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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

PokéShipping is one of the many names given to the Ash/Misty coupling supported by many fans of the Pokémon anime. Besides being supported by many fans it is also the most popular form of Shipping in Pokémon.


Misty's List of Evidence

Most other shippers agree that Misty's love for Ash is undeniable. In fact, out of all the major and secondary characters, she is the only one who has made her romantic intentions apparent. This evidence became more prevalent throughout the Orange Season.

  • Ash Catches A Pokémon
Ash, willing to continue his journey alone, is followed by Misty. Upon noticing her pursuit in Viridian Forest, Ash puts her on the spot and asks her, "Why are you still following me?". Misty sweatdrops and unconvincingly stutters back, "M...My bike! I'm holding you responsible for my bike!". Her obvious insincerity clearly shows the bike isn't the reason she is following Ash.
Why she is following him is made apparent near the end of the episode where she says "I've never known anyone like him. He really does love Pokémon". She does so in body language befitting that of an infatuated girl. Also, in her statement, it is pretty much implied that she has an interest in knowing Ash, who at this point, is a total stranger; a textbook case of a sudden crush.
  • Poké Ball Peril
Team Rocket introduces the concept of PokéShipping officially into the anime. Near the end of the episode, James says "I think we may have captured a pair of romantic creatures in our little cage" after which Jessie swoons and Meowth blurts out, "They're lovebirds!". The idea of Ash and Misty as a couple becomes the major sub-theme throughout the subsequent Orange Season, culminating into events in the 2nd movie. Ash and Misty deny it all, of course.
  • Navel Maneuvers
Danny, the Navel Island Gym Leader, quickly picks up on the nature of Ash and Misty's relationship during one of their arguments and says, "I can see the two of you are pretty close". After Misty asks what he meant by that, he replied, "What's that saying? 'You always hurt the one you love...". Danny, much like Team Rocket before him, is clearly observing something beyond friendship between Ash and Misty, thus reconfirming the idea of AAML in the Orange Season.
  • Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon
After the Nidoran kiss and evolve, Tracey comments about whether the battle or the kiss made them evolve. The idea of kissing embarrasses Misty and provokes Ash to ask the question, "Do people change when they get kissed?", after which Misty answers to him, "Guess we'll have to find out ourselves..." It doesn't get any more obvious than that.
  • Misty Meets Her Match
This entire episode alone serves as conclusive evidence that Misty not only likes Ash but possibly has developed a case of young love for him. Rudy, the Trovita Island Gym Leader, has a case of "love at first sight" with Misty after she saves his sister Mahri. After several advances from Rudy, Misty agrees to what is essentially an impromptu date with Rudy, leaving Ash and Tracey to themselves.
According to accounts of the original Japanese version, during the dance after the date, Rudy not only asked Misty to stay on the island, but to marry him. What is significant here is that Misty was actually considering his proposal, evidenced by the fact that she didn't refuse him outright. Throughout Ash's gym battle with Rudy, Misty clearly showed which boy meant more to her, finally rooting for Ash in the end. Rudy finally sums up the entire theme of this episode in three words, "She wants him," thus continuing the theme of AAML along with Danny and Team Rocket.
P2K, otherwise known as 'The Power of One', or 'Revelation Lugia' is the conclusion to everything related to Misty's love for Ash in the Orange Season. In this movie, Misty gets competition in the form of Melody, the Festival Maiden of the Legend Ceremony. Melody, upon greeting our heroes, immediately comes up to Ash and plants a kiss on his cheek, provoking a glare of jealousy from Misty. Also, after Melody's performance at the festival party, she quickly kneels in front of Ash and grabs hold of his arm, provoking Misty to gasp and growl again in subdued jealousy.
What really confirms Misty's love once and for all is found near the end of the movie, when Misty openly admits to Melody that Ash is "her burden" and goes off to rescue him in Melody's place, essentially cementing a "desired exclusivity" with Ash.
  • The Light Fantastic
When Misty introduces Ash to this ep's Nurse Joy, Joy quickly exclaims, "What a little cutie!", referring to Pikachu on Ash's head. But Misty and Brock mistakenly think she's referring to Ash. Brock is left completely shocked, but Misty not only gets shocked, but quickly develops the same jealous expression she displayed when Melody flirted with Ash; proof positive she still has the same feelings for Ash even in the notoriously unshippy Johto season.
  • The Heartbreak of Brock
While giving a pep talk to Brock about pursuing a possible relationship with Temaku, Misty says, "Take it from me, it's a lot easier to like someone who likes you than to like someone who doesn't." Brock then asks her "How do you know?", after which Misty gasps, blushes, then coyly replies "Well that's...what I've heard..." Misty is clearly referring to her crush on Ash. It is clear she is not referring to Brock (much to the dismay of GymShippers) since she is openly encouraging Brock to pursue Temaku, and her history clearly shows she wants Ash.
  • Love, Pokémon Style
When Macy first invites Ash out to lunch, Misty quickly cuts in between the two and comments that Ash is "booked". Later in the same scene, Macy question's Misty's right to interrupt in Ash's personal affairs when she's not his girlfriend. Misty looks quite unimpressed as Macy continues to flirt with Ash.
  • Gotta Catch Ya Later

Editor's note: This episode is currently under debate on the merits of some scenes. Therefore this episode's entry should be considered incomplete.

The departure of Misty from the group is a very emotional affair. After all is said and done, Misty says to herself, "Well, Ash Ketchum, finally, I know how you feel about me".
  • A Date With Delcatty
In the original version, Misty initially rejects Georgio because there is "someone else". Taking into account of Misty's evident feelings in the series prior to this episode, it is inferred that Misty was making a reference to Ash.
  • Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing
When discussing the romantic issues between the Luvdisc, the way by which Misty encourages Luverin to never give up is delivered with such intensity that it is implied that she shares the same attitude for her feelings towards Ash.

Ash's List of Evidence

Even PokéShippers will admit that Ash has not shown any overt proof of liking Misty. This reality often provokes shippers opposed to PokéShipping (especially PalletShippers) to question Ash's sexual orientation as well. However, what we do believe is that Ash is capable of liking Misty, and furthermore, that Ash is undeniably heterosexual. This list combines evidence of both those facts.

  • School of Hard Knocks
Ash and Brock gawk and blush over a picture of Giselle, the top beginner at Pokémon Tech. Later in this episode when Giselle appears in person, Ash grows big puppy dog eyes, blushes heavily, and comments, "She's real pretty, isn't she?". Much to the dismay of PalletShippers, this proves that Ash is attracted to females. Ash has never shown any definitive attraction to his own sex.
  • Ghost of Maiden's Peak:
Our hero does a double take when Misty appears with her hair down and dressed in a formal kimono. Upon seeing her, the camera switches to his perspective, the bubbly background usually associated with passionate moments is used, romantic harp strings are played, and Misty's surprised facial expression clearly shows she is being looked at with interest. Also, the entire theme of the episode was romance-oriented, so it's only logical to assume this scene between Ash and Misty is as well.
  • Princess vs. Princess
Ash, thinking Misty is entering the Princess Festival Contest to take a picture with the movie star host, gets a little jealous, groaning with his arms crossed, "You must really want that picture with Fiorello...". Surprisingly, Misty reassures him she's only doing it for the doll set. Ash, whether he's aware of it or not, feels threatened by the presence of another male in Misty's life.
  • Navel Maneuvers
Climbing Navel Island's central mountain, Misty tells Danny the gym leader to be extra careful. Seeing how much concern Misty is giving to Danny, Ash with the same jealous expression yells, "What's she so worried about him for?!". He's distracted so much by Misty's little crush on Danny that he loses his concentration and falls down the mountain a bit. Much like his behavior in "Princess vs. Princess", another male getting Misty's attention seems to bother him.


For those already convinced about PokéShipping, there do exist events which suggest inconclusively, something along the lines of romance. But the difference between hints and proofs are that proofs are essentially ironclad and undebatable in contemporary debate, whereas hints are quite debatable, and are open to interpretation. The following is a listing of some that are considered to be debatable hints, all of which vary in strength and worth.

  • Showdown at Pewter City
Misty is surprisingly eager to start a Pokémon-sharing relationship with Ash in this episode and gets very upset when Ash refuses. Later, while Ash is charging up Pikachu's electric sacs, Misty again offers help to Ash and gets snubbed. She then grumbles and says, "What do I care..." and runs off. Misty somewhat admits by her behavior and dialogue that she's really interested in getting to know him better.
  • Clefairy and the Moon Stone
Misty, at the beginning of this episode, continually keeps mentioning how "romantic" the surroundings are. She continues to do this not only in this episode, but subsequent episodes as well.
  • The Waterflowers of Cerulean City
At the outskirts of Cerulean City, Misty attempts to dissuade Ash from going into the city by tempting him to go to Vermilion City. She does so by mentioning the "neat Pokémon, the yachts pulling into the harbor, and a spot way up on a hill where you can sit and watch a romantic sunset". The mentioning of a romantic scene subtly suggests what she might have intended for all along, especially with how many times she's talked about romantic things in previous episodes.
  • Pokémon Scent-sation!
Misty unaware that Ash is disguised as a girl among the crowd, using the same girlish demeanor she used in "Ash Catches A Pokémon", dreamily admits to the group, "I wish Ash would've heard that story..." She openly is expressing a desire for Ash's presence.
Also, during Ash's gym battle with Erika, the girls in the crowd start acknowledging Ash's skill and how much more impressive he is than he looks, provoking Misty to smile with reassurance.
  • The Legend of Dratini
At the beginning of this episode, Ash is marching and singing the show's theme song (I think). Misty is right behind him and longingly stares at him until they reach the Safari Zone warden's house. After Ash sings out his last lines, Misty imitates his enthusiasm and sings her own lines as well. You know the old saying, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
  • March of the Exeggutor Squad
Misty goes into perhaps the most extreme fits of blushing in the history of the series, all provoked by a simple compliment from Ash about her skimpy stage outfit. No one blushes like that out of mere embarrassment. She clearly holds Ash's opinion of her in exclusive priority.
  • The Misty Mermaid
At the end of this episode, Ash tells Misty how amazing she was at her performance of the underwater play. Misty disproportionately calls Ash's comments "sweet talk" and reminds him of the bike he owes her, something she supposedly forgot about back on Cinnabar Island.
  • Make Room for Gloom
Upon arriving at the Xanadu Nursery, Brock spies on a pretty girl behind the window, after which Ash comes to look and says he doesn't see a pretty girl. Misty then says, "Just turn around" and giggles, clearly addressing Ash. Ash then jokes about her hallucinating, then starts chuckling.
Ash, finally spotting a Gloom behind the window, asks Brock if "he's getting 'misty' over a gloom," This causes Misty to pull Ash's mouth wide with her fingers and ask him what is he saying about her, mistaking Ash's 'misty' comment with herself. Both seem to be blushing in the midst of their playfulness.
  • Forest Grumps
At the beginning of the episode, Ash and Misty are surprisingly close to one another while tending to their Pokémon. Brock on the other hand is away from them asleep behind a tree.
Upon reunion, Ash and Misty exclaim each other's names in joy while the camera focuses on their faces. What's interesting to note is how the scripting and animation seem to focus just on their reunion alone.
  • Scott and The Battle Frontier!!
When Ash finally arrives home after his travels in Hoenn, he finds Misty at his house. She makes a point of being there, specifically so that she could see Ash as soon as he arrived back from Hoenn even though she apparently has no idea how soon exactly he would be returning. For all she knew, she could have been expecting a wait spanning multiple weeks.
Azurill is a good excuse to go down there but it does not explain her behaviour:
Why did she stay at Ash's mother's house, and not at the Oak labs?
Why was she waiting at Ash's mother's house for days and days for Ash's arrival, especially given that they didn't know exactly how long Ash would take to return?
Why was she so concerned about getting to see Ash as soon as he arrived?
How can her somewhat wistfully delivered line of how Ash is the same as always be explained?
Why couldn't she have simply delayed her trip down there until Ash had already arrived?

Alternate names

PokéShipping, as with many of the more popular Ships, is known by a variety of different names. Following the emergence of PokéShipping from amongst these as the de-facto standard, the other names have become associated with certain groups within the PokéShipping fandom, or certain methods of shipping. A prominent few are detailed below.

  • GakiShipping - An early term coined around the same time as TwerpShipping, the name was originally meant to be descriptive of both Ash & Misty being gakis (Gaki being a somewhat rude way to refer to a child in Japanese), but has since evolved to describe the actual shipper, and is now used only in an insulting manner towards shippers (Not necessarily just PokéShippers) who use flimsy evidence to support their position, or otherwise act childish
  • SatoKasu - The original (Japanese) term for the ship, using the standard Japanese naming method of combining the first 2 characters from each characters name, starting with the dominant character.
  • TwerpShipping - The original (English) name for the ship, the term is currently used primarily only amongst users on TRHQ, and by those who primarily associate themselves with RocketShippingShipping.

Notable PokéShippers