Hiori's Lucario

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Hiori's Lucario
ヒオリのルカリオ Hiori's Lucario
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Hiori Lucario.png
Hiori's Lucario
Debuts in Behold The Phantom Thief Of Justice
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Prior to Behold The Phantom Thief Of Justice
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Nature Unknown
Current location With Hiori
HOME0447.png HOME0448.png
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of chapter s as Riolu.

Hiori's Lucario (Japanese: ヒオリのルカリオ Hiori's Lucario) is one of the Pokémon owned by Hiori/Pokémon 7 in Phantom Thief Pokémon 7. It is unknown where he was obtained, but he has been with Hiori since childhood.


As a Riolu

Lucario is Hiori's lifelong friend and partner, having owned him as a Riolu since childhood. Not only has he bonded with Hiori, but also his sister Lily because of her ability to detect aura like Lucario. Lucario poses as Hiori's weak partner, to keep Hiori's identity safe so as to differentiate himself from Pokémon 7's powerful Lucario.

Lucario and his master are first seen taking back a ring a woman had stolen. After returning home and becoming "normal", Hiori is challenged by Trainers and forced into battling by Nazuna. They put on a weak facade and Lucario loses the battle to a Cranidos's Headbutt. Lucario is happy for their loss as it was to protect his master's identity.

Their second mission, to return a decadent Milotic patterned pocket watch, goes awry when Nazuna is made a hostage by the thief. To protect her, Lucario does not move and is forcibly beaten by a Machoke. Nazuna is able to escape his grasp and Lucario is given the opportunity to beat his Machoke and finishes the two with a powerful Aura Sphere. With Nazuna safe, the duo retrieve the watch.

They later receive a request from Mako which turns out to be a trap to reveal his master's identity. A Bastiodon blocks their exit and she sends out her Lopunny to remove his mask and is successful. Lucario fights the Lopunny for the mask but finds that the Lopunny is a formidable foe. Before Mako could snap a photo of Hiori's face, Lucario gains the upper hand against the rabbit Pokémon and throws Lopunny, hitting Mako, to keep her from seeing Pokémon 7 unmasked. Using Mime Jr.'s Trick, Hiori snags Mako's camera and escapes on his Drifblim with it and Lucario.

Hiori gets a letter of challenge from Rocco, to which Hiori happily accepts. They enter Rocco's lair and, using his Pokémon's moves, solves puzzles to open doors. He later finds several doors, only one leading to Rocco, guarded by Rocco's Magmortar. After witnessing its strength and being burned by its Ability Flame Body, they switch tactics and decide to use ranged combat to defeat it. However, it uses its powerful Flamethrower to gain ground and Lucario narrowly dodges its Fire Punch with Detect. It releases a SmokeScreen to blind Lucario and Hiori. However, Lucario sees right through it and finds Magmortar because of his aura sensing ability. Using his burn as an advantage, Lucario hits it with a powerful Facade and knocks it out. The Magmortar's Flame Body was the key to opening the door, as its Ability activated an invisible ink, which told the two what door to enter. After an odd introduction from Rocco, he escapes with his Gardevoir's Teleport, leaving the annoyed duo.

Searching for Lily

Hiori and Lucario hear of recent Pokénappings from Mako, and they decide to figure out why Pokémon were being stolen. Rocco decides to join the two, believing he is the only one who is allowed to steal. As the three team up, the thief appears with a stolen Chingling. Lucario is somewhat shocked by the mysterious perpetrator and refuses to attack even when ordered by Hiori. The thief escapes after attacking with its Mismagius. Hiori is worried about Lucario's actions but decides to tail the culprit nonetheless. Lucario still refuses to attack and the thief gains the advantage. Fed up with the battle, Hiori's Gallade uses Leaf Blade to show its identity. The thief is actually Lily, Hiori's twin sister. Shocked, Hiori is left out in the open and saved by Rocco's Gardevoir's Teleport. Though he had a chance to attack, Lucario just stares silently at Lily and leaves to find Hiori.

After waking from fainting, Hiori tells Rocco about his sister. Because of his close relationship with Lily, Lucario refused to attack earlier. Lily's special Galactic fight clothing helps block her aura from others and is the reason Lucario was unable to detect her. The team set off to rescue her and get ambushed by a Team Galactic Grunt and his Electivire. Out of rage for his sister's well being, Hiori and Lucario fiercely attack the Grunt. Surprisingly, Electivire rises from the beating, bests Lucario with its attacks, and, with help from its Rain Dance, strikes Lucario with a powerful Thunder. Lucario rises, seemingly feeling no pain because of his feelings for Lily, and strikes his foe with Water Pulse. Defeated, the Grunt is interrogated by Hiori. He tells of the location of their base and Lily, but not before revealing he was bugged with a transmitter. Out of rage that they could be stopped, Lucario breaks the transmitter with a burst of power. The group travel on Hiori's Drifblim to find his sister, only to be jumped by a female Team Galactic Grunt and her Magnezone. It paralyzes Lucario and Drifblim with Thunder Wave and knocks them down with Zap Cannon. After a hard battle, Drifblim defeats them with Gust, and Lucario and friends set off once again.

Hovering over the Galactic base, Lucario senses Lily. However, she seems to have lost all of her memories of the two and attack them with her Dusknoir. The two refuse to fight Lily and Lucario ends up bound by Dusknoir and attacked while immobilized. Hiori is attacked by his sister. She shows no mercy as she remembers nothing of them. Rocco comes to the two's aid, but fails miserably and runs away while Lily and Mismagius chase them. He his Gardevoir's Secret Power to put Mismagius to sleep, breaking Lily's Hypnosis, to Lucario and his master's surprise. This was only temporary, as Mismagius woke up and hypnotized her yet again. After a battle with his Mime Jr., and with everything seeming bleak, Lucario sneaks behind Mismagius and finally knocks it out with Shadow Claw, and Hiori reunites with his long-lost twin.

Using the super charged Aura Sphere

Lily reveals the earth will be covered in shadows in just 5 days. It turns out they needed her ability to find Darkrai to enshroud the world in darkness. Before they can leave to stop Team Galactic, Team Galactic Grunts invade Sun Sun in an attempt to steal back Lily. However, they did not expect the owner and his daughter, Nazuna, to fight back with their Garchomp and Munchlax, respectively. However, their powerful Pokémon can't withstand Heatran's brutal attacks. Before it can do more damage, Hiori commands Lucario to attack the Heatran, breaking his "normal" cover. He reveals himself to be Pokémon 7 and Lucario his sidekick.

Hiori, along with his sister, Rocco, and his faithful Lucario, leave to stop Team Galactic's plans. They sneak into the base and find Darkrai trapped in webbing spun by Bug-type Pokémon. A Galactic member, who was #2 in Lily's section, is ordered to stop them with his Rampardos. Lily fights him with her new Leafeon, given to her by Nazuna. The two brawl and the Galactic member loses. He attempts to flee but is stopped by Lucario. However, the Galactic leader arrives, and attacks the #2 Galactic because he was fleeing. The leader reveals her plans and tries to capture Darkrai. Before doing so, she is stopped by Lucario and him and her Porygon-Z fight. Lucario's Aura Sphere is no good, as Porygon-Z's Conversion 2 lowers the damage. Lucario then tries to weaken it with a status condition using Toxic but it blasts him away with a Signal Beam before it could be used. The leader then uses Lucario's defeat as an opportunity to catch Darkrai. However, it broke out of its Poké Ball and became so angry that it's lost its senses and attacks everyone.

The leader attacks Darkrai, trying to catch it again. Lucario and Hiori thwart her efforts, for Darkrai has done nothing wrong to deserve her attacks and to keep Darkrai from getting angrier. Darkrai hits the Leader and Porygon-Z with Dark Void, throwing them into a deep, nightmare filled slumber. Hiori and the others dodge a volley of Dark Voids and Mime Jr. retaliates with Mimic and Darkrai falls asleep. Lucario, with the combined power from the rest of Hiori's team, Lily, Rocco, as well as Hiori himself, uses a powerful Aura Sphere. The resulting attack defeats and calms Darkrai. However, the cave collapses and the team barely escaped; had it not been for Rocco's Gardevoir's teleport.

The team never came back to Sun Sun, and are traveling the world completing missions. Hiori with his trusted Lucario and team as well as Lily and Rocco.


Lucario is Hiori's trusted partner and have a great bond with Lily

Moves used

Hiori Lucario Quick Attack.png
Using Quick Attack
Hiori Lucario Bone Rush.png
Using Bone Rush
Move First Used In
Aura Sphere  Behold The Phantom Thief Of Justice
Quick Attack Challenge From A Rival
Detect Challenge From A Rival
Facade Challenge From A Rival
Water Pulse Escape From Team Galactic
Shadow Claw Lily Regains Her Memories!
Bone Rush A World Covered In Darkness
Toxic Into The Hands Of Evil?!
Metal Claw P7-13
Counter P7-15
Rock Slide P7-17
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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