Ephraim's parents

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Ephraim's parents

Ephraim's parents are characters of the day who appeared in The Grass Route. They and their son Ephraim operate a farm of flowers in a small town close to Ecruteak City.

They allowed Ephraim to participate in the 45th annual Grass Tournament, which they attended to cheer him on. Their enthusiasm and gloating to the audience only embarrassed Ephraim, but he was appreciative of their support. The pair were later seen hugging as they watched their son accept the Grass Tournament's victory prizes.

Their flower business is the culmination of enjoying a slow lifestyle and their passion for Grass-type Pokémon, which also maintain their farming operation. Ephraim's parents are both optimists and happy by nature. Ephraim's father was thankful that Ash battled their son, seeing it as an invaluable training lesson. Ephraim's parents also offered to host Ash, Misty, and Brock overnight as thanks.


This is a listing of Pokémon known to be owned by Ephraim's parents.

Ephraim's parents's Sunflora (×2), Hoppip (×2), Bellossom (×2)

Ephraim's parents's Sunflora (×2), Hoppip (×2), Bellossom (×2)
Sunflora (×2), Hoppip (×2), Bellossom (×2)
Ephraim's parents have two Sunflora that work with the other Grass-type Pokémon on the farm. Using their watering cans, they are able to grow beautiful flowers which Ash and his friends admired. One of the Sunflora, Hoppip, and Bellossom was seen cheering on Ephraim in the Grass Tournament.

None of their moves are known.

Debut The Grass Route

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Ephraim's father: 坂口候一 Kōichi Sakaguchi
Ephraim's mother: こおろぎさとみ Satomi Koorogi
English Ephraim's father: Scottie Ray
Ephraim's mother: Kayzie Rogers
Finnish Ephraim's father: Robert Walli
Ephraim's mother: Elise Langenoja
Italian Ephraim's father: Stefano Albertini
Ephraim's mother: Renata Bertolas
Polish Ephraim's father: Krzysztof Zakrzewski
Ephraim's mother: Anna Bielańska
Brazilian Portuguese Ephraim's father: Paulo Porto
Ephraim's mother: Lene Bastos
European Spanish Ephraim's father: José Escobosa
Ephraim's mother: Maite Tajadura


  • Ephraim mentions that he wants to use the Leaf Stones he won to evolve his parents' Pokémon and all the ones that were shown on-screen do not evolve by Leaf Stone. It is unknown whether Ephraim's parents are implied to have more Pokémon off-screen that evolve by Leaf Stone or that Ephraim does not know that his parents' Pokémon do not evolve by Leaf Stone.

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