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Jaye (Japanese: ジエイ Jiei) is a character of the day who appeared in Finding a Legend!. He is a Pokémon Trainer from Ecruteak City. He is the grandfather of Chad.

Jaye had encountered the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh when he was younger, and he had a Rainbow Wing as proof. He passed on his fascination with Ho-Oh to Chad, and both hoped to see it. Following decades of failed searches, Jaye grew doubtful of the encounter and even threw out his Rainbow Wing. His grandson, however, never stopped believing in the stories and retrieved the Wing.

Later visiting the Bell Tower with Ash and Goh, they climbed to the top and called out to Ho-Oh, but it didn't appear. As Ash, Goh, and Chad were about to leave, Jaye spotted Ho-Oh and called out to them. However, by the time they turned back, Ho-Oh had already disappeared from sight.


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Jaye's Hoothoot
Hoothoot is Jaye's only Pokémon, which he has had since he was younger. It tends to rest on one of his shoulders. Jaye had Hoothoot use Foresight to overcome Misdreavus and Stantler's illusions while in the Bell Tower.

Hoothoot's only known move is Foresight.

Debut Finding a Legend!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 中博史 Hiroshi Naka
Polish Marek Karpowicz
Brazilian Portuguese Alfredo Martins
European Spanish Jon Ciriano



Language Name Origin
Japanese ジエイ Jiei From Sage Ping (Japanese: ジエイ Jiei) from Ecruteak Gym
English, European Spanish Jaye Similar to his Japanese name
French Charles
Italian Giano Similar to his English name
Brazilian Portuguese Jaime Similar to his English name

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