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These are Cliff's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In spin-off games

Pokémon GO


"Cliff’s my name. Battling’s my game."
"Do you really wanna fight?"
"What do you want—a battle?"
"A loser like you can’t beat Team GO Rocket."
"You got a lot of nerve for a loser!"
"Pfft... You wanna fight?"
"Do you think you can beat me?"
"Why stop the inevitable? Team GO Rocket will always win!"
"Why do you fight us? Team GO Rocket gave so many of us a community—a purpose. What’s wrong with that?"
"The boss has ordered that we crush all of you, and the boss’s order is above all!"
  • GO Fest 2020:
"Enjoying your little festival? Well, it’s a Team GO Rocket festival now!"
"Hahaha! I’m in a good mood today. This event is ours!"
"Team GO Rocket has come so far. We’ve finally taken over your big celebration!"
  • Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas
"Welcome to the winning side!"
Before battle
"I won’t let Giovanni down!"
"You’re nothing more than a weak distraction."
"I won’t let the boss down."
"This’ll be a lesson you won’t soon forget."
"This hero thing you’re trying? It’s about to come crashing down on you."
"You’re a pest, and I’m gonna give you the boot."
"Anyone who gets in my way gets destroyed."
"This is for Team GO Rocket."
"My loyalty gives me strength. I won’t lose!"
"You? Defeat me? Not gonna happen."
  • GO Fest 2020:
"I bet the boss is so proud of us for taking over this event! Don’t take this from us—I need this."
"We’ve already taken over this event—now it’s time for the muscle to take you down!"
"Let’s finish this quick so I can join the other leaders and celebrate the take-over!"
  • Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas
"Too bad you’ll be losing this battle!"
Prebattle screen
"My strength comes from my loyalty to Team GO Rocket."
"I will do anything and everything for Team GO Rocket."
"I owe the boss my life. I’d do anything for him."
"Team GO Rocket saved me. It’s time to return the favor!"
"Add my name to your list of weaknesses."
"Too bad you’ll be losing this battle!"
  • Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas
"Now show me what you’re made of!"
Upon victory
"Hahaha! What’d I tell ya? Of course I’d win!"
"Yes! I hope you’re proud of me, Boss."
"Heh heh... That’s right. I beat you!"
"I’d never let the boss down!"
"That’s right! Team GO Rocket never loses!"
  • GO Fest 2020:
"Hahaha, what a great battle! Happy Team GO Rocket festival! Time to celebrate with my Grunts!"
"First we take over this big event, and now I win a battle? Best day ever!"
"Winning a battle is a great feeling. It’s even better after a take-over!"
  • Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas
"I expected more from you."
Upon being defeated
"You’ll pay for this!"
"This...this can’t be!"
"Us Team GO Rocket Leaders will get you next time!"
"What? But I can’t lose! Boss, I’m so sorry!"
"This defeat only fuels my anger!"
  • GO Fest 2020:
"NO! We can’t lose our Team GO Rocket festival—we’ve come so far!"
"What just happened? Are we going to lose the event?"
"I can’t believe I failed the team."
  • Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas
"At least your strength is being used for the boss’s benefit."
  • Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - Las Vegas
"Give me a look at that Pokémon."
XXS: "Everything’s got a use—even this tiny <Pokémon>."
XS: "What a puny <Pokémon>. Try harder."
S: "Hmph. Small <Pokémon>."
L: "Now that’s a big <Pokémon>."
XL: "There’s big, and then there’s this <Pokémon>."
XXL: "What a massive <Pokémon>! Guess you can have it back...for now."

Special Research

Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn - An Uneasy Alliance
  • 2/6 (if the player is a member of Team Mystic)
"FINALLY. You’ve got some nerve, showing up late. I’ve been waiting an entire 45 seconds!"
"Thought you’d be better at this teamwork business, considering how much time you spend yakking with Professor Willow and that kid with the funky goggles."
"Don’t waste our time apologizing. And don’t bother introducing yourself. We’ve met enough times to skip the pleasantries."
"Let’s get down to business. Our bosses want us to check out a few locations where Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon have appeared."
"Huh? What do you mean, Professor Willow’s not your boss? Whatever. You got the gist."
"Time to get moving. Less talking, more walking!"
  • 3/6 (if the player is a member of Team Mystic)
"Huh. These are decent snapshots."
"What do I need ’em for? Hah! That’s the smartest question you’ve asked all day."
"These’ll help us understand Primal Reversion—the phenomenon where Kyogre and Groudon return to their primal forms. I’ve heard Arlo say it’s kind of like Mega Evolution, but powered by nature’s energy."
"Now you can go give Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon the smackdown."
"What’s that? Of course I’m coming with you. We’re a team today."
"“Can’t leave a partner out to dry.” That’s what we used to say back on the ranch."
"Didn’t know I had a ranch? Guess you wouldn’t. Those days are long gone, anyhow."
"OK, enough chitchat. You and your Pokémon are gonna lead the way, “partner.”"
"You’ve kept up so far. Now show me you’ve got what it takes!"
  • 5/6 (if the player is a member of Team Mystic)
"You’ve calmed Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon a few times now."
"Not bad! I’d promote you if you were on my team. I know good work when I see it."
"In fact, I’m getting the hang of it by watching you. "
"Which means Team GO Rocket’s got no more use for you! "
"So long, “partner”! "
"Don’t tell me you thought we were all best buds now? Pfft... Hahaha!"
"Nothing will shake my loyalty to Team GO Rocket. And don’t you forget it!"