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Hi, I'm Manga-in-a-Bottle. My contributions to Bulbapedia are relatively minor, but sometimes the little things are the ones that make the big difference, right?

My Contributions

  • Miscellaneous trivia on the origins and inspirations of various Pokémon
  • Uploaded a mass of trainer headshots for Colosseum and XD (long time ago)

Random Fan-Crap

New Pokés I'd like to see

  • leech with a mosquito evo
  • Fossil -- dodo with a elephant bird evo
  • A pre-evo for Doduo -- Douno, which looks like a kiwi... I like kiwis :D
  • A Grass/Rock regional form for Sudowoodo
  • Numeral forms for Unown
  • electric/fighting regional form for Parchirizu
  • electric/psychic regional form for Plusle & Minun
  • a evolution linking Luvdisc & Mamanbou
  • A three-leaf clover with a rare four-leaf form
  • Hallucigenia -- that thing is BEGGING to be a Pokémon!

New Moves I'd like to see

  • Transform II -- randomly transform into a Pokémon you've already seen, with a random moveset that random Poké can learn in-game
  • Acid Rain -- a poison-type weather move

New Features I'd like to see

  • Non-catchable boss Fakemon. Like maybe you battle a Mecha being controlled by the baddies or something like that...
  • Seasonal events, like Halloween, Christmas, ect

Random theories

  • Eugene is Eusine's real name, Eusine simply being a nickname based on his love for Suicune
  • Vincent's full name is Vincent Jackson. He only gives his first name to his closest friends.
  • The tearm PI stands for Poker Idol

Yes, I am a shameless nerd..