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Anenga was a website created by Anenga, the creator of Bulbagarden and whose real name is Chris Kaleiki. The site was created after Bulbagarden went down in 2001.


About the site

The name Anenga comes from "Anime, Entertainment, and Games". Little information was released outside of Chris's circle of closest confidants regarding the purpose of the website, and there was much speculation as to what the site would be about. Initially, Anenga was going to be the first product of a proprietary software Chris was developing with a friend, however this changed at some point early in production stages.

Inactivity and closing

After the first Anenga forums opened in 2002, and following the release of some demo pages, the site appeared to cease development. Chris wasn't heard from for an extended period, and the site was never completed, having been closed later. If it had been launched, the website was intended to become a social news platform using the TikiWiki engine to allow for people to contribute and update news and concept. This idea was later adapted by Archaic for Bulbagarden, and as such the Anenga concept could be considered as the basis for Bulbapedia and Bulbanews.


  • Anenga/Chris (founder-owner)
  • Chibi Goku (moderator)
  • Beren (moderator)
  • Asher (moderator)
  • Wooper (moderator)
  • sam (moderator)
  • GaladrieloftheOlden (moderator)
  • Draizuh tubojunkee (moderator)
  • Paragon (moderator)
  • Cinderella (moderator)

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