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273Seedot.png This is an official Bulbapedia policy. In a nutshell:
Simply because something is on the Bulbagarden Forums or Bulbanews does not mean it belongs on Bulbapedia. The reverse is also true.

While unified by a common administration, technical staff, and servers, the departments of Bulbagarden—including the Bulbagarden Forums, Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and the Bulbagarden Archives, among others, are functionally independent. Bulbanews fulfills an information-dissemination and knowledge expansion role within the Bulbagarden network. As a result, it may publish information that is not yet confirmed to the standards of Bulbapedia, or publish information considered too trivial for Bulbapedia, or otherwise publish information not worthy of being put on Bulbapedia. Presence of information on any one part of the Bulbagarden network does not automatically justify its inclusion on any or all other parts of the Bulbagarden network.

The default policy is that information is not automatically transferable between any two parts of Bulbagarden. If requirements for posting differ, the information must meet the quality standards of its destination to be posted there. This should not be taken to mean that under no circumstances can information be transferred. If it meets the quality standards of its destination, it may be transferred freely between all areas of Bulbagarden.

This should not be construed to interfere with or supersede any of the licenses of Bulbapedia, Bulbagarden, or any other website.