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These are color codes for the various bag compartments.

Color templates guide


Apricorn color light: F8C038 {{Apricorn color light}}
Apricorn color: F0A018 {{Apricorn color}}
Apricorn color dark: A05840 {{Apricorn color dark}}
Battle items pocket color light: 4880F0 {{Battle items color light}}
Battle items pocket color: 3070E0 {{Battle items color}}
Battle items pocket color dark: 2058C8 {{Battle items color dark}}
Berries pocket color light: 30B858 {{Berries color light}}
Berries pocket color: 20A048 {{Berries color}}
Berries pocket color dark: 188030 {{Berries color dark}}
Cologne color light: DCD7E3 {{Cologne color light}}
Cologne color: BAB1C9 {{Cologne color}}
Cologne color dark: 978CAE {{Cologne color dark}}
Ingredients Pocket color light: DDAE9A {{Ingredients color light}}
Ingredients Pocket color: AD3F0F {{Ingredients color}}
Ingredients Pocket color dark: 70290A {{Ingredients color dark}}
Items pocket color light: D880A8 {{Items color light}}
Items pocket color: C86890 {{Items color}}
Items pocket color dark: B85078 {{Items color dark}}
Key items pocket color light: A058E8 {{Key items color light}}
Key items pocket color: 9048D8 {{Key items color}}
Key items pocket color dark: 7838C0 {{Key items color dark}}
Mail pocket color light: 18A8D0 {{Mail color light}}
Mail pocket color: 1890B0 {{Mail color}}
Mail pocket color dark: 208090 {{Mail color dark}}
Medicine pocket color light: E88050 {{Medicine color light}}
Medicine pocket color: E07038 {{Medicine color}}
Medicine pocket color dark: D86028 {{medicine color dark}}
Poké Balls pocket color light: E0A038 {{Poké Balls color light}}
Poké Balls pocket color: C88820 {{Poké Balls color}}
Poké Balls pocket color dark: B87008 {{Poké Balls color dark}}
TMs and HMs pocket color light: 90C030 {{TMs and HMs color light}}
TMs and HMs pocket color: 80A820 {{TMs and HMs color}}
TMs and HMs pocket color dark: 709018 {{TMs and HMs color dark}}
Treasures Pocket color light: FAE8B4 {{Treasures color light}}
Treasures Pocket color: F2C74E {{Treasures color}}
Treasures Pocket color dark: 9D8133 {{Treasures color dark}}
Z-Crystals pocket color light: CAAD81 {{Z-Crystals color light}}
Z-Crystals pocket color: B48A4B {{Z-Crystals color}}
Z-Crystals pocket color dark: 7E6135 {{Z-Crystals color dark}}