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034.png This user identifies as male.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
628.png This user comes from the United States.


Spr 4d 484.png This user is a player of Pokémon Pearl Version.
644.png This user is a player of Pokémon White Version.
Spr 3r 245.png This user is a player of Pokémon LiquidCrystal Version.
791Solgaleo.png This user is a player of Pokémon Sun.
395Empoleon.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Empoleon.
512Simisage.png This user's favorite Grass-type Pokémon is Simisage.
631Heatmor.png This user's favorite Fire-type Pokémon is Heatmor.
395Empoleon.png This user's favorite Water-type Pokémon is Empoleon.


Sun Moon Sophocles.png This user enjoys video gaming.
Spr DP Fisherman.png This user enjoys fishing.
XY Swimmer M.png This user enjoys swimming.
Spr HGSS Boarder.png This user enjoys snowboarding.

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Each one of us wants a pre-evolution!
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Each one of us wants a mega evolution!