Auroma Park

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Auroma Park

Auroma Park (Japanese: ゼフィオパーク Zefio Park) is a 3-on-3 Quick Battle stage in Pokémon UNITE.


In Auroma Park, there are two goal zones with no team affiliation, so either team can score in them. When a player scores in a goal zone, it creates a temporary bonus where all future scores will be doubled. If a player from the other team scores in the same goal zone, the bonus ends immediately. At 3:00, Regigigas appears. The team that defeats Regigigas is granted shields that double scoring speed and make goals unable to be interrupted, similar to Rayquaza in Theia Sky Ruins.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ゼフィオパーク Zefio Park From zephyr and fiore (Italian for flower)
English Auroma Park From aura (Latin for breeze) and aroma
German Aura-Park From Aura
Spanish Parque Aural From aura
French Jardin des Senteurs From senteur (scent)
Italian Parco Zefiro From zefiro (zephyr)
Korean 아우라파크 Aura Park From aura
Chinese (Mandarin) 奧拉公園 / 奥拉公园 Àolā Gōngyuán From aura
Chinese (Cantonese) 奥拉公园 Oulāai Gūngyún

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