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Babel is the set of language usertags on Bulbapedia that indicate what languages are known by a user. There are currently ten specific languages on Bulbapedia that have their own usertags (seven of them are tags that range from 1, a basic knowledge of the language in question, to N, native knowledge of the language).

Here at Bulbapedia, we encourage active participation in our affiliated wikis, and so anyone who is able to understand and contribute to the others, please do.

Current languages used by Encyclopaediae Pokémonis
Level Encyclopaediae Pokemonis.png
en This user is a native speaker of English.
Template:User de-N Template:User ja-N Template:User pl-N Template:User fr-N Template:User pt-N Template:User es-N
4 Template:User en-4 Template:User de-4 Template:User ja-4 Template:User pl-4 Template:User fr-4 Template:User pt-4 Template:User es-4
3 Template:User en-3 Template:User de-3 Template:User ja-3 Template:User pl-3 Template:User fr-3 Template:User pt-3 Template:User es-3
2 Template:User en-2 Template:User de-2 Template:User ja-2 Template:User pl-2 Template:User fr-2 Template:User pt-2 Template:User es-2
1 Template:User en-1 Template:User de-1 Template:User ja-1 Template:User pl-1 Template:User fr-1 Template:User pt-1 Template:User es-1

Other languages used by Bulbapedia users
Level Hebrew Dutch Russian Latin Italian
N Template:User he-N Template:User nl-N Template:User ru-N Template:User la-N template:User it-N
4 Template:User he-4 Template:User nl-4 Template:User ru-4 Template:User la-4 template:User it-4
3 Template:User he-3 template:User nl-3 Template:User ru-3 Template:User la-3 template:User it-3
2 Template:User he-2 template:User nl-2 Template:User ru-2 Template:User la-2 template:User it-2
1 Template:User he-1 template:User nl-1 Template:User ru-1 Template:User la-1 template:User it-1

Even More languages used by Bulbapedia users
Level Lithuanian Chinese Korean Swedish Danish Greek
N Template:User lt-N template:User zh-N Template:User ko-N Template:User sv-N Template:User da-N template:User gr-N
4 template:User lt-4 template:User zh-4 Template:User ko-4 Template:User sv-4 template:User da-4 template:User gr-4
3 template:User lt-3 template:User zh-3 Template:User ko-3 Template:User sv-3 template:User da-3 template:User gr-3
2 template:User lt-2 template:User zh-2 Template:User ko-2 Template:User sv-2 template:User da-2 template:User gr-2
1 Template:User lt-1 template:User zh-1 Template:User ko-1 Template:User sv-1 Template:User da-1 template:User gr-1