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I created this (unfinished) table for an article about Type Origin I want to be on Bulbapedia. I need to put it somewhere else I think, but I guess it'll be fine here for now:

Type Origin

Type Beings Action Element Environment
 Fighting  x Fighting Aura/Martial Arts x
 Flying  Birds Flying Air/Wind/Sound* Sky
 Dark  x Cheating/Stealing Evil (Dark)/Disaster/Negativity x
 Electric  Bioelectrogenetic Animals Shocking/Charging/Draining Electricity Electric(ity)/Energy/Static Electricity/Light** x
 Steel  Robots/Knights and Other Armored Warriors Hardening Metal/Steel Industry/Artificial Environments
 Rock  Living or Resurrected Fossils Polishing/Sculpting Stone/Rock x
 Ground  x Digging Earth/Sand/Ground/Land/Mud/Bones/Soil (Under)Ground/Land
 Ice  Polar Animals Freezing Ice/Cold Polar Regions/Frozen Landscapes
 Psychic  Aliens Mind Reading/Future Seeing/Mind controlling ESP(er) (Psychic)/Mind/Spirit/Time/Genetics/Emotions Space
 Fire  x Burning/Heating/Fire Spitting Fire (Flames)/Magma/Heat Volcanos
 Water  Fishes and Other Aquatic Animals Swimming Water/Rain (Under)Water/Sea/Ocean/Rivers
 Grass  Plants and Mushrooms Photosynthesizing/Growing Vegetation/Grass/Wood Woods/Forests
 Dragon  Dragons Dominating Power/Might x
 Ghost  Ghosts Passing Through Objects/Scaring Death Graveyards
 Normal  Pets Moving Physics/Sound*/Light**/Love***/Matter/Default/Normal(ity)/Speed Towns
 Fairy  Fairies/Magical Beings/Elves/Angels/Cute Beings x Life/Love*** x
 Bug  Insects, Arachnids and Gastropods/Bugs Leeching x x
 Poison  Living Waste Poisoning/Stinking/Rotting Acid/Poisons x

  • A Pokémon’s type is decided by:
  • What for kind of being the Pokémon is (based on).
  • What for kind of action the Pokémon (is able to) perform(s).
  • What for kind of element the Pokémon (partially) consists of, possesses, represents or contains.
  • What for kind of environment the Pokémon lives in, is commonly found in, protects, represents or rules over.

  • Sometimes a Pokémon would get more than three types, considering the above list; in that case the two most important features of a Pokémon are taken into consideration. (Charizard; Beedrill) Exceptions are when the balance or expansion of the type combination chart is more in favor. (Stunfisk)
  • Sometimes a dual-type Pokémon is partially Normal-type because the powers of the other type are (design-wise) focused onto one spot of its body. (Pyroar has its Fire focused in its manes; Sawsbuck has its Grass focused in its wooden horns.)