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ジンジャー Ginger
Ginger MPJ.png
Gender Female
Hometown Unnamed
Region Johto
Relatives Coconut (granddaughter), Grandpa (husband)

Ginger (Japanese: ジンジャー Ginger) is a character in Magical Pokémon Journey. She is Grandpa's wife and currently runs POG Inc, as Grandpa was unsuccessful in running it himself.


Ginger first appeared in The Mysterious Beauty where she saw Grandpa and Hazel fighting after an invention of his backfired on her. She had a talk with Grandpa and Coconut became interested in Ginger's story. Ginger than dragged Grandpa away. Hazel and Coconut begged Ginger to give him another chance, and she eventually agreed before riding off on Girafarig. To try to prove that he was a good inventor, Grandpa went see Ginger, who was on her laptop. He gave her a gift - special goggles that allowed her to taste certain foods. However, similar to the invention with Hazel, it exploded. Hazel and Coconut tried to persuade her that he meant well and should be allowed to stay, and she agreed. She forgave Grandpa and gave him her Natu.

Ginger was mentioned in Hazel VS Almond! where Grandpa mentioned that he lost her Natu and was holding a contest to see who could find it.


Ginger was shown to be more skilled in POG Inc. than Grandpa, as most of her inventions were successful and she enjoyed the job more than he did. Ginger was considered a sisterly figure to Coconut, often referring to her as 'big sister' despite being the granddaughter. Ginger would have frequent arguments with Grandpa due to the fact that his inventions often failed, but always meant well to him despite this.


Ginger's Natu
Natu is often sitting on Ginger's shoulder. During the end of the chapter, Ginger gives Grandpa Natu as a token of her gratitude. Sometime after Hazel VS Almond!, it is assumed that he gave back Natu as it was not seen ever since.

Natu's only known move is Teleport.

Debut The Mysterious Beauty
Ginger's Girafarig
Girafarig is usually relied on as a mode of transportation for Ginger to go to place to place.

None of Girafarig's moves are known.

Debut The Mysterious Beauty
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