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Young Bado

(Japanese: バド Bado) is a character who appeared in Pocket Monsters BW: Good Partners.

Bado was once a famous artist who traveled around the world to paint Pokémon with his Munna, Dorry. Sometime later, Dorry died, causing Bado to lose his motivation to paint. He later went to the Dreamyard hoping that his memories of Dorry would help him paint again, but it didn't work.

In BWGP03, Takurō and Mashiro traveled to the Dreamyard, only for Bado to drive them out on the claims they were interrupting hims painting. After learning about Bado from Cress, Mashiro traveled back to the Dreamyard. There, she met with Bado, who explained why he stopped painting. Mashiro presented a postcard of one of Bado's paintings her father sent to her in the past and revealed that it was what inspired her to become a Trainer in the first place.

Encouraged by her gratitude, Bado requested to paint a picture of Mashiro and her Pokémon. As he painted, Bado realized that even though Dorry was no longer with him, its dreams live on in his paintings. Bado is then approached by a group of wild Munna, signifying that he had regained his dreams.


Formerly owned

Bado had a Munna nicknamed Dorry when he was younger. Sometime in the past, it died, which led to Bado losing his ability to paint. After realizing that Dorry's dreams lived on even after it had passed, he regained his ability to paint.

None of Dorry's moves are known.

Debut BWGP03

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