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Water 2 (Egg Group)

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The Water 2 Egg Group (Japanese: すいちゅう2 Underwater 2) is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. Like its counterparts Water 1 and Water 3, it is mostly made up of Water-type Pokémon. As of Generation VI, 23 Pokémon belong to this group.


Pokémon in the Water 2 Egg Group are mostly fish-like, with a few members being based on cephalopods. Almost all are Water-type.


Only in this Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type
118 118 Goldeen Water
119 119 Seaking Water
170 170 Chinchou Water Electric
171 171 Lanturn Water Electric
211 211 Qwilfish Water Poison
318 318 Carvanha Water Dark
319 319 Sharpedo Water Dark
339 339 Barboach Water Ground
340 340 Whiscash Water Ground
370 370 Luvdisc Water
456 456 Finneon Water
457 457 Lumineon Water
550 550 Basculin
550 550B Basculin

In this and another Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type Other
129 129 Magikarp Water Dragon
130 130 Gyarados Water Flying Dragon
223 223 Remoraid Water Water 1
224 224 Octillery Water Water 1
320 320 Wailmer Water Field
321 321 Wailord Water Field
369 369 Relicanth Water Rock Water 1
594 594 Alomomola Water Water 1
686 686 Inkay Dark Psychic Water 1
687 687 Malamar Dark Psychic Water 1

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese すいちゅう2 (水中2) Suichū2
France Flag.png French Eau 2
Germany Flag.png German Wasser 2
Italy Flag.png Italian Acqua 2
South Korea Flag.png Korean 수중2 Sujung 2
Spain Flag.png Spanish Agua 2