Appendix:Mystery Dungeon walkthrough/Recruitable Pokémon

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This is a list of all the recruitable Pokémon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team with their locations.

Number Image Name Where to Get
001 001MS.png Bulbasaur Joyous Tower
002 002MS.png Ivysaur Western Cave
004 004MS.png Charmander Fiery Field
005 005MS.png Charmeleon Fiery Field
007 007MS.png Squirtle Waterfall Pond
008 008MS.png Wartortle Northwind Field
009 009MS.png Blastoise Western Cave
010 010MS.png Caterpie Wish Cave
011 011MS.png Metapod Joyous Tower
013 013MS.png Weedle Silent Chasm
Mt. Thunder
Joyous Tower
Oddity Cave
014 014MS.png Kakuna Joyous Tower
016 016MS.png Pidgey Howling Forest
017 017MS.png Pidgeotto Mt. Thunder
Oddity Cave
019 019MS.png Rattata Thunderwave Cave
Wish Cave
021 021MS.png Spearow Mt. Steel
Pitfall Valley
Remains Island
023 023MS.png Ekans Western Cave
025 025MS.png Pikachu Lightning Field
027 027MS.png Sandshrew Magma Cavern
Buried Relic
Desert Region
Joyous Tower
029 029MS.png Nidoran♀ Thunderwave Cave
030 030MS.png Nidorina Lapis Cave
Wish Cave
032 032MS.png Nidoran♂ Mt. Thunder
Wish Cave
Oddity Cave
033 033MS.png Nidorino Lapis Cave
Wish Cave
035 035MS.png Clefairy Joyous Tower
037 037MS.png Vulpix Fiery Field
039 039MS.png Jigglypuff Wish Cave
Joyous Tower
041 041MS.png Zubat Lapis Cave
Murky Cave
042 042MS.png Golbat Lapis Cave
Buried Relic
Wish Cave
Murky Cave
043 043MS.png Oddish Sinister Woods
Wyvern Hill
044 044MS.png Gloom Silent Chasm
046 046MS.png Paras Silent Chasm
048 048MS.png Venonat Uproar Forest
Western Cave
Murky Cave
050 050MS.png Diglett Southern Cavern
Joyous Tower
052 052MS.png Meowth Western Cave
054 054MS.png Psyduck Joyous Tower
056 056MS.png Mankey Uproar Forest
058 058MS.png Growlithe Mt. Thunder
060 060MS.png Poliwag Silent Chasm
Northwind Field
Waterfall Pond
061 061MS.png Poliwhirl Northwind Field
Waterfall Pond
063 063MS.png Abra Buried Relic
Wish Cave
Solar Cave
064 064MS.png Kadabra Buried Relic
Wish Cave
Solar Cave
066 066MS.png Machop Buried Relic
Wish Cave
067 067MS.png Machoke Fiery Field
Buried Relic
069 069MS.png Bellsprout Wish Cave
072 072MS.png Tentacool Stormy Sea
Silver Trench
Grand Sea
Marvelous Sea
Fantasy Strait
073 073MS.png Tentacruel Stormy Sea
Silver Trench
Grand Sea
074 074MS.png Geodude Mt. Steel
Buried Relic
Wish Cave
Southern Cavern
075 075MS.png Graveler Magma Cavern
Buried Relic
Wish Cave
Southern Cavern
Joyous Tower
076 076MS.png Golem Magma Cavern
Mt. Faraway
Buried Relic
Wish Cave
Southern Cavern
Joyous Tower
077 077MS.png Ponyta Joyous Tower
079 079MS.png Slowpoke Stormy Sea
Silver Trench
Grand Sea
Far-off Sea
Marvelous Sea
Fantasy Strait
081 081MS.png Magnemite Automatic when Friend Areas become purchasable
Lightning Field
Wish Cave
102 102MS.png Exeggcute Howling Forest
104 104MS.png Cubone Southern Cavern
108 108MS.png Lickitung Western Cave
113 113MS.png Chansey Joyous Tower
115 115MS.png Kangaskhan Western Cave
118 118MS.png Goldeen Waterfall Pond
129 129MS.png Magikarp Waterfall Pond
131 131MS.png Lapras Far-off Sea
133 133MS.png Eevee Joyous Tower
137 137MS.png Porygon Buried Relic
143 143MS.png Snorlax Howling Forest
144 144MS.png Articuno Frosty Forest
145 145MS.png Zapdos Mt. Thunder Peak
146 146MS.png Moltres Mt. Blaze Peak
148 148MS.png Dragonair Wyvern Hill
150 150MS.png Mewtwo Western Cave
151 151MS.png Mew Buried Relic

Chikorita - Celebi

Number Image Name Where to Get
152 152MS.png Chikorita Joyous Tower
153 153MS.png Bayleef Western Cave
155 155MS.png Cyndaquil Joyous Tower
156 156MS.png Quilava Fiery Field
158 158MS.png Totodile Waterfall Pond
161 161MS.png Sentret Sinister Woods
170 170MS.png Chinchou Silver Trench
172 172MS.png Pichu Joyous Tower
173 173MS.png Cleffa Wish Cave
175 175MS.png Togepi Wish Cave
179 179MS.png Mareep Lightning Field
180 180MS.png Flaaffy Lightning Field
183 183MS.png Marill Wish Cave
185 185MS.png Sudowoodo Sinister Woods
187 187MS.png Hoppip Pitfall Valley
190 190MS.png Aipom Uproar Forest
191 191MS.png Sunkern Wish Cave
203 203MS.png Girafarig Solar Cave
209 209MS.png Snubbull Western Cave
215 215MS.png Sneasel Buried Relic
220 220MS.png Swinub Sinister Woods
223 223MS.png Remoraid Silver Trench
225 225MS.png Delibird Northwind Field
226 226MS.png Mantine Grand Sea
236 236MS.png Tyrogue Mt. Steel
238 238MS.png Smoochum Joyous Tower
241 241MS.png Miltank Western Cave
243 243MS.png Raikou Lightning Field
244 244MS.png Entei Fiery Field
245 245MS.png Suicune Northwind Field
246 246MS.png Larvitar Southern Cavern
249 249MS.png Lugia Silver Trench
250 250MS.png Ho-Oh Mt. Faraway
251 251MS.png Celebi Purity Forest

Treecko - Deoxys

Number Image Name Where to Get
252 252MS.png Treecko Joyous Tower
253 253MS.png Grovyle Western Cave
255 255MS.png Torchic Joyous Tower
256 256MS.png Combusken Fiery Field
258 258MS.png Mudkip Waterfall Pond
259 259MS.png Marshtomp Mt. Faraway
260 260MS.png Swampert Western Cave
263 263MS.png Zigzagoon Mt. Steel
265 265MS.png Wurmple Joyous Tower
266 266MS.png Silcoon Sinister Woods
270 270MS.png Lotad Waterfall Pond
271 271MS.png Lombre Waterfall Pond
274 274MS.png Nuzleaf Uproar Forest
276 276MS.png Taillow Joyous Tower
280 280MS.png Ralts Wish Cave
281 281MS.png Kirlia Solar Cave
283 283MS.png Surskit Waterfall Pond
294 294MS.png Loudred Howling Forest
296 296MS.png Makuhita Buried Relic
300 300MS.png Skitty Joyous Tower
302 302MS.png Sableye Darknight Relic
313 313MS.png Volbeat Northwind Field
315 315MS.png Roselia Uproar Forest
316 316MS.png Gulpin Buried Relic
327 327MS.png Spinda Joyous Tower
339 339MS.png Barboach Waterfall Pond
341 341MS.png Corphish Waterfall Pond
345 345MS.png Lileep Silver Trench
346 346MS.png Cradily Silver Trench
349 349MS.png Feebas Waterfall Pond
351 351MS.png Castform Mt. Faraway
369 369MS.png Relicanth Silver Trench
377 377MS.png Regirock Buried Relic
378 378MS.png Regice Buried Relic
379 379MS.png Registeel Buried Relic
380 380MS.png Latias Pitfall Valley
381 381MS.png Latios Northern Range
382 382MS.png Kyogre Stormy Sea
383 383MS.png Groudon Magma Cavern Pit
384 384MS.png Rayquaza Sky Tower Summit
385 385MS.png Jirachi Wish Cave
386 386MS.png Deoxys Meteor Cave
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