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Lava Zone マグマゾーン
Magma Zone
Lava Zone
Zone Info
Zone Leader Blaziken
Drifblim Stop In front of the furnace.
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
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{{{area2}}} None
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Zones
Cavern Zone
Second connected zone
Third connected zone
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

The Lava Zone (Japanese: マグマゾーン Magma Zone) is the fifth zone the player arrives in in the game PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure. It's a heated crater located below the Cavern Zone home to many Fire-type Pokémon and is one of three zones that does not directly connect to the Meeting Place. The leader of this zone is Blaziken.

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When the player first arrives, a Hitmontop says that they have a drill to make things although it is not working at the time. The player then goes to challenge Camerupt to a battle. Once defeated, Camerupt explains how to use the furnace and says that the drill should not be overheated anymore. Once the player returns, Hitmontop challenges the player and when defeated explains to the player how to use the large drill to find ores. The drill, now cooled off, is now able to be used to mine for ores to be put into the furnace. The player can then use the ores to create a new lever opening the first doorway leading to Blaziken. An Iron Top is required for Rhyperior's attraction.

On the other side the player finds their long lost friend Charmander who explains that he came here when falling down the hole and almost fell into a pit of lava but that Blaziken saved him. He challenges Pikachu for old time's sake and when defeated, ventures off to Blaziken's lair. The player makes their way up the wall of the crater only to be stopped and challenged by one of Blaziken's guards, Meditite, who challenges the player to a quiz. Once defeated, Meditite becomes the players friend. Further on, the player is then challenged by Blaziken's second guard, Farfetch'd, who wants a battle. When defeated Farfetch'd becomes the players friend. Finally,the player is able to gain access to Blaziken's lair with the third guard Magcargo's permission. To gain Magcargo's permission, the player must have cleared Bastiodon's attraction and Rhyperior's attraction. Magcargo will then open the gate and become the player's friend.

Once inside Blaziken's lair, the player again meets up with Charmander who explains that Blaziken has been training him. Blaziken challenges the player's strength by having them battle Charmander once again, then afterward challenges them to his attraction. Once completed, Blaziken agrees to once again work with Venusaur and Empoleon. Charmander then returns to the Meeting Area.

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Rhyperior's Bumper Burn

Heatran spinning through Rhyperior's Bumper Burn

In Rhyperior's Bumper Burn (Japanese: ドサイドンのおしだしヒートアップ Dosaidon's Heat Up Fight), the player must tilt the Wii remote to bump as many Pokémon out of a circular stadium as possible in the given time limit to earn points. These are awarded for bumping other Pokémon out of the stadium and deducted for befriended Pokémon being bumped out of the stadium. Pokémon can unleash a special attack by pressing the 2 button after collecting a power-boost. Some attacks will cause the Pokémon to spin rapidly; others will cause them to explode or unleash an elemental attack. The best Pokémon to play as in this attraction is Heatran.

Pokémon Points for Bonus
Magnemite Magnemite 1,000
Pikachu Pikachu 3,000
Bonsly Bonsly 4,000
Baltoy Baltoy 5,000
Torkoal Torkoal 6,000
Quilava Quilava 8,000
Claydol Claydol 10,000
Magnezone Magnezone 13,000
Torterra Torterra 14,000
Snorlax Snorlax 16,000
Venusaur Venusaur 18,000
Flareon Flareon 25,000
Hitmontop Hitmontop 30,000
Tyranitar Tyranitar 40,000
Rhyperior Rhyperior 50,000
Heatran Heatran 70,000

Blaziken's Boulder Bash

Groudon smashing boulders in Blaziken's Boulder Bash

In Blaziken's Boulder Bash (Japanese: バシャーモのパンチングロックス Bursyamo's Punching Rock), players must swing the Wii remote to smash or deflect the rocks shot at them, depending on the timing of the swing. The rocks fly faster as the game progresses and are shot by a giant machine which appears to be controlled by Blaziken (unless the player is playing as this Pokémon) and Golem. If the Pokémon is hit by a rock, the player must shake the Wii remote for it to recover. Points are awarded for the timing of the attack and the number of times the Pokémon destroys a rock in a row. 100 points are awarded if the blow is not completely in time; 300 points are awarded for excellent timing. The points are multiplied by the number of times the Pokémon hits a rock in a row (once is worth 100 or 300 points, twice in a row is worth 200 or 600, three times is worth 300 or 900, etc.). The maximum score is 48,000 and the best Pokémon to play as is Groudon.

Pokémon Points for Bonus
Pikachu Pikachu 6,000
Geodude Geodude 5,000
Phanpy Phanpy 3,000
Blaziken Blaziken 30,000
Garchomp Garchomp 28,000
Scizor Scizor 26,000
Magmortar Magmortar 24,000
Hitmonchan Hitmonchan 22,000
Machamp Machamp 20,000
Marowak Marowak 18,000
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd 16,000
Cranidos Cranidos 13,000
Camerupt Camerupt 10,000
Bastiodon Bastiodon 8,000
Mawile Mawile 7,000
Groudon Groudon 40,000

Available Pokémon

This is a list of all the Pokémon that can be befriended in the Lava Zone. The locations listed are where the respective Pokémon is commonly found when first entering the zone, however the Pokémon have free range and may run off when interacting with other Pokémon.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
Charmander Charmander In front of Rhyperior's Bumper Burn; with Blaziken None Automatically befriends the player. Torkoal Torkoal Scattered along the rail leading down to the furnace. Battle
Hitmontop Hitmontop Next to the large mining drill None (Battles player when they first arrive) Give Hitmontop a Gold Top to befriend him. Golem Golem In front of the furnace. (Use the furnace once) None Automatically befriends the player.
Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Around the perimeter of the crater just outside Blaziken's lair. (Defeat Hitmontop in a battle) Battle Quilava Quilava Around the perimeter of the crater just outside Blaziken's lair. Battle
Camerupt Camerupt In front of the furnace. Battle Baltoy Baltoy Around the drill. (Must be released from crates) Battle
Chimchar Chimchar Near the drill. Battle Claydol Claydol Near the furnace (Befriend Baltoy) Battle
Infernape Infernape Around the perimeter of the crater just outside Blaziken's lair. (Defeat Chimchar to make him appear) Battle Ponyta Ponyta Around the perimeter of the crater just outside Blaziken's lair. (Train with Ponyta at Meeting Place to make her appear) Chase
Vulpix Vulpix Around the drill. Chase Rhyperior Rhyperior Next to Rhyperior's Bumper Burn. None Automatically befriends the player once they complete Rhyperior's Bumper Burn.
Ninetales Ninetales Around the perimeter of the crater just outside Blaziken's lair. (Befriend Vulpix) Chase Torchic Torchic Around the drill. Battle
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd In front of the bridge leading to Blaziken's lair. Battle Blaziken Blaziken In his lair. None Befriends the player after they have completed all 14 attractions.
Meditite Meditite On the path leading up the crater wall. Quiz Bonsly Bonsly Around the drill. Hide-and-Seek
Magby Magby Near the drill and the furnace. Battle Aron Aron Around the drill. None Bring a piece of Iron Ore to befriend Aron.
Magmortar Magmortar Around the perimeter of the crater just outside Blaziken's lair. (Befriend Mew) Battle Groudon Groudon In front of the furnace. Battle Requires a password. Will befriend the player after all Pokémon have achieved a bonus in Blaziken's Boulder Bash
Flareon Flareon Around the perimeter of the crater just outside Blaziken's lair. Battle Heatran Heatran Rhyperior's Bumper Burn None. Heatran is unlocked once every Pokémon has achieved the bonus in Rhyperior's Bumper Burn.
Magcargo Magcargo In front of the gate to Blaziken's lair None Automatically befriends the player once they complete Rhyperior's Bumper Burn and Bastiodon's Block Barrage.

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