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An autoconfirmed user on Bulbapedia is a user who has achieved the following:

  • Has had their account for an automatically determined amount of time
  • Has made a (top secret) number of edits to the mainspace

Autoconfirmed users have the following privileges:

  • Can edit semi-protected pages
  • Can create and edit their userpage
  • Can create articles in the mainspace
  • Can move articles in the mainspace

Bulbapedia places these restrictions on new editors to prevent vandalism or spam on popular pages and to limit breaches of the userspace policy by new contributors who have not yet read the rules.

Normal users can edit most pages, and are notified if the page in question is not editable within the edit window due to protection in place. If being non-autoconfirmed is a problem, consider speaking with a staff member to see if there is a way to resolve the issue.

There is no way for the staff to make your account autoconfirmed: you simply have to comply with the software's requirements.