Kageaki Hiyama

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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Kageaki Hiyama.jpg
桧山景明 Satoshi
Kageaki Hiyama.jpg
Kageaki Hiyama in Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Tokyo
Region Unknown
Member of ADventure
Rank Sales (former)
Live action debut Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Live actor Shō Kasamatsu

Kageaki Hiyama (Japanese: 桧山景明 Hiyama Kageaki) is a main character in Pack Your Pocket With Adventure.



At school, Kageaki Hiyama was a very studious student who wanted to be a designer, for years he studied for that, but in his first job, he went into the sales sector, which completely demotivated him. During this time, he met two other designers, Syo Sawamura and Kenji Ebiwara, who were friends of his, but moved away from Hiyama over time. Some time later, Hiyama left that company and joined ADventure, once again in the position of selling the company's services.

Season One



This list is of the Pokémon used by Hiyama in PPA06. Hiyama even had two Pokémon used off-screen, as the battle used 5v5 rules.

Pokémon Role in the series Level First appearance
Spr 1g 067.png
Machoke was the first Pokémon used by Hiyama in his battle against Madoka, where it faced Madoka's Kangaskhan. According to Hiyama, Machoke was chosen because he prepared the ground for Madoka's subsequent choices. Machoke was defeated by Madoka's Raichu in the next round. At the end of the episode, Hiyama asked Madoka for help to try to evolve his Machoke. 48 PPA06
Spr 1g 034.png
Nidoking was initially used to face Raichu in the next round, but Madoka chose to switch to Pidgeot, as part of Hiyama's strategy, Nidoking beat Pidgeot with a super effective Ice Beam move. 49 PPA06
Spr 1g 036.png
Clefable was Hiyama's last choice in the battle against Madoka and an important part of his battle strategy. During the battle against Madoka's Charizard, Clefable managed to win relatively easily. Then, during the battle against Gyarados, Clefable used a strategy that consisted of using Minimize to increase Clefable's evasion. With a stroke of luck, Madoka managed to beat Clefable with a Hyper Beam from Gyarados, thus managing to win the match.

In PPA08, Hiyama used Clefairy to show how Ditto's Transform move works to Yūki Koide.

49 PPA06


Kageaki Hiyama and Madoka Akagi receiving the second place award at the Tokyo Short Film Contest

Tokyo Short Film Contest - Runner-up (with Madoka Akagi; PPA06)


Language Name Origin
Japanese 桧山景明 Hiyama Kageaki From ヒトカゲ Hitokage (Charmander)


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