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The currency interface (3DS, post-v1.2)

There are three different types of currency in Pokémon Shuffle:

  • Heart Shuffle.png Hearts are used to play most stages.
  • Coin Shuffle.png Coins are used to buy items in the game's standard shop, and to play certain special stages.
  • Jewel Shuffle.png Jewels are the only thing the player can directly spend money to buy in Pokémon Shuffle, and can be spent on immediate-use items in the game's Special Shop, or can be exchanged for Hearts or Coins.


Heart Shuffle.png

The player has a default capacity of 5 regenerable Hearts. These Hearts replenish at a rate of 1 Heart every 30 minutes, which counts down on a timer on the left of the player's Heart stock interface. Hearts can only regenerate if the player has less than the maximum number of regenerable Hearts.

  • This regenerable maximum can be raised above 5 through the effect of the monthly Jewel Shuffle.png Jewel-purchasing bonus, or by buying the item 1 Heart Recovered.png 1 Heart Recovered / 15 min. & Heart +6 from the Special Shop. If an increased maximum effect wears off, the player will still retain any regenerated Hearts they may have that are above the new, lower maximum.

The player can also obtain extra Hearts beyond their regenerable capacity. These extra Hearts are tracked separately from the regenerable Hearts; in the stock interface, the amount closest to the Heart icon is the regenerable Hearts, while the amount to the right of that is the extra Hearts.

  • In 3DS versions since Version 1.2, extra Hearts have an independent maximum of 99, separate from the maximum of 5 for regenerable Hearts. However, in all Mobile versions, the total Hearts (regenerable + extra) have a shared maximum of 99.
  • In 3DS versions 1.2 onwards, only the player's stock of regenerable Hearts is considered for the timer starting (example: if the player has 2 regenerable Hearts and 30 extra Hearts, the timer will start, as the regenerable Hearts are less than 5).
  • In 3DS versions pre-1.2 and all Mobile versions, the player's entire stock of Hearts (regenerable + extra) must be below the regenerable maximum (example: below 5) before the regeneration timer will start.


Regenerable Hearts are only recovered by the regeneration timer reaching zero. The regeneration time can be sped up through the use of the Special Shop item 1 Heart Recovered.png 1 Heart Recovered / 15 min. & Heart +6.

Extra Hearts can be obtained a few ways:


Heart Shuffle.png Heart ×1 is required to play most stages. Some stages may require Heart Shuffle.png Hearts ×2, while a Survival Mode challenge requires Heart Shuffle.png Hearts ×3. This is deducted immediately, meaning that even if play is interrupted, Hearts are lost and the stage can only be reattempted using additional Hearts.

In 3DS versions 1.2 onwards, regenerable Hearts are always spent before extra Hearts.


Coin Shuffle.png

The player can store up to 99,999 Coins.


Coins can be obtained in a few ways:

  • Each time a stage is successfully completed (regardless of whether the Pokémon was caught)
    • The first time, most main stages give 100 Coins, special stages 200, and Expert Stages 300.
    • Subsequent clears yield 30 (3DS) or 20 (Mobile) Coins. Special stages may yield amounts between 0 and 30 Coins.
  • Matching Coin disruptions in a stage
    • A 3-match gives +100 Coins, a 4-match +300, a 5-match +500, and a 6-match +700.
  • As check in bonuses.
  • As rewards for clearing certain stages
  • As gifts

Certain stages are designed to give out a large amount of Coins: examples include main stage 37 Meowth, and the weekend Meowth stage.


Coins can be spent on in-game stage-use items just before starting a stage. They can also be spent on Great Balls if a Poké Ball fails to catch a Pokémon.

Coins are also required to play certain special stages.


Jewel redirects here. For the core series items known as "Jewel" in Japanese, see Gem.
Jewel Shuffle.png
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Pokémon Shuffle's microtransactions are focused around Jewels. Occasionally, they can also be obtained through the course of gameplay without spending money.

The player can store up to 150 Jewels.


Jewels are obtained via purchase on the Nintendo eShop (3DS Shuffle) or in the Jewel Shop (Pokémon Shuffle Mobile). Players under the age of 18 cannot spend more than a fixed amount in-game per month (US$80, €100, £80, AU$150, NZ$150, or ¥10,000).

In Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, players may not purchase more than ¥10,000 (or equivalent) per month. This is displayed as purchase points, which start at 1,000 and reset on the first day of each month. In countries outside Asia, players who are younger than 13 years old cannot make in-app purchases.

Jewels are theoretically offered as packs of a certain number of "base" Jewels plus some number of "bonus" Jewels, with the prices corresponding to $1 (or corresponding unit price for other currencies) per "base" Jewel.

Pokémon Shuffle (3DS)
Jewel Shuffle.png Jewels United States Eurozone United Kingdom Japan
1 $0.99 €0.99 £0.89 ¥100
6 (5 + 1) $4.99 €4.99 £4.49 ¥500
12 (9 + 3) $8.99 €8.99 £8.09 ¥950
35 (25 + 10) $24.99 €24.99 £22.49 ¥2,500
75 (48 + 27) $47.99 €47.99 £42.99 ¥4,800
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Jewel Shuffle.png Jewels Purchase points United States Eurozone United Kingdom Japan Notes
4 (2 + 2) 24 ¥240 1-time special offer
8 (4 + 4) 48 ¥480 1-time special offer
1 12 $0.99 €0.99 £0.79 ¥120
6 (5 + 1) 60 $4.99 €4.99 £3.99 ¥600
10 (8 + 2) 96 $7.99 €7.99 £5.99 ¥960
26 (20 + 6) 240 $19.99 €19.99 £14.99 ¥2,400
56 (40 + 16) 480 $39.99 €39.99 £29.99 ¥4,800
105 (70 + 35) 840 ¥8,400 Only available during certain periods
118 (80 + 38) 980 $79.99 €79.99 ¥9,800 Only available during certain periods

Starting in Version 1.3 in the 3DS version or Version 1.6 in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, players who purchase a certain amount of Jewels in any given month receive bonuses for the remainder of that month. These bonuses include an increase to the maximum number of regenerable Hearts and a boost to the Coins the player receives when they Check in, with the bonus size depending on the number of Jewels bought, as detailed in the table below.

Jewel Shuffle.png Jewels purchased Heart Shuffle.png Extra regen Hearts Coin Shuffle.png Coin bonus
5-9 +1 +20%
10 or more +2 +40%

Free Jewel promotions

From July 31 to August 17, 2015, a limited-time offer was available where players who bought at least one set of more than one Jewel would get six free Jewels if they checked in in during a later period, depending on when they made the purchase. The purchase periods and corresponding check-in periods are detailed in the table below.

Period of purchase Period to claim free Jewels
July 31 to August 3, 2015 August 5 to September 5, 2015
August 3 to 10, 2015 August 12 to September 12, 2015
August 10 to 17, 2015 August 19 to September 19, 2015

Obtaining during gameplay

Jewels can be obtained in-game in a few ways:

One Jewel was given to all players on February 21, 2015 to apologize for a software glitch that occurred around February 19, 2015; this bonus was given to all players, not just those affected by the glitch.


The shop to exchange Jewels for Hearts or Coins.
Within stages
  • Before starting a stage, Jewel Shuffle.png Jewel ×1 can be spent on an "item bundle", which contains all of the stage-use items available for that stage.
  • Upon running out of turns or time during a stage, Jewel Shuffle.png Jewel ×1 can be spent to gain 5 additional moves or 15 seconds. (This bonus is counted towards the move/time bonus when attempting to catch the Pokémon.)
  • If the player throws a Poké Ball and it fails, but they do not have enough Coin Shuffle.png Coins to purchase a Great Ball, there is an option to spend Jewel Shuffle.png Jewel ×1 in that moment. This grants Coin Shuffle.png Coins ×3,000 (3DS) / ×4,000 (Mobile), with 2,500 (3DS) / 3,500 (Mobile) of that immediately spent on the Great Ball.
Unlocking stages
  • Jewels can be spent to unlock additional plays on weekly resource special stages, after the first play each week.
  • Jewels can be spent to unlock further main stages without having to clear prior stages.
Exchanging for temporary effects
Main article: List of items in Pokémon Shuffle → Special Shop
  • Jewels can be spent in the Special Shop to enable limited-time effects, such as temporarily-infinite Heart Shuffle.png Hearts or increased drop rates for items. Each effect in the Special Shop has a limited amount of purchases, with these caps resetting each week at 6:00 AM UTC on Tuesdays.
Exchanging for other currency
  • Jewels can be exchanged for either Heart Shuffle.png Hearts or Coin Shuffle.png Coins at the following rates:
Pokémon Shuffle (3DS)
Jewel Shuffle.png Jewels Heart Shuffle.png Hearts Coin Shuffle.png Coins
1 5 3,000
3 18 (+20%) 10,000 (+11%)
6 38 (+27%) 22,000 (+22%)
12 80 (+33%) 48,000 (+33%)
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Jewel Shuffle.png Jewels Heart Shuffle.png Hearts Coin Shuffle.png Coins
1 6 4,000
3 20 (+11%) 13,000 (+8.33%)
6 42 (+16%) 28,000 (+16%)
12 87 (+20%) 58,000 (+20%)


  • The last digit of the player's Coin count can only be 0 or 9 - it will be 0 until the first time the player hits the cap of 99,999 coins, after which the digit will permanently be 9. This occurs because all methods to obtain or spend Coins use multiples of 10.

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