Bill's Advice (Jamboree)

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Trainer Supporter
Bill's Advice
This card has not been uploaded.
Expansion Jamboree
English card no. ?/?

Bill's Advice is a Trainer card. It is part of the cancelled Jamboree expansion.

Card text

The effect of this card is unknown. Mike Boozer of Wizards of the Coast alleged that this card was later officially but secretly released as Steven's Advice in EX Hidden Legends, and that the effects were the same.[1] This was in part due to the "hand size clause" present on Steven's Advice, which is similar to a rule in Magic: The Gathering, a game designed by Wizards of the Coast.[2]

Release information

This card was designed for the cancelled Jamboree set, and never officially released. Only two copies are known to exist.


  • This card is named after two different Bills. The first is Bill, the creator of the Pokémon Storage System, and the second Bill was a customer service representative at Wizards of the Coast, who gave advice to playtesters.[1]


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