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Days of Gloom and Glory
Collected in Vol. 3
Chapter number 11
Manga series The Electric Tale of Pikachu
Previous Chapter Clefairy in Space
Next Chapter Welcome to the Big Leagues

Days of Gloom and Glory (Japanese: リンドウ Lindow) is the eleventh chapter of the manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu. It is based on the anime episode Make Room For Gloom.


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Now that Ash has earned eight Gym Badges, he is officially qualified to enter the Indigo League and compete in the Indigo Plateau Conference. Inspired to resume their own training and perhaps enter the league themselves, Misty and Brock separate from Ash.

Traveling alone again, Ash encounters a large group of Gloom, and is surprised to discover that they do not emit a foul odor. Their Trainer, a woman named Florinda Showers, reveals that when certain herbal perfumes are mixed into their drinking water, Gloom will not emit a foul smell. Ash takes notice of Florinda's Leaf Stones, and she reveals that they are fakes. She explains that she was tricked into buying fake Leaf Stones and that her house has sunk into the sea.

Suddenly, a man, Potter, emerges from the sea. He explains that he has salvaged Florinda's favorite stuffed animals as well as her secret diary. Florinda laments that she feels worthless as the head of the family and that she could not survive without Potter, but Potter disagrees, saying that she can bring the family to its former glory. As Ash is about to leave, he recognizes a photo of the crooks who sold Florinda the false Leaf Stone: it is Jessie and James of Team Rocket. Meanwhile, Meowth says he grew up in the ruins of this town. Meowth remembers he met a female Meowth, who was scared of his ability to speak human language. Suddenly, Team Rocket gets attacked by a Gyarados.

Potter thinks Jessie and James are Ash's friends, but Ash insists they are not. Potter kicks Gyarados and saves Team Rocket anyway. At dinner, they see the Leaf Stone they sold. Team Rocket remembers that they sold that fake stone to this girl, while Potter intimidates them, wanting the money back. Team Rocket admits they don't have it, so Potter tosses them at the sea for Gyarados. However, Florinda got some treasures back, while Ash uses a Poké Ball. From it, a Meowth appears, making Florinda charmed, while Team Rocket swears revenge on her.

Ash notices there is no info on the Poké Ball, leading Potter to believe it is a stray Meowth. Pikachu talks with Meowth, so Ash wishes he knew what they are talking about. Potter runs off to deliver these treasures to the police. Ash asks if Potter and Florinda are getting married, causing Florinda to blush. However, Potter is having trouble with the police, who believe Potter is a thief. Meanwhile, Florinda is approached by three characters, who offer a Leaf Stone. Florinda responds she has no money, but the people ask for her Gloom instead. Florinda tells she does not want her Pokémon to evolve, while Team Rocket's Meowth notices the female Meowth, whom Meowth fell in love with. Meowth asks for her, but this is actually her child, who was put in a Poké Ball before the city sank.

Team Rocket's Meowth runs off, and Ash recognizes Team Rocket. However, they know the twerp did not graduate, as he thinks only on Pokémon. Jessie and James admit they were like him and now the twerp is following in their footsteps, making him crushed. They are here to take the Gloom, but are stopped by Potter, who attacks them. Jessie sends Arbok, and as Potter is afraid of snakes, Team Rocket is on the verge of winning. Florinda asks all the Gloom to fire Solar Beam, blasting Jessie and James off, while Meowth thinks of his past. Florinda cries over being such a brute, but Potter tells he is but a servant. Florinda tells they should put the past behind and build a new house. Florinda and Potter hug each other and wish Ash luck, who asks to be invited to their wedding.

Ash receives some mail and hopes it is from May. However, it is from his mom, who asks him to come back to Pallet Town. Ash hugs Pikachu and promises to make a special training.

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