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Ellery (Japanese: ヒロタ Hirota) is a character of the day who appeared in Lighting the Way Home!. He is a scientist working at the Mossdeep Space Center in the Hoenn region.

Ellery was working with Sophocles as the Talonflame2 asteroid probe was heading back to the planet after collecting a rock sample from an asteroid. With the help of an Ampharos owned by Molayne, they were among the team tasked with guiding it back home. Their efforts failed when a piece of equipment was damaged by accident by Togedemaru and Ampharos losing confidence resulting in its light failing.

After Sophocles, Ash, and Goh had helped Ampharos to regain its confidence, they rejoined Ellery and reconnected with Talonflame2, safely guiding it back to the planet.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 星祐樹 Yūki Hoshi

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