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Best contributor

This is awarded to contributors whose contributions to Bulbapedia are substantive, major, and numerous. After all, what is an encyclopedia without facts and figures?

Best contributor of 2005: Zeta, ranked 2nd by count and 1st by size, accounting for 6.3% of all counted edits - or in more solid terms - 604,387 bytes added through 1751 edits.

Best new contributor

This is awarded to contributor who seem to be well-versed with MediaWiki, Bulbapedia norms and policies from the moment they start contributing, and who have since made many more good contributions.

Best new contributors of 2005: Ferret, once the developer of a Pokémon encyclopedia with an uncanny similarity to Bulbapedia, naturally had an a head start when he came to Bulbapedia. The exact same thing could be said of Jellochuu, and so they both share the award for 2005.

WikiFairy of the year

A WikiFairy is a contributor whose edits are mostly æsthetic in nature, such as wikifying raw text and formatting data into lists and tables. This is awarded to the most productive WikiFairy of the year.

WikiFairy of the year 2005: Zhen Lin

WikiGnome of the year

A WikiGnome is a contributor whose edits are mostly substantive in nature, but minor, such as adding reference links and correcting writing mistakes. This is awarded to the most productive WikiGnome of the year.

WikiGnome of the year 2005: Jshadias, who had dilligently fixed the typographical errors of others for over half a year.

Special award

We would also like to specially thank two people for contributions that do not fit into any of the above categories:

Meowth346 of Pokémon Forever, possibly the earliest to conceive the idea of a publicly editable Pokémon website, for having supported Bulbapedia in its early stages. He may have left disappointed at the Pokémon community, but we are grateful for what he has contributed to us.

nYoo, for having brought the idea of an open Pokémon encyclopedia to the German community, where it was later picked up by Filb, Matze and Frz: PokéWiki.