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LINE icon.png
LINE icon
Provider LY Corporation
Launched June 23, 2011[1]
Shutdown N/A
Service provided Instant messaging
Accessible by iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome, Apple Watch, Wear OS

LINE (Japanese: LINE(ライン)) is a free, multi-platform instant messaging app operated by LY Corporation. The app is available worldwide except for mainland China and Russia, and is most popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. As of 2021, LINE has 178 million active monthly users.[2]


The Pokémon Company began selling stickers that users could send to other users on the LINE STORE on May 2, 2013 with the "Pokémon" sticker set.[3] An official LINE account for Pokémon was launched on November 21, 2013.[4] They have also released emoji that can be added to messages, and themes based on existing or upcoming merchandise lines, such as Peaceful Place and yonayonaGhost, which overhaul the overall appearance of the app.

From October 26, 2017 to January 31, 2018, a Rotom chatbot was added to the official Pokémon LINE account. The bot was based on Rinna, a chatbot developed by Microsoft Japan.[5] Users could interact with it in various ways, such as by playing shiritori with it. On December 22, 2017, Rotom was updated with additional functionality, allowing users to obtain a serial code for a Rotom with the special move Disarming Voice.[6]

An official LINE account for Pokémon Masters EX was launched on June 29, 2019.[7] A Chinese-language account for Pokémon Taiwan was launched on September 17, 2021.[8] Wallpaper giveaways were held through LINE during the launch of the Pokémon Masters account,[7] through LINE Beacon to promote the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield from November 8 to 29, 2019,[9], and through a survey in October 2023.[10]

Products by The Pokémon Company

These products have been released in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, and Thai, though not all content has been localized into each language. Although some product names and descriptions have been translated into Korean and Indonesian, none of the actual LINE stickers, emoji, or themes themselves have been localized so far; equivalent Korean products have been released on Kakao for KakaoTalk. Due to region locking, certain products are only available in certain regions.

LINE Sticker Set Ditto-1.png LINE Sticker Set Ditto-1 EN.png LINE Sticker Set Ditto-1 ZH.png LINE Sticker Set Ditto-1 TH.png Kakao Emoticon Ditto-1 KO.gif
A Ditto sticker with the text
"は~い" in Japanese
A Ditto sticker with the text
"Hey!" in English
A Ditto sticker with the text
"哈囉~" in Chinese
A Ditto sticker with the text
"ไง~" in Thai
A Ditto emoticon with the text
"안녕" in Korean


Great news, Pokémon fans! The phenomenal animated series has finally come to LINE! Featuring Pikachu and many other favorite Pokémon—catch 'em all with these stickers!
Released May 2, 2013
Consists of 40 stickers
Pokémon is back with a second sticker set! Let Pikachu, Piplup, and their pals liven up your chats.
Released November 28, 2013
Consists of 40 stickers
Cute and fun animated Pokémon stickers for every occasion! Brighten up your chats with Pikachu, Eevee, and many of their Pokémon friends!
Released January 7, 2016
Consists of 24 stickers
Pikachu is a gumshoe in the Nintendo 3DS download software Meitantei Pikachu and also appears as a detective in this set of sound stickers on LINE. Friend Pokémon's official account to get them for free! Available till April 26, 2016. Note: Tapping stickers on the iPhone will cause sound to play even in silent mode.
Released February 3, 2016 (no longer available)
Consists of 8 stickers
Pokémon LINE stickers now feature Pokémon in classic pixel artwork with sounds for the first time. You can hear sounds from famous scenes in the original Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow games!
Released July 21, 2016
Consists of 24 stickers
Express your gratitude with Pikachu and lovely Pokemons.[sic]
Released August 2, 2016 (sales ended)
Consists of 40 stickers
Reply to 'em all with these handy Pokémon stickers! This friendly sticker set features Pikachu together with new Pokémon from the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games!
Released November 22, 2016
Consists of 40 stickers
Start the year off right with these cute Pokémon stickers! Pikachu and others are ready to help you wish friends and family a Happy New Year. Go greet 'em all! Note: New Year's Gift lasts from Dec 27, 2016 to Jan 3, 2017.
Released December 27, 2016 (sales ended)
Consists of 16 stickers
Illustrator MOGU lends her drawing style to the Pokémon universe in this cute and feisty sticker set featuring Pikachu and its pals. Throw these stickers into your chats and become the very best today!
Released February 23, 2017
Consists of 40 stickers
Pika pika! It's time to "pika" it up with this voiced Pikachu sticker set! Happy, sad, angry, in love, and many more—this set is chock-full of cute expressions from this popular Pokémon. Charge up your chats with some Pikachu power!
Released May 25, 2017
Consists of 24 stickers
This special Pokémon sticker set is packed with Pikachu power—with enough juice to get through the summer and then some!
Released July 13, 2017
Consists of 16 stickers
Professor Oak stars in his own LINE sticker set! Samson Oak and Blue are also here to add to the fun. Bring in this unique professor and his pals to give your chats a boost of Pokémon power!
Released August 24, 2017
Consists of 24 stickers
Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver get the animated-stickers-with-sound treatment in this special set! Get ready to catch a whole lot of fun for your chats with these stickers featuring classic pixel artwork and sounds from the games.
Released September 28, 2017
Consists of 24 stickers
Expand your roster of Pokémon pals with this helpful sticker set. Make an impact in your chats with a touch of cuteness and a wide range of expressions. These stickers are super effective!
Released December 14, 2017
Consists of 40 stickers
Pikachu is on the case! Celebrate the March 23 release of Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS with this special sticker set. Friend the Pokémon official account to get this set for free. Available till June 14, 2018.
Released March 23, 2018 (no longer available)
Consists of 8 stickers
Give your chats some special Eevee love with stickers of the popular Pokémon and its Evolutions. This new set features the cute style of yabaichan's popular Japanese Eevee comics.
Released June 26, 2018
Consists of 40 stickers
Catch a shockingly stubborn Pikachu and many other cute and freewheeling Pokémon with this new sticker set drawn by nagano, the popular illustrator behind Joke Bear!
Released November 8, 2018
Consists of 24 stickers
Popular illustrator Kanahei brings her unique style to a special set of LINE stickers! Use Kanahei’s simple and cute Pokémon designs to catch plenty of attention in all your chats.
Released December 20, 2018
Consists of 40 stickers
“ポケモン(POKÉMON)”をテーマに全世界からデザイン応募が殺到したユニクロの「UT GRAND PRIX 2019」。入賞デザインがポップなLINEスタンプになって登場!ユニクロ公式アカウントと友だちになるともらえるよ♪配布期間:2019/6/24まで
Released May 28, 2019 (no longer available)
Consists of 16 stickers
These original stickers based on the movie: MEWTWO no Gyakushu EVOLUTION!
Released July 7, 2019
Consists of 40 stickers
You can bring your Pokémon into your chats with these cute stickers by nagano, the creator of the Joke Bear series. These adorable Pokémon are ready to do battle in your chats anytime, anywhere!
Released September 20, 2019
Consists of 24 stickers
Give your chats a custom feel with these fabulous Pokémon stickers! The ability to freely change the text as often as you like means you'll be ready for whatever conversation comes your way. These illustrations were drawn by popular manga artist Okawa Bukubu himself!
Released March 19, 2020[11]
Consists of 24 stickers
Mifune Takashi brings you a sticker set in the popular Irasutoya series, this time featuring characters from everyone's favorite video game franchise: Pokémon!
Released November 3, 2020
Consists of 40 stickers
The popular illustrator Kanahei brings you another sticker set, this time featuring cuddly animated Pokémon. Let these balls of adorableness help you express yourself.
Released December 15, 2020
Consists of 24 stickers
Pokemon Masters EX celebrates its second anniversary in August 2021, and is celebrating with a sticker set. Your favorite trainers will help your chats be the very best!
Released August 26, 2021
Consists of 24 stickers
Check out these stickers featuring everyone's favorite Pokémon: Piplup! Its adorable expressions will bring smiles to you and your friends.
Released October 21, 2021
Consists of 40 stickers
Pikachu and the other Pokémon are here to help make every day more cheerful. These stickers strike a perfect balance between casual and polite.
Released July 14, 2022
Consists of 40 stickers
Released August 26, 2022 (no longer available)
Consists of 16 stickers
Pokemon wearing "Holowear", or holographic outfits developed using a special technology and Aeos energy, are now available as stickers.
Released September 22, 2022[12]
Consists of 24 stickers
These stickers have impact! Once you start using these in your chats, you won't be able to stop! Let the Pokémon help you express yourself.
Released October 27, 2022
Consists of 24 stickers
Pikachu and friends are here to help you celebrate with your loved ones. These pop-up stickers are just as good as greeting cards!
Released December 2, 2022
Consists of 24 stickers
  • Pokémon: Squirtle (Japanese: 動けゼニガメ!酸いも甘いも人生いろいろ!)
Squirtle stars in a set of LINE stickers! This set has Squirtle feeling happy, sad, and everywhere in between, so you'll be able to add the adorable Pokémon to your chats no matter what!
Released February 23, 2023
Consists of 24 stickers
Ditto now has a sticker set all its own! Ditto is great at using Transform, but in this set, you can see it without any disguise, chilling and living its everyday life. You can use these stickers as emotes when chatting with friends!
Released April 4, 2023
Consists of 24 stickers
This set features all your favorite Pokémon resting their very best. These relaxing stickers will make your daily conversations with family and friends all nice and cuddly.
Released August 10, 2023
Consists of 24 stickers
Let's enjoy some peaceful fun with expressive Pikachu, confident Piplup, naturally humorous Rowlet, and other friends in this Pokémon Peaceful Place sticker set!
Released September 7, 2023
Consists of 40 stickers
Use these adorable stickers to share your feelings with a special someone! Featuring Pikachu and Eevee snuggling together, the tandem Tandemaus, and more!
Released December 19, 2023[13]
Consists of 40 stickers

Jolly Snorlax Stickers

Art by Kumamine.[14]
Snorlax is bringing a whole bunch of cheer to this sticker set as part of Project Snorlax! The illustrator kumamine has created uncharacteristically jolly Snorlax that are sure to brighten your chats!

Jolly Snorlax Stickers (Japanese: ようきなカビゴン!スタンプ) is a sticker set consisting of 40 stickers featuring Snorlax that was released on January 18, 2024, as part of Project Snorlax. They were drawn by kumamine.[14]

LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-1.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-2.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-3.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-4.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-5.png
LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-6.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-7.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-8.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-9.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-10.png
LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-11.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-12.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-13.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-14.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-15.png
LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-16.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-17.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-18.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-19.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-20.png
LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-21.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-22.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-23.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-24.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-25.png
LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-26.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-27.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-28.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-29.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-30.png
LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-31.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-32.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-33.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-34.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-35.png
LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-36.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-37.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-38.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-39.png LINE Sticker Set Jolly Snorlax-40.png


Pokémon Emoji

Now you can text 'em all with new Pokémon emoji on LINE. Add Pikachu and other Pokémon favorites to your messages to help make them super effective!

Pokémon Emoji (Japanese: ポケモン 絵文字) is an emoji set consisting of 40 emoji that was released on May 17, 2018.

Pikachu Emoji

This emoji set is full of Pikachu expressions! Pikachu cries, gets heart eyes, and so much more! Let Pikachu energize your chats!

Pikachu Emoji (Japanese: ピカチュウ 絵文字) is an emoji set consisting of 40 emoji that was released on October 17, 2023.

Pokémon Gathering Emoji

Psyduck, Gengar, Sprigatito, and more star in this emoji set! These expressive Pokémon will just fit in your chats!

Pokémon Gathering Emoji (Japanese: ポケモン みんなといっしょ絵文字) is an emoji set consisting of 40 emoji that was released on November 7, 2023.

Pokémon Unown Emoji

The mysterious Symbol Pokémon, Unown, gets their own animated emoji set! The charming expressions will turn every chat into a good time!

Pokémon Unown Emoji (Japanese: 動く!アンノーン絵文字) is an emoji set consisting of 40 emoji featuring Unown that was released on November 21, 2023, to commemorate the 24th anniversary of Pokémon Gold and Silver's release in Japan.[15]

LINE Sticker Set Unown-1.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-2.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-3.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-4.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-5.png
LINE Sticker Set Unown-6.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-7.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-8.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-9.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-10.png
LINE Sticker Set Unown-11.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-12.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-13.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-14.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-15.png
LINE Sticker Set Unown-16.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-17.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-18.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-19.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-20.png
LINE Sticker Set Unown-21.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-22.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-23.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-24.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-25.png
LINE Sticker Set Unown-26.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-27.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-28.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-29.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-30.png
LINE Sticker Set Unown-31.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-32.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-33.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-34.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-35.png
LINE Sticker Set Unown-36.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-37.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-38.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-39.png LINE Sticker Set Unown-40.png


The "Pokémon" LINE theme

All of the following themes except for Pokemon: Magikarp Jump include a disclaimer stating "Updates supported for 180 days after sales end."

Now you can catch 'em all right on LINE! Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Starmie, and a host of other Pokémon are always there to keep you company!
Released December 22, 2015[16]
A blast from the past! This theme features classic pixel artwork from the original Pokémon Red and Blue games! Relive the days of Pokémon bygone, or discover the classics anew!
Released August 16, 2016
Pokémon are fizzing and popping in this colorful theme! Enjoy chatting through LINE with your pals from the Kanto and Johto regions with this fun theme at your fingertips!
Released July 13, 2017
The theme for the very popular app Pokemon: Magikarp Jump appears in LINE! Magikarp with various patterns will jump, jump, and jump some more!
Released July 13, 2017 (sales ended)
Ready to evolve your LINE to the next level? Cute Pokémon pal Eevee stars in its very own theme. Give your screens a fun makeover with a little help from Eevee and its Evolutions!
Released June 14, 2018
Ditto and its transformations are now available as a LINE theme! Watch as Ditto transforms your screens each and every day.
Released October 17, 2019
Welcome to the Pokémon Café! Relax a bit with your favorite Pokémon.
Released November 4, 2021
The blue Pokémon are holding bouquets of baby blue eyes to bring a soothing shade to your app.
Released July 7, 2022
The yellow Pokémon are holding bouquets of mimosas to help make your app shine.
Released July 7, 2022
Pixelated Pokémon star in a LINE theme! Invite these adorable critters into your chats.
Released August 15, 2022
Eevee and all its evolutions are here and surrounded by pretty flowers!
Released August 30, 2022
Decorate your app with this theme showing the laid-back lives of the Pokémon.
Released October 11, 2022
All the Pokémon are cuddling up for winter. Let them warm up your chats a bit!
Released November 29, 2022
Pikachu zaps onto your LINE in a simple but cool theme. Give your chats a boost of cool.
Released January 19, 2023
Pikachu zaps onto your LINE in a simple but adorable theme. This pokémon will add some energy to your chats.
Released January 19, 2023
This Pokémon Seasons theme is perfect for spring! Invite your favorite Pokémon into your chats.
Released March 9, 2023
Coquelicots adorn this lovely Pokémon theme. Now you can choose from mimosas, baby blue eyes, or coquelicots to make your app bloom.
Released May 18, 2023
This Pokémon Seasons theme will cool you off in summer! Your favorite Pokémon are ready for some fun in the sun.
Released July 13, 2022
This Pokémon Seasons theme will help you relax in autumn. Invite your favorite Pokémon into your chats.
Released September 19, 2023
This theme features your favorite Ghost-type Pokémon, including Misdreavus and Hisuian Zorua. Give your chats some spirit!
Released October 10, 2023
Forget the hustle and bustle of daily life for a while and spend a relaxing time with Sprigatito.
Released February 22, 2023[17]

Products by Creatures Garage

This product has only been released in Japanese in Japan.


official stamp of " Imakuni? ".
Released September 21, 2016[18][19]
Consists of 40 stickers


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