Ledyba (Duel 85)

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レディバ Rediba
Evolution stage 1
Figure name Ledyba
Move Points 2
Bug Flying
Version Unknown
Rarity Common
ID 82
Price 250Pokemon Duel Material.png
Shiny variant
Version Unknown
ID 1
Price 250Pokemon Duel Material.png
For more information on the Pokémon this figure depicts, see Ledyba.

Ledyba (Japanese: レディバ Rediba) is a figure in Pokémon Duel.


Version 3.0.12

Swarm あつまる
Instead of an MP move, this Pokémon may move one of your Ledian or Ledyba on the field next to itself. If there are no opposing Pokémon at any of your entry points, you may move one of your Ledian or Ledyba on the bench next to this Pokémon. In either case, your turn ends.

Prior to version 3.0.12

Swarm あつまる
Instead of using this Pokémon, you can move a Ledyba next to it (ends your turn).

Attack wheel

Tackle たいあたり 24 pt.
Miss ミス 8 pt.
Double-Edge すてみタックル 16 pt.
This Pokémon and the battle opponent are knocked out.
Miss ミス 4 pt.
Tackle たいあたり 24 pt.
Light Screen ひかりのかべ 20 pt.
Leveling up the figure allows the size of non-miss segments to be increased and the size of miss segments to be decreased.
Chain leveling allows the damage of an attack to be increased.



Tackle, Double-Edge and Light Screen are all moves in the Pokémon games that Ledyba can learn.

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