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A Bulbapedia namespace is an indicator of what sort of content is maintained on the page. There are currently 22 different valid namespaces on Bulbapedia. The namespace of every page is given in the page title and is shown by the page's prefix. For example, the page "User:Example" is in the User: namespace, and the page "Talk:Pokémon" is in the Talk: namespace.

List of namespaces

Main namespace

This article is in the mainspace.

The mainspace is where all Bulbapedia articles are located. This namespace is unique in that the pages are not prefixed; a page in this namespace would be titled as "Pokémon" rather than "Main:Pokémon". Bulbapedians are encouraged to edit the mainspace productively to improve the content and quality of our encyclopedia.

Only edits made to the mainspace are counted for the list of top contributors.

Talk namespace

The talk namespace is where all discussions related to the mainspace are kept. The discussions on these pages are not intended for chat, speculation, or opinions about the subject, and must comply with Bulbapedia's talk page policy. For casual, non-article related discussion, make use of the Bulbagarden forums.

Every single page, regardless of namespace, has a talk page attached to it. The talk page may or may not have already been created; if not then a red link will appear on the top menu bar. You are welcome to create the page if you have an issue about the page to discuss.

User namespace

The userspace is where registered Bulbapedia users may post a short autobiography about themselves, or test new articles or templates that may be put into the mainspace later on. It is not intended to be a substitute to Facebook; editing the userspace is restricted by the userspace policy.

User talk namespace

The user talk namespace is where users can direct questions, comments, or feedback to other users. Like the talk namespace, it is not for chat or social networking, and must be used for Bulbapedia matters only.

Bulbapedia namespace

The Bulbapedia namespace is for detailing Bulbapedia policy. A large number of pages in this namespace are for staff use only.

It is accompanied by the Bulbapedia talk namespace.

File namespace

The file namespace is where pictures and images are stored. In previous iterations of Mediawiki software, it was known as the image namespace.

All images in the file namespace are stored on the Bulbagarden Archives. For discussion about these images, please refrain from using the file talk namespace on Bulbapedia; instead raise matters in the Archives file talkspace.

MediaWiki namespace

The MediaWiki namespace is the interface with which Bulbapedia interacts. Editing the MediaWiki namespace changes how Bulbapedia appears for its users, and is enabled for bureaucrats and Editorial Board members only. Any user may raise an issue about the MediaWiki software on a MediaWiki talk page, but a faster reply may come from directly speaking with a staff member.

Template namespace

The template namespace is where preprogrammed pages are stored. These templates are designed to be transcluded or substituted onto pages for quick and standardized use.

It is accompanied by the template talk namespace.

Category namespace

The category namespace groups together articles with a similar focus or with similar needs. This allows for easy searching for browsers to Bulbapedia, and allows editors to find articles that need improvement.

Categorization occurs in tree-like structures. Every category is categorized into another category; every page in the mainspace (except the Main Page) must be categorized.

Unlike other namespaces, pages in the category namespace cannot be moved or redirected, and must instead be deleted and recreated if the name is wished to be changed.

Shipping namespace

The shipping namespace is unique to Bulbapedia. All articles related to Pokémon shipping are confined here, as shipping is primarily comprised of speculation, as opposed to the remainder of Bulbapedia, which is based on fact.

Appendix namespace

The appendix namespace is largely used for articles which may be considered "guides" or "strategy" and are not fit for mainspace use. For example, all of Bulbapedia's walkthroughs are contained in the appendix namespace.