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Trak Nar (b. January 16, 1981) is a freelance artist based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She has been an editor on Wookieepedia for 5+ years, where she is an administrator. She also administrates the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, is a member of Wikia's Community Council, and has editing history on the Sonic News Network, the Mobius Encyclopaedia, the Mega Man Knowledge Bank, and the TARDIS File.

While Star Wars will always be her first love, Trak enjoys the Pokémon franchise. She was introduced to the games when she was sixteen, and was an avid viewer of the anime. She had stopped following the games after Generation III, and had only recently renewed her interest when her favorite Pokémon had seen renewed relevance.

Trak's favorite Pokémon is Mewtwo.