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Name Entry screen

Turn on the Game Boy, and let's get started! Press A or START at the title screen to access the main menu. You will see two options, New Game and Option. Under Option, you may want to set the Text Speed to Fast. Select New Game and press A. Professor Oak welcomes you and gives a brief insight into the world of Pokémon.

After that, he asks for your name. If you don't want a default name, selecting New Name allows you to enter your own, up to seven characters. To remove the last letter entered, press B. Select End in the bottom-right corner to move on and choose a name for your rival, Oak's grandson.

Trainer Default Names
Player Yellow, Ash, Jack
Rival Blue, Gary, John


The game begins in your bedroom, with you standing in front of your SNES. First of all, here's a recap of the controls:

Button Effects
Moves the character; moves the cursor in a menu
A Button Talk to people, push buttons, examine things
B Button Cancels selection, exit a menu
START Opens the menu

The PC in the corner is your item storage system. Your backpack can only hold 20 different items, while the PC can hold up to 50. Deposit Item and Withdraw Item are self-explanatory, and Toss Item lets you get rid of an item permanently. The PC already has a Potion, so select Withdraw Item and choose Potion ×1. Press the B Button to close the menus and return to your bedroom.

To save the game, press START. Select Save, and then Yes. When the menu disappears, your progress is saved. You could then turn off the Game Boy and start from this point at a later time.

To go downstairs, step on the stairs in the top-right corner of the room. Mom is sitting at the table, and tells you that Professor Oak has been looking for you. To leave the building, step on the mat along the bottom wall, and press down on the D-Pad. Welcome to Pallet Town!

Pallet Town

Pallet Town

Pallet Town is a rather boring, quaint town, with only three houses. The house to the west is yours, the one to the east is your rival's house, and the big building to the south is Professor Oak's Lab. You can walk all around town and talk to everyone, but Oak is nowhere to be found. Looks like there's nothing else to do but leave town, so walk into the tall grass north of the town...

From out of nowhere, Oak appears! He yells at you for trying to leave by yourself, without a Pokémon of your own for defense against the wild Pokémon roaming around. He has perfect timing, because a wild Pikachu jumps out of the grass at that very moment. Oak throws a single Poké Ball and catches the electric mouse. He drags you back to the lab, and offers you the Pokémon sitting in the Poké Ball on his table, but your rival snatches it away from you. Instead, Oak gives you the freshly-caught Pikachu. This mouse will remain a Pikachu, and refuse to evolve.

Spr 1y 025.png

On your way out, your rival challenges you to your first battle.

Now, it is important to remember that your rival's team later on in the game is dependent upon how this battle turns out. If you want your rival's Eevee to evolve into an Electric type, win this battle and win the one that comes next. If you want your rival's Eevee to evolve into a Water type, lose this battle. If you want your rival's Eevee to evolve into a Fire type, then win this battle and lose or skip the next one.

Oak's grandson runs off, and your new Pikachu jumps out of its Poké Ball. Oak says that you should let it follow behind you to make it happy. Pikachu was fully healed after the battle, so you are all set to leave your hometown.

Route 1

Route 1
The Poké Mart worker

Route 1 is a short path that connects Pallet Town to Viridian City in the north. Without Poké Balls, you cannot catch any of the wild Pidgey or Rattata yet, but you can still battle a few to earn Pikachu some experience. The man at the south end of the route works at the Poké Mart in Viridian, and gives you a free Potion as a sample.

Viridian City, back to Pallet Town, Route 2, Viridian Forest Part 2 →

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