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About Me

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I first became interested in Pokémon way back in 1999. Although I became obsessed with the anime at that time, I was only able to watch it a few times a week. As with any other newbie Pokémon fan, my favorite Pokémon had been Pikachu. I was also able to play Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow, as well as Pokémon Crystal. After that, I started to lose interest with Pokémon because I became less and less updated. Then, Ruby and Sapphire showed up and Pokémon Fever came back to me.

As of now, I have finished playing Pokémon Diamond. I am also currently playing Pokémon Platinum, concentrating on using Ash's current Pokémon team as well as his other Pokémon with Professor Oak and those he had released (I know it sounds lame and all but what would you expect; I'm an avid fan of both the anime and the game!).

Pokémon White Team

I'm kind of happy with my team now, since I really like [odd] dual-type Pokémon.

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