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Blossom (Japanese: ツボミ Tsubomi) is a character who appeared in Blossom's Dream, the third episode of the POKÉTOON animated shorts.

Blossom in her youth

She is the daughter of two former Trainers. When she was younger, Blossom watched videos of her father competing in the Galar League in his youth, which inspired her to start a journey of her own and become a Champion. Her mother was not very supportive of this, however. Even so, Blossom bought a large amount of Poké Balls and Potions at the local Poké Mart and ventured into the wild to try and capture a Pokémon. Unfortunately, she proved unsuccessful in capturing several Pokémon.

Eventually, Blossom came across a Nidoran♂ and saved him from an Arbok. Just as she started to bond with Nidoran♂, his parents, a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen, showed up. The parents assumed Blossom meant harm to Nidoran♂ and chased her back to her hometown. The Nidoking and Nidoqueen were stopped from entering the town by a couple of local Trainers using their Pokémon. Meanwhile, Blossom rushed home to get her father's Charizard, Char-ly, to help out. Riding and commanding Char-ly, she was able to put a stop to the fight between Nidoran♂'s parents and the Trainers. Nidoran♂ had become attached to Blossom and chose to stay with her and leave his parents.

Blossom's parents were left impressed with her handling of Char-ly and her ability to stop a conflict. They allowed her to leave on a journey with Nidoran♂ and watched as she left town. At some point in their journey, Nidoran♂ evolved into Nidorino. In a forest, Blossom encountered a Gengar and sent out Nidorino to battle it, having become a capable Trainer of her own.


On hand

Blossom's Nidoran♂

Blossom's Nidorino
Nidoran♂ → Nidorino
Nidoran♂ was originally a wild Pokémon living in a forest. One day, he met a young aspiring Trainer called Blossom. He was saved from an Arbok by Blossom, after which they bonded. Nidoran♂'s parents assumed Blossom meant harm, however, and chased them to Blossom's hometown. Although a fight broke out between Nidoran♂'s parents and a couple of local Trainers, Blossom eventually managed to settle the conflict. Having become attached to Blossom, Nidoran♂ chose to stay with her and leave his parents. Eventually, they set off on a journey together, and along the way, Nidoran♂ evolved into Nidorino. In a forest, Blossom sent him out to battle a Gengar.

None of Nidorino's moves are known.

Debut Blossom's Dream
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
English Lanessa Tremblett


Blossom's father's Char-ly
Char-ly (Japanese: ちょろび Chorobi) is Blossom's father's Charizard. When Blossom's father was younger, he used it to compete in the Galar League, but they were eventually defeated by a female Trainer and her Dragapult. This female Trainer would later on become Blossom's mother.

In the present, Char-ly lived with Blossom and her parents. It had grown old and mostly spent its days sleeping in the garden. When a fight broke out between a wild Nidoking and Nidoqueen and a couple of local Trainers, Blossom called upon Char-ly to help out. Riding and commanding Char-ly, Blossom managed to settle the conflict. Blossom's parents were impressed with her handling of Char-ly and allowed her to leave on a journey. Char-ly later watched as Blossom left town.

Char-ly's known moves are Flamethrower, Fly*, and Fire Blast.

Debut Blossom's Dream
Voice actors
Japanese Tsuguo Mogami
English Zack Sage

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 水瀬いのり Inori Minase
English Danii Meger[1]


Language Name Origin
Japanese ツボミ Tsubomi From 蕾 tsubomi (flower bud) and possibly 夢のつぼみ Yume no Tsubomi (single album by Blossom's Japanese voice actor Inori Minase)
English Blossom From blossom
German Amelia Possibly from Camellia and the name Amelia
Spanish Melisa From melisa (lemon balm)
French Capucine From capucine (nasturtium)
Italian Fiore From fiore (flower)
Chinese (Mandarin) 蕾儿 Lěi'er From 蕾 lěi (bud)
Dutch Tsubomi From her Japanese name
Blossom* Same as her English name
Brazilian Portuguese Nanda Diminutive of given name Fernanda, ultimately derived from Ferdinand, a Germanic name meaning "adventurous" or "brave in peace"
Language Name Origin
Japanese ちょろび Chorobi From ちょろちょろ chorochoro (onomatopoeia for flickering) and 火 hi (fire)
English Char-ly From Charizard and the name Charly
German Ignis From ignis (Latin for fire)
European Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese Charly From its English name
French Paréfeu From Dracaufeu (Charizard) and pare-feu (fire screen)
Italian, Latin American Spanish Charlie Similar to its English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 小星火 Xiǎo Xīnghuǒ From 星火 xīnghuǒ (spark) and 火 huǒ (fire)
Dutch Chorobi From its Japanese name


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