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  • Skype: veggie_light
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Tag Crazy ;D
EST This user uses Eastern Standard Time, which is UTC-5.
EDT During the northern Hemisphere summer, daylight saving time is in effect, which is UTC-4.
380.png This user identifies as female.
425.png This user's favorite color is purple.
Spr HGSS Brock.png This user has brown hair.
385.png This user's birthday is April 9th.
251.png This user is 14 years old.
VSBrock.png This user is not in a relationship.
245.png This user is a beast.
179.png This user is an Aries.
326.png This user was born in the Year of the Pig.
493.png This user is Christian.
105.png This user is only skin and bones.
311.png This user is very agreeable.
187.png This user is happy!
035.png This user is cute.
Spr FRLG Misty.png This user's favorite character is Misty.
493 s.png This user doesn't like cheating in Pokémon games.
233.png This user spends too much time on the computer.
164.png This user doesn't get enough sleep.
327.png This user is insane.
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This user is easily confused.
287.png This user is a slacker.
186.png This user is a party animal.
351R.png This user likes it when it rains.
351H.png This user likes it when it snows.
192.png This user supports the use of renewable energy.
418.png This user enjoys swimming.
427.png This user eats candy.
192.png This user loves nature.
♪ ×♪
This user can't sing.
154.png This user is always laughing.
190.png This user's favorite genre of music is dance.
196.png This user prefers the daytime.
Pokémon Adventures JP volume 8.png This user's favorite manga is Pokémon Special.
Johto Anime.jpg This user's favorite region is Johto.
052.png This user likes cats.
373.png This user likes mythical creatures.
311.png 312.png This user is a good friend.
OriginalSeries2.png This user likes the original series of the Pokémon anime.
PalletShipping.png This user's favorite shipping is Palletshipping.
376.png This user is a Psychic-type trainer.
025.png This user is an Electric-type trainer.
007.png This user is a Water-type trainer.
Spr 1b 006.png This user is a player of Pokémon Red Version.
004.png This user's starter Pokémon is Charmander.
Spr 1y 025.png This user is a player of Pokémon Yellow Version.
Spr 2g 245.png This user is a player of Pokémon Crystal Version.
158.png This user's starter Pokémon is Totodile.
Spr 3r 382.png This user is a player of Pokémon Sapphire Version.
252.png This user's starter Pokémon is Treecko.
Spr 3f 003.png This user is a player of Pokémon LeafGreen Version.
004.png This user's starter Pokémon is Charmander.
Spr 4d 483.png This user is a player of Pokémon Diamond Version.
393.png This user's starter Pokémon is Piplup.
196.png This user's favorite type is Psychic.
HeartGold SoulSilver Logo.png This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
Hey You Pikachu EN boxart.png This user is a player of Hey You, Pikachu!.
Channel EN boxart.png This user is a player of Pokémon Channel.
Red Brawl.png This user is a player of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Hiya! :D I'm Light-o. it's nice to meet you all. nwn; all in all, I'm a ditzy weirdo that is a bit too hyper sometimes. I love meeting new people so don't be afraid to talk to me. ;D I'm a bit airheaded but I can lead a good conversation. thank youuuuu . :3 by the way, thanks for letting me use your layout, blake. xD

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Pokemon I like

I'll gradually add more to this. ;D

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Pokemon Online

Ani196MS.pngPokemon OnlineAni197MS.png
Pokemon online is a nice little site that I call home. I'm on the mapping team there. I love it to death and can't wait for it's release. <3