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What is a featured article?
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A featured article should exemplify the goals of Bulbapedia - an accurate, comprehensive and Pokémon-focused encyclopedia. Featured articles should be picked from the very best work on Bulbapedia, although this is not the same as picking from the most detailed or the most accurate.

Featured articles are listed at Bulbapedia:Featured articles.

Qualities of a featured article

Featured articles should consist of well-written prose in paragraphs. The language used should not be too complex, yet not so simple that some meaning is lost. Articles consisting entirely of lists may not qualify, though exceptions can sometimes be made.

Generally, featured articles should cover all known information on the subject. If the article is about a character, location, or similar, it should list all appearances of the subject in all canons especially games, anime, manga, and TCG (where relevant). Articles should be illustrated with a range of high-quality pictures and tables used on the page should be to the current Bulbapedia standard of bright colors and rounded borders.

There should be some distinction between a featured article and articles of lesser quality on a similar subject: it should be clear which articles may be featured and which may not.

Disqualifying notice templates

Pages that have one of the following notice templates are automatically disqualified for featured status, and cannot be nominated: