Bill's grandfather

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Bill's grandfather
マサキのおじいさん Masaki's grandfather
HGSS Bills grandfather.png
Gender Male
Hometown Not specified
Region Kanto
Relatives Bill (grandson), granddaughter
Generation I, II, III, IV
Games Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver

Bill's grandfather (Japanese: マサキのおじいさん Masaki's grandfather) is a non-player character from the Kanto region. He is a kind gentleman who has appeared in several generations with different roles between some games.

In Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen Versions, he is the grandfather of Bill, a Pokémon Researcher and inventor who lives at the Sea Cottage. In these games, Bill's grandfather lives in Fuchsia City. His house, which is shared with a woman and Bill's younger sister, is located beside the Fuchsia Gym.

Bill's grandfather's house in Fuchsia City

Bill's family life is further expanded in the storyline of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. More relatives are introduced in Goldenrod City; Bill's grandfather is now housesitting for Bill on Route 25. If spoken to, he will ask to see a certain species of Pokémon. Once the player has brought this to him, he will offer an Evolution stone in reward. Evolution stones are rare in Generation II, and this is one of the few ways to find them. In the remakes of these games, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Bill's grandfather appears in the same role.

Items given

The player can obtain each of these items once.

Item Location Games
Everstone Everstone Show Bill's grandfather LickitungGSCSS or JigglypuffHG  G  S  C  HG  SS 
Leaf Stone Leaf Stone Show Bill's grandfather Oddish  G  S  C  HG  SS 
Water Stone Water Stone Show Bill's grandfather StaryuGSCSS or MarillHG  G  S  C  HG  SS 
Fire Stone Fire Stone Show Bill's grandfather VulpixSSS or GrowlitheGCHG  G  S  C  HG  SS 
Thunder Stone Thunderstone Show Bill's grandfather Pichu  G  S  C  HG  SS 


  • Poké Maniac Brent informs the player over the phone that Bill's grandfather, unlike Bill's father and Bill himself, is not a Poké Maniac.
  • In Generation II, Bill's grandfather asks the player to bring him a round, green Pokémon that has leaves growing on its head, which is Oddish. However, in those games, and in subsequent generations, Oddish's body (unless it is Shiny) is blue. The mistake might have been a translation error caused by the ambiguity of the word あおい aoi, which can mean both blue and green. This is fixed in HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions.
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