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Ditto (Japanese: メタモン Metamon) functions as a game mechanic at the top left corner of the Red Field from Pokémon Pinball. Ditto is able to block the Evolution Cave. When Ditto is out of the way, the ball may enter the cave, causing a Pokémon to evolve.


Ditto three states: a small Ditto, a large Ditto and an absent Ditto.

  • The small Ditto appears when the ball is entering the main field after being shot by the Plunger Lane. The small Ditto blocks the Evolution Cave while letting the ball pass at the top. During the Evolution Move, the same small Ditto blocks the Evolution Cave.
  • The large Ditto appears if not all three Evolution Arrows are on. It blocks the top passage while also blocking the Evolution Cave.
  • Ditto almost completely disappears when the three Evolution Arrows are on, except a small part of Ditto remains visible. Ditto ceases blocking the top passage or the Evolution Cave, so the ball can enter the Evolution Cave from the Left Outside Loop.

When Ditto unblocks the passage (which allows the ball to pass from the Left Outside Loop), the small barrier at the top right side of the table disappears (which allows the player to pass from the Right Loop as well). The small top-right barrier also disappears during the Evolution Move, in which the small Ditto is blocking the Evolution Cave again.

If the Evolution Mode, Catch 'em Mode, or Map Mode is active, the large Ditto blocks the cave even if the Evolution Arrows are on, in which case the Evolution Mode is unable to start until the current mode ends.



Pinball Red Field start.png Pinball Red Field top.png Pinball Red Field evolution.png
Small Ditto Large Ditto Absent Ditto


Pinball Ditto 1.png Pinball Ditto 2.png Pinball Ditto 3.png
Small Ditto Large Ditto Absent Ditto
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