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Astin from Jessie's flashback

Astin was Jessie's childhood crush and a character of the day who appeared in Crossing Paths. Astin also has a present-day lookalike by the name of Austin. His name is not mentioned in the Japanese version.

Astin used to go to the same school that Jessie was in. He left to become a Pokémon Coordinator and, before leaving, asked Jessie to join him on his journey. Jessie was torn between traveling with her crush and staying at school for her debut as a dancer. Jessie ultimately decided to stay at school and has not seen him since his departure.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石井真 Makoto Ishii
English Sean Reyes
Czech Michal Michálek
Finnish Petrus Kähkönen
European French Grégory Praet
Norwegian Erik Skøld
Polish Piotr Makarski
Brazilian Portuguese Douglas Guedes
European Spanish Eduardo del Hoyo


  • Astin shares the same voice actor as Austin in Japanese, Czech, Finnish and Brazilian Portuguese versions.

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