have a great idea! Why don't we have a battle so I can see what you can do?
Sure: Great answer! Then I choose you, Bulbasaur!
You want to battle me?: Yup! Here's my partner Pokémon!
Ready? Here we go!
(After battle)
Wow, you got me! You're even better than I expected!
I'm so moved right now by you and your partner Pokémon! You looked great battling together!
I'm a Pokémon Professor, so I'm more interested in Pokémon and sync pairs than battles!
With that kind of skill, we should have no trouble unveiling the mysteries of Xerneas!
Xerneas is the Life Pokémon. They say when the horns on its head shine in seven colors, it can share eternal life.
I can't wait to see what kind of Pokémon it is!
Let's start searching for clues, shall we?
Most of the sightings seem to be happening near the forest and mountainous areas...
I need to take this call. Why don't you go on ahead and start looking? I'll catch up to you once I'm done.
Calem Understood!
Serena OK! Let's get going, Calem and <player>!
(Screen fades to black)
Professor Sycamore Hello?
Yes, I just had a battle with him/her. He's/She's a great Trainer, just like you said!
So, about that thing I asked you about before...
Understood. Thanks for your help!
(Back to Professor Sycamore)
Professor Sycamore If he's really here, I have to make sure I take care of things the right way this time.

  • A Beautiful World
Name Text
<player> and the others found themselves near the woods after searching all over Pasio for leads on Xerneas.
Professor Sycamore I heard that these woods have been bearing more Berries than before—and that the plants have been looking healthier, too.
And that was information from Ramos, the Grass-type Pokémon expert. He's been keeping an eye on these woods every day.
Serena So if Xerneas is nearby, it has an effect on the nature around it?
Professor Sycamore Yup. That's why I thought that if there were a spot where plants are looking extra healthy, that might lead us to where Xerneas is.
What a Professor-like answer!: Thanks! But we're not sure yet if my knowledge still applies when it comes to Legendary Pokémon.
Think we'll encounter Xerneas here?: Wouldn't it be great if we did? Though I suppose we should also apologize for bothering it so late at night.
Did you hear that?
(Xerneas appears)
Calem Could that be...Xerneas?!
Serena It's so beautiful!
Professor Sycamore Wonderful! I'm so glad we were finally able to encounter it! Easy now—let's slowly approach...
Wait... Doesn't it look like it's on guard?
(Lysandre appears)
Lysandre That's as far as you'll go.
It's been a while, children.
And...Professor Sycamore.
Serena Lysandre!
Calem What are you doing here?
Lysandre What, does it really surprise you that I'm here?
I am here to carry out my mission!
And that mission is to create a beautiful world!
There is a limit to the amount of money and energy the world is capable of producing.
People will only fight over what limited resources we have... Those unproductive fools are consuming our future!
If nothing changes, the world will become ugly and conflicts will raze the land from end to end.
The only thing we can do in order to live in a world with no fighting and stealing is to reduce the number of lives in it!
Xerneas has the power to grant eternal life. This will only sow the seeds of such conflict.
Before it is left in the hands of fools, I must make it mine.
But it appears you won't let me do that so easily, will you. In that case, before you truly get in the way of my plans...
I hate to do this, but I'll have you disappear.
Serena Lysandre! Why are you still doing this?
Lysandre Again with the questions? I could ask the same question right back to you.
It appears that Team Break—or whatever that foolish group calls itself—has been festering on this island.
You want me to believe in humanity, even after seeing them do all those things?
Serena Not all sync pairs on Pasio are like Team Break!
Lysandre Sync pairs... You mean the special relationship between people and Pokémon that exists only on this island?
Serena Yeah! Building a stronger relationship with our Pokémon allows us to unleash our potential!
Calem We aren't just using that power for battling! We're researching how we can use it as an energy source, too!
So we might be able to solve that problem you mentioned—that problem about people fighting over limited resources!
Lysandre I see... That is quite interesting. However, let me ask you this.
What about those who were not chosen to be a sync pair?
Serena Huh?
Lysandre Don't people and Pokémon simply choose the best of the best—the strongest partners they can find?
Human greed is foolish and never-ending. This will only lead to more fighting, and the cycle will never end.
Team Break is the perfect example of that.
Furthermore, how are these two ideologies any different from each other?
Choosing a partner to aim for greater heights...
or selecting the chosen ones to stay in a beautiful world?
Calem You've got it all wrong! We don't pick and choose when it comes to our partner Pokémon!
It's different, but...
Lysandre You don't have a decisive answer for that, eh?
In that case, why don't we ask our Pokémon who is right?
(Lysandre sends out Honchkrow)

  • As Friends...
Name Text
Serena Lysandre! We won't let you have your way!
Calem Yeah! We won't let you lay a finger on Xerneas!
(Calem's Meowstic, Serena's Delphox, and the player's Pikachu battle Honchkrow)
Serena Go! Delphox!
(Honchkrow faints)
Lysandre You are strong. I suppose you would be, given you were chosen by Professor Sycamore.
Professor Sycamore Lysandre, please listen to us! We—
Lysandre However, will you still be able to stand strong, even with THIS as your opponent?
(Lysandre sends out Yveltal)
Lysandre Show me the flame of your convictions!
Serena Yveltal?! Why?
Professor Sycamore How could you?
Lysandre Yveltal is the Destruction Pokémon and the polar opposite of Xerneas!
If I allow it to release its power as it pleases, it will drain the life of all living creatures!
If you don't stop me, the lives of the fools on this island will be taken.
Along with Xerneas!
Calem We'll stop you! Let's go, Meowstic!
Serena Please, Delphox! Help us stop Lysandre and Yveltal!
Lysandre Yveltal, show them your true power!
(Meowstic, Delphox, and Pikachu faint)
Serena No way!
Calem No! He's too strong!
Lysandre Whether it's money or energy, the ones who steal are the ones who win in this world.
That's why this world is based on the egotistical whims of selfish people.
There's nothing we can do to save this world! There's only so much it can take!
Professor Sycamore Lysandre!
Isn't it our job to change those things that seem impossible to do?
We strived to enrich the lives of people and Pokémon!
We work in different fields, but we're both researchers! That's why we became friends!
Lysandre Yes, we became friends after talking about our ideals... However!
No matter how much effort we put into it, fools continue to steal what we've created!
The world is too full of fools that we can't save through our hard work alone...
That's why the only way to save the world is to take it for myself!
Professor Sycamore I...understand your struggle, Lysandre.
But I can't accept your answer!
(Professor Sycamore sends out Bulbasaur)
Professor Sycamore If all you see in the future is despair, then it is my duty as your friend to give you hope!
Lysandre Your convictions are remarkable... However!
(Bulbasaur faints)
Professor Sycamore Urgh!
Lysandre Conviction without power cannot save anyone.
Serena Professor Sycamore! Are you OK?
(Everyone is inflicted by Yveltal)
Serena Urgh!
Calem It's getting harder to breathe... Is it because of Yveltal?
Professor Sycamore I'll be fine! You all take Xerneas and get away from here!
I didn't expect him to have Yveltal on his side. Go... Get help from everyone else here on Pasio!
Calem But we can't just leave you here, Professor!
Professor Sycamore No, I need to speak with Lysandre...
This time, I need to fulfill my duty...as his friend!
Xerneas, what are you doing?

  • Message to the Future
Name Text
(Xerneas purifies the area)
Professor Sycamore I can breathe better now... Was it thanks to you?
Thank you! I'm OK now. Please go and help the people of Pasio!
(Xerneas purifies the area again)
Serena Wow, I feel so much better! And it's so warm!
Calem I bet Xerneas's life power is negating Yveltal's power!
Professor Sycamore Xerneas, are you trying to stop Yveltal?
It seems we're on the same page.
Then...will you lend me your power?
Lysandre So this is the mighty Xerneas? You need help from a human?
And to think that the person you ask for help is none other than Professor Sycamore...
Professor Sycamore That's right, Lysandre. There's no way to predict the future.
Lysandre What?
Professor Sycamore Lysandre, when you were just a child, what did you imagine when you thought of the future—of where we are now?
I couldn't predict anything at all. I didn't even really know what I wanted to be in the future, either.
That's why I wrote myself a message—a message to my future self—asking if I've become what I wanted to be.
Serena Oh! Could that be that message in Couriway Town?
Calem Serena, you knew about that?
Professor Sycamore Yes, I guess Serena's found it, too.
Today, I might be someone different from who I imagined I'd be when I was younger.
But I can say this with pride! I am having fun and living my life to its fullest!
There are many paths in front of me. Now, I'm a Pokémon Professor...
But it was challenging myself and giving up on other things that shaped my future!
Those changes weren't always bad—they made me who I am today!
That's why it's impossible to predict the future! You said so yourself, remember?
“The future isn't decided.”
Lysandre That's right, the future isn't decided! That's why we can't be sure each day will be like the one before!
We don't know what will happen...yet you want me to have hope?
That's a delusion! What I see is—!
Professor Sycamore You made the Holo Caster, didn't you?
Lysandre ... ... ...
Professor Sycamore In the past, it was just a figment of our imagination, but you were able to make it in real life! It's an amazing invention!
I think that those endless possibilities are what change the future. It's not just the power of one person.
That's why I do what I do, Lysandre.
And it's why I look forward to sending these children off on their adventures with Pokémon.
They always come back with wonderful dreams and discoveries—things that surpass my imagination!
We need to stop being so proud and put more effort into helping these children reach their potential.
We can't decide the future just from how you think it'll turn out!
Lysandre I did everything I could!
But it was all in vain! As long as there are fools in this world, all that potential we raised will also be stolen!
Enough of this unfruitful debate!
Let us ask these Pokémon who is right!

  • Flames of Conviction
Name Text
(Xerneas and Yveltal battle)
Serena What a strong clash of power... I want to help, but I don't think it'll do any good!
Lysandre To think that it would be able to withstand Yveltal's attacks...
That means that the power to give and the power to take are equal!
Professor Sycamore Lysandre! You don't have to rush to a conclusion! We can still find a way to save everyone!
Lysandre Nothing can change me now!
This is the path I must take! Even if I can only save a handful of the old world!
No matter the means, I will change this world back to its former beauty!
Here in my hands, I have a switch.
It's for a weapon that will erase foolish humans from the world and restore it to its original beautiful state.
Xerneas sidetracked my plans a bit...
And this weapon isn't as strong as what I prepared back in Kalos, but it's enough to get rid of Xerneas and this entire island!
Calem What?!
Lysandre No matter who wins this battle, we can't change the tragic future that awaits us!
Professor Sycamore...and you children chosen by him...
Serena Stop it!
(Screen fades to white)
Lysandre I'm sorry, but this is adieu.
(Back to Lysandre)
Lysandre ... ... ... Why?! Why won't it activate?
Professor Sycamore Looks like they made it just in time.
Clemont Professor! Just like you said, we found a suspicious device!
We all got together to cut off its energy! It won't be able to activate now!
How's that, Team Flare! This is payback for that power outage in Lumiose City!
(Back to the forest)
Professor Sycamore What was that call about?: Clemont and the others were able to stop the weapon from activating!
Was that Clemont's voice I heard?: Yup! I had him gather some sync pairs that know a lot about machines! They worked together and defused the weapon!
I secretly had Clemont and the others working on things so that we could stop your plan, Lysandre.
Actually, I knew you were here on Pasio, though I had no proof of it.
<player>, you know...
No matter what Lysandre did on Pasio, for any reason...
I knew that your shining and boundless potential would allow us to get Xerneas to understand us.
Not only that—I had a feeling you'd be able to help us change Lysandre's mind and change the future into something new.
But now...I suppose I should take responsibility, given the situation.
Lysandre, we were able to change the terrible future you thought was going to happen.
But it wasn't just the power of one person. We all worked together to make it happen.
Your convictions would reduce these infinite hopes and possibilities.
Don't you think so?
Lysandre ... ... ...
It seems I wasn't able to completely take away the flame of conviction in your heart.
(Lysandre calls back Yveltal)
Lysandre You were able to work with Xerneas—that makes you a chosen one.
You and those children... I suppose I should admit you might have the potential to change the future.
However...my convictions haven't changed.
Professor Sycamore That's unfortunate.
Lysandre I cannot simply erase the flame of conviction in my heart.
So remember this...
If you ever use Xerneas's power for the wrong reasons, or if your convictions turn down the wrong path...
Professor Sycamore Yes, I know. I'll remember that.
I definitely won't let that happen to any of us.
Lysandre I look forward to that...old friend.
I won't give up! I will continue to make this world a more beautiful existence!
(Lysandre leaves)
Serena I wonder if he really gets it or not...
Professor Sycamore Even if he doesn't understand it now, I'm sure he'll change his ways eventually.
Because his dream is to make the world a better place, just like ours is.

The Beast That Devours the Sun

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Hau Can't wait to see the sunrise!
Hau Oh! Alola, <player>! Didn't see you there!
Are you ready to see the sunrise? C'mon, let's go!
Roxie I'm stoked to see a rad Pokémon with the sunrise!
Roxie C'mon! I wanna feed off the sun's energy and see that rad Pokémon everyone's been talkin' about!
Hurry up! The mountain's callin' our names, <player>!

  • The Sunrise Calls
Name Text
(Solgaleo appears and disappears)
(Rachel appears)
??? Huh? Did those goons just teleport another sync pair to Pasio? I guess I should go welcome whoever it is...
Whoa... Uhh, OK. Wow. Is that Pokémon what I think it is? Uhh, Team Break definitely upped their game this time!
M-maybe this'll be a good thing... More for people to celebrate, right? I mean, as long as it'll help us stir up some excitement, right?
(Transition to the Pokémon Center)
Professor Bellis Ah, <player>! What a joyous celebrazione this is! This time of year is always so exciting!
I hope it leaves you and your Pokémon feeling refreshed and ready for more fun on the horizon! Vive la vie!
That reminds me... Have you heard the rumor going around lately about a Pokémon up on the mountain peak?
According to my sources, people have been hearing a most ferocious roar coming from up there on clear mornings, just as the sun rises!
Apparently, it's made the atmosphere up on the peak tantalizingly tense! It must be a majestic Pokémon indeed!
I'm curious to know what sort of Trainer such a Pokémon would choose as its partner... Strange thing is, no one's seen or heard any sign of one.
You know, today was the first clear day we've had in quite a while...
I suspect that when the kirakira sunshine sparkles tomorrow morning, our mysterious sync pair will make an appearance!
Oh, how auspicious it would be if such a special sync pair were to arrive just as we're celebrating this wondrous occasion!
It could be the chance of a lifetime! You should seize this opportunity, <player>! Carpe diem, as they say!

  • The Dawn of a New Adventure
Name Text
Curious about the strange rumor Professor Bellis had told him/her, <player> decided to go investigate.
Hau Alola, <player>! We've been waiting for you.
Roxie You're headin' up to the peak today, right? Professor Bellis gave us the lowdown.
Me and Hau are goin' with you! Personally, I'm hopin' that seein' the sunrise'll give me some new inspiration.
Hau I just want to see the Pokémon all those rumors are talking about! I wonder what it is...
Ready to hit the trail, <player>? It'll be way more fun if we all hike up together!
Roxie Let's do it!: All right, then! Let's rock 'n' roll!
Hau Ready when you are!: Oh, I'm SO ready! I even packed us a bunch of malasadas in case we get hungry on the road!
Roxie If we start to get tired, I'll wake us up with a sweet bass solo. Ha ha!
Hau C'mon, let's go! I can't wait to see the sunrise and whatever Pokémon shows up with it!
(Transition to higher into the mountain)
Hiker Well, howdy! You folks wouldn't happen to be headin' up to the peak, wouldja? Hopin' to catch the sunrise?
Hau We are, actually! And we're hoping to check out an awesome Pokémon up there, too.
Hiker Ah, so you did hear the rumors, then...
In that case, can I ask y'all a favor, hiker to hiker? I'm in awful need of a Pokémon battle to take the edge off right about now.
See, I've been thinkin' about that mysterious Pokémon lurkin' up there, too, and... Well, golly, it's got me shakin' in my boots!
Roxie Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me! I wouldn't mind a quick battle before dawn!
Hau All right, then! Challenge accepted!

  • At First Light
Name Text
Hiker Awww, guess you folks win this time... My Pokémon 'n' I are feelin' pretty tuckered out after our li'l battle before dawn.
I think we're gonna have ourselves a quick break here. Y'all are free to join us if ya like.
Hau What do you think, <player>? Want to stop here and eat our malasadas before we get back on the trail?
Roxie Whoa, whoa, hold up! Now's not the time for malasadas, you two! We haven't got much time left!
The sun's not gonna wait around for us to have a snack. C'mon, let's get going!
(Transition to the peak)
Hau Woo-hoo! We finally made it to the peak! Looks like we're just in time to see the sunrise.
Roxie Yep! Check out the sky... It's starting to get brighter and brighter! The sun's probably gonna rise any minute now!
Hau That'll check one thing off our list, but what about the super-awesome mystery Pokémon?
Roxie Hmm... No sign of anything like that yet... Wait, look! The sun's starting to rise!
??? Whoa, check it out! There's somethin' on top of the rocks over there!
Roxie Rocks? Where?
(Solgaleo appears)
Roxie N-no way! What kinda Pokémon is THAT?!
Hau Hang on! I...I think I know what that is!
It's...it's Solgaleo! It appeared right when the sun started rising!
Roxie Solgaleo? Have you seen it before, Hau?
Hau It's a Legendary Pokémon from the Alola region. People call it “the beast that devours the sun”!
Whoa! It doesn't get much cooler than Solgaleo! Check out its mane—it looks just like the sun!
Roxie Rad... It definitely seems like the Pokémon we're lookin' for.
But what's a Legendary Pokémon doin' all the way out here on Pasio? And...
Where's its Trainer? It's gotta be part of a sync pair, right? I don't see anyone else around...
Hau What if it came here alone from someplace far away, to devour the sun like the legends say...?
My grandpa once told me that Solgaleo have the power to travel to different worlds!
(Ponyta and Solrock appear on either side of Solgaleo)
Roxie Huh?! Where'd those other two Pokémon come from all of a sudden?
Hau Hang on—there shouldn't be any wild Pokémon on Pasio! They must have come with Solgaleo.
They almost look like...a team.: Whoa, you're right! They must be friends.
Maybe they're friends?: Maybe... They almost look like they could be a team.
Roxie Uh, maybe it's just my imagination...
but it looks like Solgaleo wants to battle all the sync pairs gathered up here right now.
??? Hah! If this Solgaleo doesn't have a Trainer...
Street Thug I'll take it down and form a sync pair with it myself!
C'mon, sunshine! Let's fight! You're lookin' at your new master, right here!
(Solgaleo, Ponyta, and Solrock roar)
Hau Whoa, Solgaleo looks like it's ready to pounce!
Street Thug You say that like it's a bad thing! Watch this, kid. I'll show ya how it's done!
Ace Trainer Count me in! This is gonna be the most epic battle ever!
Pokémon Ranger Hold it! Legendary Pokémon or not, it's not right to gang up on Pokémon like that.
(Solgaleo, Ponyta, and Solrock roar again)
Ace Trainer Haha! Are you serious? I mean, look at it—it's practically taunting us all!
Come on, Solgaleo! It's time to battle!
(Transition to after the fight)
Ace Trainer Th-that thing's a beast... We're no match at all for a Legendary Pokémon that strong...
Roxie Guess that's why we call 'em Legendary... Look! Solgaleo just crushed all those Trainers, and it's barely breakin' a sweat.
(Solgaleo, Ponyta, and Solrock challenge Hau, Roxie, and the player)
Hau Wahh! Why's it looking at us?! Do you think it wants to battle us next?
Roxie Heh, it's about time! I've been wonderin' when it'd finally be our turn to take the stage!
C'mon, <player>! Let's show this Legendary Pokémon how we rock 'n' roll!

  • A Second Wind
Name Text
(Solgaleo roars)
Hau That roar... I think that might be Solgaleo's way of acknowledging our victory!
Roxie How do you feel, Solgaleo! I bet the fire in our hearts got yours beatin' like a drum!
Huh. Is it just me, or does Solgaleo look a little too cheerful for having just lost?
Hau Maybe it had a ton of fun battling us, so we made it really happy!
That's my theory. Solgaleo probably loves having fun whenever it battles, just like us.
As if in answer to Solgaleo's valiant roar, a cool, refreshing breeze swept across the mountain peak with the morning sun...
Hau Wow, can you feel that breeze? The sunshine's so nice up here, I don't even feel tired anymore!
Roxie Um... Am I goin' crazy, or is Solgaleo givin' off an even more intense vibe now?
Hau Whoa, you're right! Maybe it got its energy back after eating up all that sunshine!
(Solgaleo roars)
Hau It looks like it wants to battle again.
Roxie That's what I was thinkin'! Feels like it's tryin' to pump us up for another round!
Hau Yeah, I get the feeling Solgaleo doesn't like to lose. It wants to prove it can beat us!
Roxie Hehe, fine by me. You've got some guts, Solgaleo! I like your style!
If you want more where that came from, then c'mon! Let's battle it out till we forget our own names!
Get ready, 'cause we're about to blow your mind!

  • A Shining New Friend
Name Text
(Transition to daytime)
Hau Phew... How many battles is that now? I lost count...
Roxie Not a...clue... I've barely had a...moment to breathe...
Pokémon Ranger That team must be crazy. After our battle, we were so exhausted that we could barely stand.
Ace Trainer I know, right? But what's even crazier is...
Street Thug That Solgaleo, right? It's duked it out with every single sync pair here... That's just crazy!
Hau It looks like it might finally be satisfied.
Roxie Hehe... Think our poisonous riffs satisfied its thirst for battle?
I've been jammin' out so hard, I forgot to watch the rest of the sunrise. Guess that means it was worth it!
Hau Huh, now that you mention it, I think I forgot, too.
But the Pokémon that devours the sun arrived right along with it, right? So it's kind of like we got to see both!
Roxie Haha, I guess it's true when you put it that way!
Man, nothin' beats gettin' to have such a rad session with Solgaleo, though! Kinda feels auspicious, like Professor Bellis was sayin'!
Roxie Speakin' of which, we should probably start headin' back soon, now that the sun's up...
Catch ya later, Solgaleo. Stay cool.
Hau Alola! Hope we can battle again sometime!
(Hau, Roxie, and the player leave)
(Solgaleo appears on a rock above them)
Roxie Hey, wait a sec... Is it just me, or is Solgaleo followin' us?
Hau Uhh...nope. It's definitely not just you... It looks like it's...
Haha! I thought so! <player>... I think Solgaleo wants to be your partner!
Isn't that right, Solgaleo?
(Solgaleo jumps down in front of Hau, Roxie, and the player)
Ace Trainer I guess I'd be cool with you and Solgaleo forming a sync pair.
Street Thug Yo, your battle skills were top-notch earlier! If anyone deserves to team up with Solgaleo, it's you, kid!
Roxie You heard 'em. So, what do you say, <player>?
Welcome to the team, Solgaleo!: Haha! I'm guessing that means it's happy!
Guess I've got a new best friend!: You bet you do! Haha! You and Solgaleo are gonna make an awesome sync pair!
Hau Woo-hoo! Now we'll get to hang out with Solgaleo whenever we want!
Roxie Oh man! I hadn't even thought of that! Hope we get to battle again sometime soon, Solgaleo!
Next time, as teammates!

Howling Shield of Eternity

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Leon You've gotten so much stronger, Hop! You too, Gloria!
Hop Lee, you're the coolest!
Gloria Yeah! You're amazing, Leon!
Leon Leave it to me! I'll show everyone on Pasio exactly what I'm capable of!

  • A New Visitor
Name Text
Leon Hey, Hop! Didn't get lost, did you?
Hop Really? You're asking me if I got lost, Lee? Of course not!
Gloria This reminds me of the time we went to pick up Leon from Wedgehurst!
Leon Oh, I remember that! You two weren't even Trainers yet!
And look at you now!
Gloria Oh, look! A shooting star!
Quick, Hop! <player>! You've got to make a wish!
Hop Huh? Where?
Gloria Oh! It's gone now...
Hop Oh well!
It takes hard work to make dreams come true anyway!
OK! Tomorrow I'm off on another adventure so I can make my dreams come true!
(Pokémon Center)
Trista Hello, <player>! I have something to tell you.
We have some reports of a meteor falling into the ruins last night.
Luckily, nobody was injured, but we're asking everyone to stay away from it as a safety precaution.
Hop D'you think that could've been that shooting star you saw last night?
Gloria Oh, hold on. I've got a call.
Bianca Gloria! Listen to this
Gloria Bianca? What's the matter?
Bianca I saw this Pokémon at the ruins that I've never seen before!
It looked like a dragon skeleton! And it was gigantic!
Gloria Hmm... A gigantic dragon skeleton? Hop, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Hop Eternatus?!

  • Meteor Mystery
Name Text
Kris I've never seen anything like it! It gave me such a shock!
Hop Based on what you've told us, I think what you saw was a Pokémon called Eternatus.
Kris Eternatus?
Hop It's a Legendary Pokémon that nearly destroyed the entire Galar region in the past.
And we've battled it before! So it's kind of like our rival, really...
Kris Wait, you actually battled something that huge?!
Hop Well, Zacian and Zamazenta came to help us!
We got to fight along with them! It was so exciting!
Gloria Yeah, I remember that! It was so intense, it makes my heart pound just thinking about it!
Bianca That's strange... When we saw Eternatus, it looked like it was in pain.
Hop In pain?
Gloria Do you suppose it was injured?
Hop Maybe it was having trouble absorbing energy.
Eternatus has a core on its chest that absorbs energy emanating from the Galar region. That energy is what lets it stay active.
I bet it's struggling to absorb energy here on Pasio because it can't find an energy source!
Bianca Um... So basically, it's hungry?
Hop I suppose, if you compare it to humans!
Gloria Wow! Spoken just like a future Pokémon Professor, Hop!
Hop Thanks! Sonia's a professor now, and she's been teaching me a lot lately!
Kris Oh, are you hoping to become a Pokémon Professor someday?
Hop Yeah! At first, I wanted to be the strongest Trainer ever.
But as I traveled around Galar, I started thinking that I want to be a professor and help Pokémon!
Kris It's great that you have a dream!
I'm pretty confident in my knowledge of Pokémon, too! We should get together and talk sometime!
Hop Yeah, that'd be great! I'd love to chat and learn more!
Er... Though, I guess we're getting off track. We should figure out how to help Eternatus.
We still don't know what brought it to a place that doesn't have any energy sources.
But no matter the reason, I think we should try to find a way to help it!
Kris Yeah! It caught me off guard the first time I saw it, but I'd also like to help.
Bianca Let's put our heads together and find a way to help it!
Hop Good idea! Will you help us, too, <player>?
Of course!: Great! We're counting on you!
Leave it to me!: Thanks! I knew we could count on you!
Hm? Oh, Lee's calling.
(Transition to Leon meeting the player, Hop, Gloria, Leon, Kris, and Bianca)
Leon OK, I think I understand what's going on.
First, we should probably figure out why Eternatus is here on Pasio.
I'm going to meet up with Professor Bellis! Maybe she knows what's going on.
Hop We'll come with you!
With your sense of direction, Lee, you'd just get lost if you tried to find her lab by yourself.
Leon I guess you're right! Great thinking, Hop!
Then, let's all go there together! It's a race to the professor's lab!
(Leon walks away)
Hop W-wait! Lee! You're going the wrong way!
(Hop chases after Leon)
Gloria It's gotten much livelier now that Hop's around!
Bianca It's so exciting to be around friends you've traveled with, isn't it? I know that feeling very well!
Kris Yeah. Those are the kinds of friends you've shared experiences with, good and bad.
Gloria I hope we can go exploring and make memories together, too, <player>!
Sounds like a plan!: I'm looking forward to it!
Let's do it!: Yeah!

  • A Massive Impact
Name Text
(Professor Bellis' lab)
Professor Bellis Welkom! And with perfecto timing, I might add!
I was just doing some research on Eternatus, too.
Gloria Wait, so you already knew about Eternatus being here on Pasio?
Professor Bellis Of course I did! We researchers are always up-to-date on news in our field!
Also, Professor Sycamore is here helping us today. He's a pioneer in the field of Mega Evolution!
Professor Sycamore I'm currently looking into a new hypothesis I've formed—that sync stones have some kind of connection to Mega Evolution.
Hop What?! I've read about Mega Evolution in some books at the lab...
Are you saying Pokémon might be able to Mega Evolve using these sync stones?!
Professor Sycamore Well, we already have some Pokémon here on Pasio that Mega Evolve when they use their sync moves.
The energy within sync stones is known to have an effect on Pokémon.
It's still a work in progress, but I'm looking into the energy that these sync stones emit.
And now that Eternatus is here on Pasio...
I'm making tremendous progress on proving my hypothesis! It's all so very exciting!
Hop I see! If Eternatus can absorb the energy from sync stones...
then that's probably why it came to Pasio! It all makes sense!
Bianca But if that's the case, why'd it look like it was hungry and in pain?
Hop Hm... Maybe there's another reason.
Professor Sycamore Either way, the fastest way to solve this problem would be to catch Eternatus!
Kris What?! You want us to catch something so huge?
Professor Bellis Precisely! That's exactly what we'd like you to do!
I believe sync stones have the potential to affect Pokémon in ways other than Mega Evolution.
An example of this is the Dynamax phenomenon, which is said to be unique to the Galar region.
We haven't seen any Pokémon here on Pasio Dynamax because of their sync stones yet...
Professor Sycamore But I think that might change now that Eternatus is here.
With Eternatus around, I believe there's a chance other Pokémon might start to Dynamax!
And if that happens all of a sudden here on Pasio to sync pairs who don’t expect it...
Gloria It would cause mayhem all over the island!
Professor Bellis That's why we'd like your help capturing Eternatus before anything like that can happen. Do you think you can do it?
Leon Understood!
I'm more than willing to help! I'll gladly protect all the sync pairs here on Pasio!
Professor Bellis Merci! We're counting on you!
Leon I've been wanting a rematch with Eternatus...
This time, I'll be sure to win!
(Transition to Hop, Kris, and Bianca in the forest)
Kris So, this Dynamax phenomenon... It makes Pokémon super big, right?
Bianca I don't understand it myself... Is that really what happens?
(A Pokémon Dynamaxes)
Kris Wh-whoa! What was that?!
Ack! It's huge!
Bianca That's a Dynamax Pokémon?!
Hop This must mean Professor Sycamore was right!
Kris How can you be so calm? I guess you must be used to this.
Hop Yup! In Galar, we see Dynamax Pokémon in our stadiums and in the Wild Area all the time!
Oh, Zamazenta's ready to go! OK then, let's get together and launch an attack...
Though...if you're not used to Dynamax Pokémon, we might want to reconsider that.
(Marnie and Piers appear)
Piers *sigh* Bit more cautious than your brother, aren't ya.
Marnie No need to worry. We'll help you out a bit.
Hop Piers! Marnie! You're here on Pasio, too?!
Piers That's our line, innit? You're the one who just got here, after all.
Marnie Let's save the chin-wag for later. Here it comes!

  • Raihan to the Rescue
Name Text
Hop Phew! We did it.
Piers We heard that Eternatus is on Pasio, and now Pokémon are Dynamaxing all over the place!
Hop Really? I hope Lee and the others can take care of Eternatus soon...
Marnie Why don't you go an' help him out?
Hop I would, but I can't just ignore these Dynamax Pokémon!
They need our help. I'll head over to Lee once they're back to normal.
Marnie Don't worry about it. Leave 'em to us.
Bianca Yeah, Marnie's right! You should go!
Kris I agree. After watching you three battle, I think we can handle this now.
Bianca Yeah! We can help out over here!
Kris Kris... Bianca...
Piers It's normal to worry about family.
Better to regret goin' than not goin' at all.
I've got my reliable little sis with me. We'll take care of things here.
Marnie No pressure, huh, Bro... But you heard him, Hop. Just go.
Hop OK! Thanks, everyone!
I'm gonna go help Lee! Thanks for taking care of things on this end!
(Transition to a Youngster watching a Pokémon Dynamax)
Youngster Whoa! What kinda Pokémon is that?!
(Gloria, Leon, and the player appear)
Gloria Stand back! We'll take care of it!
Youngster Eeeek!
(Youngster runs away)
Leon Here we go! Get ready to attack as a team!
(Transition to after the battle)
Gloria Phew... We took down that Dynamax Pokémon and got it safely back to its Trainer.
But there's just too many Pokémon! We need to hurry and find Eternatus.
Leon Yeah. This is getting a bit out of hand...
(A Pokémon Dynamaxes)
Gloria Leon! There's another Dynamax Pokémon!
Leon OK! <player>! Gloria! Let's launch an attack together—
(Eternatus appears)
Leon Whoa! Oh no!
??? What, you think you've got time to look away?
(Raihan appears)
Leon Raihan!
Raihan Yo! I came to give you a hand.
I figured this'd be a bit much—even for you!
Leon Eternatus... There you are.
Raihan Nessa and Bea are taking care of the Dynamax Pokémon over there.
Gloria, <player>, I need you to take care of that other one!
That leaves the two of us to take care of this fellow. You up for it, Leon?
Leon Heh, of course! I am the Champion, after all!
Raihan Bring it on! Sorry to jump in on this little reunion between you and Eternatus, but I'm gonna clean this up nice and quick!
Should have plenty of time to snap a selfie afterwards!
Leon Sure! But first, we've got to take care of Eternatus!

  • Bonds of Eternity
Name Text
Leon That's a bit odd...
Raihan Yeah, I thought it was strange, too.
Leon Its attacks are strong but not very accurate.
Just like Hop and the others said, it seems to be in pain...
(Eternatus disappears)
Raihan Oi! It ran away?!
Let's follow it!
Leon Don't worry. I think I know where it's headed.
Hop Lee! Raihan!
(Hop appears)
Leon Hop? Is everything OK with your group?
Hop They're fine. Piers and Marnie showed up to help.
Leon I see. Then let's go together! We're one step away from Eternatus!
Gloria Hop! I'm glad you're all right!
(Gloria and the player appear)
Hop I'm glad you and <player> are safe, too!
Raihan Looks like we've got enough of us here to take down Eternatus!
I'll go help Nessa and the others. There's still a lot of Dynamax Pokémon out there. They could probably use a hand.
Leon Got it. Thanks!
Then our group will deal with Eternatus! We'll definitely capture it!
I'll show you the strength of Galar's greatest Champion!
(Transition to Leon, Gloria, Hop, and the player finding Eternatus at the ruins)
Leon There you are.
Gloria Something's wrong!
Leon I know.
Hop I think Eternatus is having trouble absorbing energy from sync stones.
That’s why it's on the verge of rampaging—and why it's been emitting Galar particles.
Gloria Really?
Hop Yeah! At least...I think that's why. Probably.
Gloria Probably?
Hop Well, I'm still learning, y'know. I'm just going off what Sonia taught me.
But I'm pretty sure I know how to solve this!
Gloria Pretty sure?
Hop L-like I said, I'm still learning!
Gloria I know. Don't worry—I believe in you! Let's try your idea!
Leon I trust you, too, Hop. I'm proud to be your brother.
Hop Gloria... Lee...
OK! I'll give it a go!
Eternatus is probably suffering because it can't absorb the enormous amount of energy it needs!
So we just need to make sure it's using that energy correctly!
Leon Oh, I think I get it now!
Since it has to take in sync stone energy, that means...
it's got to use sync moves!
Hop Bingo! Exactly, Lee!
Leon OK then! Eternatus!
To unleash a sync move, you need to team up with a Trainer as a sync pair!
Why don't you and I become partners, then?
(Eternatus roars)
Gloria Er... I guess it wouldn't be that easy...
Leon Then we have no other choice! I'll prove to you that you can trust me!
Let’s battle, Eternatus! I'll show you the strength of the Champion of Galar!

  • Strongest Siblings
Name Text
(Zacian and Pikachu faint)
Gloria Zacian!
Hop Don't worry, Gloria! <player>! Leave the rest to us!
Gloria Thanks, Hop. I know you can win! Show 'em what you can do!
Leon It's up to us, Hop.
Hop Never thought I'd battle with you on the same team, Lee!
Leon Me too. But y'know what? We were always together, even when we were apart.
We're brothers, after all!
Don't worry too much about keeping up with me, Hop. Just give it all you've got!
Hop Got it!
Leon Our strength knows no bounds! We'll show you just how strong two brothers with the drive to be the best can be!
(Charizard and Zamazenta battle Eternatus)
Hop We're almost there! Keep pushing through!
(Zamazenta faints)
Hop Ah! Oh no!
Leon Zamazenta!
Hop It's OK, Lee! Keep going!
Leon Leave it to me.
It's about time we finished this.
This battle was a lot of fun, Eternatus. But now it's time for the finale!
Feel the power of our sync stone!
(Sync stone activates with a white flash)
(Eternatus calms down)
Leon How are you doing? Feeling a bit better, are you?
I think you'll be all right.
Don't worry. I'll take good care of you!
(Transition to the arena)
(Gloria sends out Zacian, Hop sends out Zamazenta, Leon appears in his sygna suit and sends out Eternatus)
Leon So, what do you think? Looks good, right?
Hop Yeah, you look great! And your outfit matches Eternatus, too!
Leon Exactly! I feel even closer to Eternatus when I wear this sygna suit!
We still need to build a stronger bond to become an ideal sync pair!
Hello hello, people of Pasio! Thank you for attending our match today!
You're in for a treat! We're holding an exhibition match—Eternatus versus Zacian and Zamazenta!
As a Champion, I have to look cool! So I'm absolutely going for the win today!
Hop Heh, I hate to burst your bubble, Lee...
Gloria But we're coming at you with everything we've got! Don't think this is gonna be easy!
Leon Wouldn't dream of it! Not when I'm battling you!
You're plenty strong. But as Champion, I have a duty to win, no matter how strong you are.
Here we go! We'll show this crowd the hottest battle they've ever seen!
(Red appears behind the player, Kris, and Bianca watching the match)
Leon Let's have a champion time!