Caterpie Forest

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Frosterpie's Caterpie Forest
"It's Where the Butterfree Flutter Freely and the Caterpie Play All Day"
Language English
Status Archival
Run 1999 - Present
Date opened January 1999
Creator Frosterpie
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum Togepi's Message Board
Mascot Caterpie

The Caterpie Forest is a Pokémon fan site run by Frosterpie. It is also known as FCF (Frosterpie's Caterpie Forest).

FCF was launched in January 1999, where it initially was going to be another information fan site; however, Caterpie Forest quickly became known for the fanfic series, The Adventures of Icy and Sara. FCF has gone though multiple layout changes throughout its history, over ten as of 2009.

Today, FCF remains an archive of Frosterpie's fanfiction. It also has a semi-active forum, titled Togepi Message Board.


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