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Tiny Woods

Waking Up

Where am I?
Am I dreaming this?
I feel a pleasant breeze.
...I hear a voice from somewhere...
I wonder who it is?

Those are the opening words of Mystery Dungeon.

Then your partner comes over and wakes you up. You say you are a human and he looks confused, and says that you look like a normal Pokémon. You look down at yourself and freak out. He asks for your name, which you will tell him. No matter what name you choose, your partner will laugh at it. Suddenly, a Butterfree will fly over and ask for your help to save her child, Caterpie, who has fallen into a fissure. While trying to rescue Caterpie, Butterfree got attacked by Pokémon. You and your partner decide to help.

Tiny Woods Pokémon

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Pidgey (Pokémon) Pidgey 1-3 1 Unrecruitable
Sunkern (Pokémon) Sunkern 1-3 1 Unrecruitable
Wurmple (Pokémon) Wurmple 1-3 1 Unrecruitable
Exeggcute (Pokémon) Exeggcute 3 1 Unrecruitable

To rescue Caterpie, you need to clear this 4-floored dungeon. To attack wild Pokémon, press A to use your regular attack that has infinite PP. However, it's weak. To use Moves, open the menu, select "Moves" and the attack you want to use.

On each floor you will find items. You can put them in the tool box by simply walking over them. To progress through each floor you have to walk on the stairs and choose to proceed. The stairs are shown with a blue outline of a square on the map.

Clearing the dungeon should be easy. To make the partner help you, use "Team"-option in the menu to select partner's IQ skills. For example, the IQ skill "Exclusive Move-User" makes partner stop using the regular attack.

At the 4th floor you will find Caterpie. After you rescue it, Butterfree will give you an Oran Berry, a Pecha Berry, and a Rawst Berry. Your partner will then show you your home. You will be asked whether or not you want to form a rescue team. In order to progress, you have to answer yes. Your partner allows you to choose your team's name. After that, you sleep in your new home.

Thunderwave Cave


You will not be able to leave your house until you save the game. To save you have to walk onto your bed. You will then fall asleep. After you wake up you will be able to leave the house. Your partner will be sleeping outside and will say that he fell asleep while waiting for you. You will then check the mail and find a Rescue team starter kit. Your partner then explains things found inside it, including a Toolbox for storing items. A Pelipper will now fly over and deliver a letter to you. The letter is from Magnemite saying that it heard of you from Caterpie and needs your help to rescue two other Magnemite.

You will not be able to go to Pokémon Square or the Friend Areas until you complete this mission.

Thunderwave Cave Pokémon

Thunderwave Cave has 6 floors with Magnemite on the 6th.

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Rattata (Pokémon) Rattata 1-3 3 9.5%
Nidoran♀ (Pokémon) Nidoran♀ 1-3 4 13.3%
Poochyena (Pokémon) Poochyena 1-3 3 8.2%
Voltorb (Pokémon) Voltorb 3-5 3 8.1%
Elekid (Pokémon) Elekid 4-5 4 10.3%
Plusle (Pokémon) Plusle 4-5 R 3 35%
Minun (Pokémon) Minun 4-5 B 3 35%

This dungeon will be a little harder. You will notice that there are some gray tiles with green arrows in some rooms. Those are Wonder Tiles. They return decreased and increased stats to normal. Some Moves enemy Pokémon use (like Tail Whip) will lower your stats.

You will discover some new items like Seeds. Seeds can be eaten or thrown at enemy Pokémon. When you pick up an item, a message telling what item does will be displayed, so you don't need to worry about eating wrong seeds.

Another new item you might find is Gravelerock. Gravelerocks can be thrown at enemy Pokémon to damage them by 20. Gravelerocks can be devastating at the beginning of the game.

After bringing Magnemite to safety you will be rewarded with some items.

Next day you won't find any rescue missions on your mailbox. Your partner knows where to get them, and you head to Pokémon Square.

Mt. Steel

You can now visit Pokémon Square, so take advantage of the shops there. Two Kecleon run shops where you can buy supplies, TMs and Wonder Orbs. Kangaskhan runs Kangaskhan Storage where you can store items. Gulpin runs Gulpin Link Shop. There you can link moves and remember forgotten moves. Persian runs Felicity Bank, where you can store money.

Another must-visit is the Pelipper Post Office. There is a Bulletin Board where you can view and accept rescue jobs. Complete at least two jobs to progress to the next story sequence.

In the morning, a Dugtrio will come and ask for you to save Diglett who is located on the 9th floor of Mt. Steel.

Mt. Steel Pokémon

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Spearow (Pokémon) Spearow 1-4 4 11.9%
Baltoy (Pokémon) Baltoy 1-4 5 5.6%
Zigzagoon (Pokémon) Zigzagoon 1-5 5 8.5%
Aron (Pokémon) Aron 1-8 6 7.8%
Geodude (Pokémon) Geodude 5-8 5 9.1%
Meditite (Pokémon) Meditite 5-8 6 5.5%
Tyrogue (Pokémon) Tyrogue 5-8 5 8%
Beldum (Pokémon) Beldum 6-8 5 7.8%
Pinsir (Pokémon) Pinsir 7-8 6 8.3%
Skarmory (Pokémon) Skarmory 9 10 Unrecruitable Boss
Skarmory only appears the first time the player clears the dungeon.

If you gained a few levels from Rescue jobs, this dungeon won't be a challenge. You will find new items, including Wonder Orbs and Gummis. Wonder Orbs perform special actions, such as escaping from dungeons. Eating Gummis raises IQ and sometimes gives new IQ skills.

After clearing all 8 floors, you need to fight a Skarmory.

Fighting Skarmory

Skarmory's moves

Spr 3r 227.png
Steel Flying
Held item:
Skarmory Lv.10

Skarmory will be an easy fight. If your attacks don't do a lot of damage, throw Gravelerocks at it. Eventually you should defeat your first boss and rescue Diglett with help of the Magnemite you saved earlier.

Dungeon tips

  • If your HP is low, hold A and B together. This will heal you by 1 HP. Hold down as long as it takes to completely heal, keeping in mind that every 1 HP healed is 1 turn taken.
  • When fighting enemy Pokémon, instead of walking forward and letting them have the first attack, throw a Gravelerock, press A, or heal. That way, they will come forward and you will get the first attack.

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